This Really Pisses Me Off

This Really Pisses Me Off

rev up your engines
dude says Scotty does it tick
you off that so many new cars don’t come
with a spare tire or standard equipment
yeah of course it it ticks me off and
back in the day
when it went from a regular tire that
fit on your car to one of those many
spares the tiny little wheels that says
do not drive more than 55 miles an hour
from these things that annoyed me too
it’s not that much weight give me what
1/100 of a mile a gallon better gas
mileage of if van but I have it a spare
tire why are they doing it cause it’s
cheaper to make the cars anyway that is
why it’s just cheaper if they could make
them with three wheels instead of four
they’d do that too it’s just because
they wanna be cheap in a day when I went
from regular spares to those stupid
minis doughnut spares
hey I go to a junkyard i buy spare rim
and I put one of my old tires on that
put it in the trunk cuz I like having a
real spare tire that’s what I did with
my Celica it’s got a real spare tire in
the back that I got in a junkyard I
can’t stand that stuff it’s total
nonsense but they just want to make
things cheap these days and rip
everybody off that’s just how it goes
they want to make them less and charge
more for them, peanuts head Siegel says
scotty what would be better vehicle to own
over a
long period of time more affordable 2019
Chevy Equinox 1.5 turbo or 2019 Ford
Edge SEL 2.0 turbocharged EcoBoost I
definitely go with a Ford, Chevy
makes a bunch of garbage lately and
especially there are little bitty small
engines that are turbocharged they just
don’t hold up the turbochargers break
and being modern GM product as they age
they often have transmission problems
electronic problems I definitely go on
the Ford and out of that one hands down, Michael
J 17 says Scotty I’m thinking about buying
an 09 Ford f-150 with 23,000 miles
for twelve thousand four hundred a
thought so it’s a 4.6 liter v8, one you
want to absolutely positively have proof
that it really only has 23,000 miles on
it is 11 years old but 23,000 miles is
nothing on one of those things you’re
never gonna find another one like that
if they can absolutely positively tell
you that’s the real mileage and if it is
go buy it cuz you’re never gonna find
another one low mileage like that that’s
almost impossible to find people buy
trucks they drive the heck I didn’t put
a lot of much somebody didn’t maybe it’s
an older guy go ahead and buy it if they
to prove that’s the real mileage but do
try to get it a little bit lower,
Bates says my girlfriend has 01 Jeep
Grand Cherokee 175,000 miles sometimes
loses power shut off and I want you to
light up we watch the volt meter
starting at 14 and drop but sometimes it
goes days without starting guy said it
was crank sensor and it still does it
after replace there are zillions of
reason a vehicle can die out on you, wen you
see you don’t see anything it’s a loss
of power and sometimes it’s a stupid as
you got a loose battery cable check them
make sure they’re tight the ground
terminal the battery the negative one
check that and follow it down to see
where it bolts on to the engine on the
frame gets loose on the other end or it
gets corroded then you lose power now if
it’s not that and you’re not having any
power it could be the ignition switch
going out to that’s another common thing
if the ignition switch is the sending
power through we can do that and jeeps a
notorious for wearing out when that one
say it’s nineteen years old
things do wear out I checked that too
but it certainly seems like something
electrical that’s doing it, Damo trip
says I got a lexus 2000 es300 been
sitting a while I was told I need a
crankshaft sensor but it would cut off
after running I tried to start it
nothing worked not even a dashboard
charge up the battery or just replace it
if it sits for a long time the battery’s
just go bad if your battery is more than
three four years old just replace
if it’s less charge it up and see what
happens that’s often what it is now I
don’t know about people telling you need
a crankshaft sensor I have never ever
seen a crankshaft sensor go bad in one
of those ever and I’ve been working
on those things since they started
selling them, I have never had the replacement
so I find that that it would need a
crank sensor now as old as it is the
timing belt might be stretched and I
might need a new timing belt and yeah
that out will have problems starting if
the time you build to stretch so much
that the cam timing is off I’ve seen
that happen in a car like that which
twenty years old but I’d never seen a
crank sensor ever go bad on one of those
things so I’d be kind of leery about
that guy go somewhere else
Brian caddy fleet what says my 94
cadillac fleetwood the rear tire
is wobbling the fender skirt is starting
to eat to the tire
I have 22s on it isn’t my wheel bearings
I need to replace now if you got 22 inch
rims that thing wasn’t made for that
they are too big for the vehicle but you
know make sure that the wheel isn’t bent and
I make sure the wheel bearing isn’t worn out
but if you put 22 inch tires on that car
that car was not made for those tires
the tires are too big that will wear the
tire off it’ll only make it wobble if
the tire keeps hitting something and
bends the rim but that can’t happen I
mean it could be a background but if the
rim is bent then there’s a reason if you
got 22 inches on a vehicle that wasn’t
made for that then it’s gonna hit stuff
and then that can bend the rim so if I
were you I would go back to smaller tire
size I would not use that big of a tire
on it it’s too big for that vehicle
jolly says Scotty I’m considering a used
car from enterprise 2018 Hyundai Tucson
automatic 17,000 bucks for 34,000 miles
10 year warranty and a good track record
with long-term customer friends has me
interested any comments I don’t know what
you mean by long-term customer friends yeah
I’d pay less they’ll never accept less
that’s the problem they always ask too
much money but if it was just a
straight-up rental car people beat the
heck out when i drive a rental car drive
over things I bump over things drive
like a maniac if I’m in a hurry they don’t
maintain it very well sometimes they
forget to change the oil I’ve rented
many cars that had the oil change light
on them because they hadn’t changed the
one they were supposed to and they’re
certainly never gonna change the oil
early they might change the oil every
12,000 miles or something if it was a
leased car you might think about it but
like I say 17 grand is too much for a
car with 34,000 miles on it especially
Hyundai they’re not if this was a Toyota
sure jump on it but Hyundai yeah I
wouldn’t pay that kind of money for that,
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

100 Replies to “This Really Pisses Me Off”

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  2. My Hyundai Elantra 2013 its a gem, solid piece of steel that only knows to run well!
    I got it when it was 36k previously a rental car, today is 150k and running strong!

  3. With aaa and road side assistance being included on any decent insurance plan and everyone has cell phones what’s the point of having a spare? How often do you blow a tire? I’ve never blown a tire on my cars and in my semi driving 100,000+ miles a year for 7 years I’ve never blown a tire I’ve had the tread come separated off a recap a couple times.

    So on the rare occasion you blow a tire or come out of the store to a flat just use the roadside assistance included in your insurance plan

  4. the chevy equinox has tons of issues you should just do an internet search to find out they have tons of blown engines, 2013, and 2016 the worst, not to mention transmission problems. All one has to do is read all the negative comments to know to stay away from the equinox. Just look around at all the car dealerships with used one for about 10-12 k that should be a clue they are junk

  5. Biscotti I'm a Ford tech and I'm looking for a truck I'm stuck between an older ranger on older F-150 do you have any suggestions on which is which I don't have a lot of stuff I move but it'd be nice to have a truck and be able to do the stuff

  6. Scotty May dislike Volkswagen, but at least they still come with a FULL SIZE SPARE TIRE!

    my ‘12 VW Golf TDI has a full size spare, as did my ‘07 Rabbit

  7. Honestly from my experience, I've never had a problem with flat tires on newer cars.

    I daily a 1985 300ZX (with Goodrich radicals) and the tires on those have so many problems. Faulty valve stems and holes all over the place.

    I have to take it back every few months to get the tires checked out just so I'm not getting a blowout on a backroad.

    I've never had a problem with tires on either of my parents cars.

  8. Agree with the spare tire vs fix a flat canister- I had a 2014 Kia Soul that came with the Fix a Flat instead of a spare. Not only did my tire blow out again before I was able to get anywhere but since the pump to use it it ran off the 12 volt power outlet and the one in my car didn't work so I had to ask a fellow driver at the gas station if I could borrow his. The only good thing about that whole setup was that air pump also served as an emergency air mattress inflator.

  9. I get it, but it’s not just because it’s cheap or to save weight. Space matters. Why give up cargo space (and raising the cargo floor 2-3 inches to accommodate a spare cuts a lot of space) for something you’re going to have on .000001% of the time you drive? A spare should get you to somewhere to have your real tire fixed. Period. If you’re too broke to replace your tire maybe you should take the bus.

  10. Toyota let themselves down with not putting ANY spare in the RAV 3rd gen here in the UK, just some crappy sealant and a small compressor. Not much help when you pick-up a 12 gauge screw on the motorway at 70mph…. Got myself a pattern aly rim for £55 and put an old tyre on it. Nice to see Toyota responded to the complaints and put a full-size spare on the successive generations. No spare on a 4WD, seriously!!

  11. Scotty you never mentioned another major irritation with the tyre. You have a boot absolutely full of stuff, fine lace, Picasso's etc. You get a puncture. Where do you stow the filthy great muddy punctured one? It won't fit in the tiny space where the spare was kept!

  12. A space saver is still better than a stupid tire fit spray with a compressor but to be honest, a real spare already saved me and in the end of the day you'll save more with a real spare than you save on fuel, simply because you got time. Heck you can drive one week or longer on a spare and run your errands and look for a new tire for a reasonable price for some time. On a space saver you have to get a new one almost immediately and that makes it more expensive

  13. Companies used to pride themselves on quality, they'd brag on who made the best quality products. Now it's all about who can make em the cheapest and sell for the most ….good ol days are gone and never coming back.

  14. Just got a full size rim and tire as a spare from a wrecking yard tire center for my 2005 Corolla; appropriately named 'Scotty'

  15. I do think in a way I believe much the same way as this author. But… Experience always trumps what a person believes. The statement about the Edge 2.0 being better. Hmm, well, I had the 2017 model with the newly upgraded 2.0 turbo and that has to be the most disappointing engine in a car I've ever owned. It was very peaky and didn't inspire me crossing traffic at all. It's a VERY bad motor people. Get the 2.7 and you'll be ten times happier and much more confident without giving up much economy.

    As for tires, not sure what the big deal is. I'm old! How many times has a tire given out on me in the middle of driving and not in my garage? About twice (in over 30 yrs and I avg ~ 18K/yr). Lucky? yes! I've always had AAA or some service so it was never a big deal. For those buying a well-used car, sure. But if you're buying a new car you can likely afford the service. For me, the space used for the tire is wasted on a big round thing which I usually don't see till I'm trading my car in and lift the cover to retrieve any old coins.
    My BMW 135i doesn't have a spare at all but uses run-flats. I got rid of those because they ride like crap and got some better-performing Michelins. Am I worried? Naw. We don't drive that thing Interstate anyways. See, there's an advantage that us older guys have to get used to (I have). Cell phones.
    Oh, and lastly, the only reason I think for it to be a problem is that a person wants to be able to solve all their problems. That's nice! But I'm no longer afraid to ask for assistance (like AAA). In all, I love Scotty's videos and he's done a fantastic job at getting people the right message.

  16. For the F150 guy DO NOT BUY IT. Those 3v Tritons are garbage they have problems with cam phasers failing, oil sludge, spark plugs snapping off or blowing out of the head. If you must buy a Triton be sure its a 2v they still have problems but not as bad as the 3v.

  17. I learned a few weeks ago that new cars can have no spare tires from a family friend who was overcharged and lost half a days work to get a brand new 😫 replacement tire (a use one would have done). I didn’t believe that she has no spare until she showed me 🤯. A spare “kit” will cost $200. It’s a total ripoff and we went to looks for a spare at a salvage yard.

  18. Hi Scotty & company. I'm looking at a 2005 Hyundai santa fe with about 90,000 miles on it, they want about 4,000 for it. I need a reliable car for my job (construction). How much do you think it's worth?
    It's automatic.

  19. Those skinny spares are not to save weight or money….they are to save…space. It allows a lower thinner rear end to the car which improves aerodynamics and fuel efficiency (a selling point). Full wheels are bulky. Thankfully a lot of cars, even compacts, still use full size spare wheels.

  20. Anyone remember when GM and Chrysler tried to take away roll-down rear windows, in favor of tiny vent windows, on their mid-sized and compact models, respectively (eg. '78 Malibu, '81 Aries)? They got an earful about it and never tried it again, though I'm convinced that well-designed tilt-out windows (which these were not) would have provided better ventilation with less noise and danger. Same happened when GM decided that compact and personal-luxury buyers didn't care about seating 3 people in the back (eg. '81 Cavaliar, '79 Eldorado); buyers pushed back and they never tried that again, though they didn't get many complaints for getting rid of 3 passenger front seating, which used to be common. So when people really miss something, they'll give it back, but if the public just meekly accepts loosing it, they'll be happy to keep it away.

  21. temporary spare tires, for those too weak to pickup a real tire…many people today are too lazy to change a tire in the first place so now some cars don't have spare tires at all…well that and these damn tiny cars don't have any room for them either. Some vehicles if you use one of those temporary spare tires you can cause differential damage and damage to the transfer case or PTU depending on the vehicle's AWD/4WD setup. I know Jeep had a recall several years ago on their full time 4WD models with temporary/compact spare tires where the tire size difference would cause excessive wear to the viscous coupler in the transfer case and cause overheating of the differential as well. Any vehicle I've ever had that came with a temporary spare I always replaced it with a full size tire.

    Subaru's AWD system has to be disabled by removing the AWD fuse when you use the temporary spare tire…great idea disable your extra traction all because your $30k+ car didn't come with a real tire…dumb idea….I'm sure other automakers have similar ideas as well.

  22. Was I the only one face palming and shaking my head all the way through the Cadillac on 22's part?

    If you can't figure out the problem yourself on that one, you probably shouldn't be modifying your car 🤷‍♂️

  23. I buy my cars used. If it does not have a full size sparethe first thing I do is head to the junkyard and get a full size spare.

  24. I hate that they don't include spares anymore. My car came with a pump and some "fix-a-flat" crap. I hit a pot hole and had a gash in the side of my tire so the goo wouldn't work. I had to get towed and nobody had my tire within like a 100 mile radius so I had to leave my car at the shop and get a rental. This was also on a Friday and they couldn't get the tire till Monday. So between the rental and the tire it cost me about $350+.

  25. I have a 99 wrangler with a full size 33 inch spare offroad tire in the back. Dont care about weight. It looks awesome and it's useful when/if needed.

  26. This is exactly why each of my cars has the doughnut thrown out, a $65 rim from Tire Rack (Matching OE dimensions and offset) and $80 for a cheap, OE sized tire on it in the trunk of every car I own. The fact I can bolt it up and go Interstate speeds saves me from having to roll at 50 while I get passed like I am molasses is well worth it.

    (I actually DO keep the doughnut, in case I have 2 tire issues at the same time…)

  27. Scotty, on the 19 yr old grand Cherokee, if the jeep was from "snow country.. 10 or 12 yrs ago, remote start, for warm ups got very popular… especially with smart phone technology. Before 10 yrs ago, folks that wanted that option, often went with an after market hook up… those things, got cobbled into wire harnesses, and quite often, a few yrs later, caused lots of problems with wire harnesses that might not seem relevant to starting remotely…

  28. Great videos. Have to wonder if they would be any good if you were sitting on your hands. My guess is, no. It would throw your balance off and you would fall out of your chair. Your hands give you balance just like a squirrels tail.

  29. Just a word of caution on that low mileage F150. Try to find out what the history of it is. Some of the guys who use them for work on oil fields and on projects in remote areas work out of them and often idle the engine all day. That is how some of them get into trouble with clogging ip the DPF on modern diesels too.

  30. Scotty, talking about batteries. I have a 2004 Dodge 3/4 ton with the Cummins 4 wheel drive. It's got 2 batteries and I didn't have to replace the original batteries until 13 years had passed. I think I got my money's worth out of them!! That's crazy they lasted that long. I even have Fisher V plow on it that's electric over hydraulic.

  31. Scotty, I love your channel and watch nightly, so this isn't to be taken as a criticism, but I cannot agree with you on your poor opinion of Hyundai. The early ones? Crap, nobody's denying that, but my wife's 07 Veracruz now has 310,000 miles and still runs as well as shifts with zero issues, and all the electronics are good. I know of many Lexus RX350's around the same year, the SUV Hyundai was competing against with the Veracruz, that died with far less miles. Does my wife just have a unicorn or something?

  32. 3:19 – Yes. Battery and connections. I had a 2009 Camry that wouldn't stay running more than 2 seconds as I was trying to get off the Victoria BC ferry. They pushed me off, and I disconnected the battery, took a napkin and cleaned of the connection, and it started just fine after I reconnected it. Yes, I need to re-check that!

  33. Scotty, if you drive around on 4 temporary tires (to save $, get better mileage, and for aesthetics), should you rotate them regularly?

  34. How much is Ford paying him? My Dad has been ASE Certified for 35 years and we’ve owned only GM and Chrysler and zero problems. We have more Fords with transmission and engine problems come through the shop.

  35. In the UK, the reason for the space saver or no spare wheel was to meet the emissions! This is rubbish because some drivers, passenger and load could exceed the test weight, used to meet the emissions. I got a full size wheel and had to change to it, when I was taking a friend to the train station. Only lost a few minutes. Also it was the front, and with a space saver spare, it has to go to the rear, then the rear wheel replace the front. The space saver is not that much lighter than the full size, and no storage space is saved.
    Worst is the tyre repair kit that doesn't work!

  36. Scotty, please report on those small cars you see all over India, but never anywhere else. You always see them in James Bond movies.

  37. Fords are horrible. I drive a tow truck. I tow at least one ford or more everyday I work. The newer ford Focuses and Fiestas have horrible transmission.

  38. I purchase a new Camaro in 1967, it had no spare tire. The salesman said there was a rubber shortage and that he would order me one, did I want the "new" space saver as it would give me lots more trunk room or a standard one, I asked him what I would do with the flat if I was on vacation with a trunk full of luggage, tie it to the roof.

  39. Scotty hit the nail on the head w/buying an ex-rental car: I worked for one of those companies back in the '90's, & I've seen those cars come back in all kinds of conditions – from burned out to hit by a truck to being used to carry around 7 dogs(in a Escort 2 dr., of all things). Anyone buying one of those is just asking for trouble, no matter what kind of warranty they think they're getting. Run, don't walk away from that deal.

  40. Price for cars it should be a regular part of tires! Hey how do you feel about cheap tires and belts inside tires can make it wobbles?

  41. @ 00:20 — Scotty, the Mickey Mouse wheels say "Do Not Drive More Than 50 kph," so, it's 35 miles per hour top speed, not 50! Read the label more closely! ;-D

  42. Never buy a leased car from enterprise. My company leases its vehicles we may only put 30k miles a year on them but we put ridiculous amount of engine hours on them. I truly feel bad for whoever's unlucky enough to buy them when we turn them in.

  43. Cars first abandoned the conventional spare because there really isnt any need to have 5 matching rims in a car with only 4 wheels, by using a crappier smaller tire it's also easier to swap and the car is lighter and cheaper.
    Abandoning the spare altogether makes the car lighter and cheaper, however there are also other reasons, most people dont know how to change a wheel or wont do it, its the sad truth, they just call someone to fix their issues.

  44. We used to love them donuts, put 2 donuts on the front of a 80's or 90's 4 Banger and beat the hell out of it burning the tires off or put them on the back and go drift the beaters out on the gravel mountain roads lol.

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