This Really Pisses Me Off

This Really Pisses Me Off

rev up your engines
today I’m gonna talk
about something that really pisses me
off cheap plastic parts on cars now cars
for a long time have had a lot of cheap
plastic crap from plastic grills plastic
under limits plastic bumpers plastic
door handles at break plastic dashes
and of course worse of all plastic
engine parts a plastic radiators plus
the cooling system hoses plastic
everything now granted the plastic parts
used to be better made than they are today
this is a 94 Celica original door handle
it’s never been replaced it still works
fine now of course it was a solid metal
door handle it would last forever you
never have to worry about it but at
least back in 94 the plastic was a bit
stronger take this matrix it’s 13 years
newer than the silica it’s already had 2
door handles replaced and it’s gonna
have to have this one replaced too cuz I
feel it possibly you’ll see I’ve
actually glued it together here if I
pull on it it’ll snap off I just glued
on it so it looks like there’s a door
handle I’m waiting for one to come in
the mail know why they using these
plastic parts it’s cheaper to make them
they can give you all the BS in the world
that they’re saving weight but really
in a door handle what kind of weight is
that and even in this case on an intake
manifold the weight saving is really
minimal because it has to be really
thick plastic here under the heat of the
engine and it doesn’t weigh that much
different then an aluminum intake
manifold wood or even a steel intake
manifold it’s just that they’re so much
cheaper to manufacture take the case of
this intake manifold okay if who’s met
on a metal heads to be forged in a
cast then taken out and then it has to
be all ported and polished to make it
smooth but with plastic they don’t need
to do all that polishing so it’s just
faster and cheaper to make them that’s
why they’re making them that way take my
old celica the intake manifold is made
of metal it’s never been touched it’s
perfectly fine the gaskets original but
take the matrix thirteen years newer
plastic intake manifold
I’ve already had to replace the intake
manifold gasket you got a plastic intake
manifold on a cast aluminum had the
aluminum expands and contracts in heat
differently than the plastic and the
gasket started to leak that’s not gonna
happen with metal on metal but with this
it happens all the time and look
at these plastic headlamps, look you
can see they’re all scratched up and
everything already and these particular
ones I believe in on for about three
years and here’s a Celica 26 year old
it’s glass it’s still perfectly shiny it
may be dirty but it’s not like that
plastic crap so we’re living a plastic
fantastic society as a song used to go
but what can you do about this well
there’s a few things you can try
I find that when your plastic things
that crack may be piece breaks off this
tech bond is great activator accelerant
in it you spray that on the plastic
first and that starts softening it up
once you activate it and put the
superglue on it can hold on quite well
especially get something that isn’t
being stressed all that much like if a
grill gets cracked you can glue pieces back
on they’ll generally last a while
although here I’ve got it on but it’s
not structurally sound I’m waiting on
the new door handle like I said at least
I was able to glue it on so you won’t
fall off and look stupid while I’m
driving down the road waiting for the
handle to come in now it’s tough like
plastic dashes right you could prevent
them from cracking in the first place
it’s just a little maintenance this
lithium seal and squeal works
really good I’ve been trying it out for
a while it cleans it but it seals it so
the UV rays don’t destroy it as you can
see there’s no cracks in this let’s see
how shiny I made this facade of the
Android radio it will prevent cracks
which is kind of a minor miracle in this
car cuz I bought it used from a guy from
Phoenix Arizona where there’s all that
Sun and heat then it’s in hot humid
Texas so it’s been a lot of time in a
hot Sun and it still isn’t crack and the
reason for that is that plastic contains
plasticizers that’s where the name comes
from it keeps it supple well as long as
you don’t let those things dry out
completely they will not
and when you seal them with something
like this not only do they shine but
they’re gonna repel the Rays and the crankiness
and they’re gonna keep the plasticizers
intact inside the plastic by sealing it
from it all vaporizing outside even in
the hot Texas Sun so really any naked
plastic parts you can seal it’s a four
times a year clean up seal it polish it
that’s gonna make it last longer and not
crack and then get brittle and break off
unfortunately there’s not need to about
plastic radiators they’re deterioration
is more from the inside out to the
exterior that you basically just keep
clean cooling it and hope the plastic
was made well enough because when it
does crack and break you just buy
another radiator but at least there you
don’t often have to spend a small
fortune because the Chinese replacement
radiators they’re plastic too and
aluminum they’re all plastic and
aluminum they don’t cost that much and
from my experience they work perfectly
fine I’ve been buying them for decades
now and I’ve never had one that I
replaced in the vehicle that I had two
years later replace again plastic hey
the Chinese make it as good as anybody
else and instead of buying a $500
radiator if you can get one for $100
there’s nothing wrong with doing that
they’re easy jobs you don’t have to
spend the $500 so at least it’s not that
big of a pain if you do it yourself
now if you’re working under a hood of a
car that’s getting to be older like this
13 year old matrix and you’re taking
things apart and you’re getting near
these plastic parts be very careful
they’re brittle it can easily snap off
so don’t whack them with a wrench if say
they’ve got a clamp on them take the
clamp off of both sides and try to
carefully wiggle a little bit at a time
to get it off don’t just grab it and
wiggle it off because odds are the plastic
piece is done just snap right off but if
you do break some plastic piece off I’ve
had pretty good luck over the years
using this jb weld quick it’s 2 tube
epoxy, use mixed together whatever you
want to hold it together now I say quick
because it sets up in four minutes but
don’t make that think that it’s ready in
four minutes touch-up in four minutes
fully cured in four hours don’t use it
for four hours I fix many play
took parts with them and here’s another
tip let’s say you got a plastic sensor
and it’s got a little male end that sticks
out and you snap that off and you want
to get it back on what you can do is get
a little small straw copper tubing
whatever you can find that fits inside
the hole then you slide it over that and
then glue all that together so you still
got the air or coolant or whatever goes
inside sealed inside and then you put
the jb weld on the outside and after
four hours believe me it works I’ve done
this on some cars at five years later
they’re still working and the part
hadn’t had to be replaced and you might
think art just a plastic sensor so many
stupid little plastic sensors will be
175 dollars and if just the plastic
piece is cracked off to him use the jb
weld put them back together again now
let’s say a plastic cool at all it
breaks with that my advice is if you can
get a metal replacement parts many
companies like Dorman
they’ll make metal replacement parts for
the plastic junk remember their only using
plastic crap cuz it’s cheaper to make
it that way it’s not better so if you
get one two breaks and you can replace
it with something metal by all means do
that and remember especially for
exterior plastic parts and ones that are
in the interior of the car park in the
shade as often as you can
the temperature difference between the
outside of the car and the Sun on the
outside of a car in a covered parking
lot or under a tree is phenomenal and
it’s even more phenomenal between the
inside of a car that’s in the Sun and
one that is not in the Sun it’s going to
be a lot cooler you’re gonna have a lot
less problems if you take a little time
park at the shade somewhere you’re gonna
be happier in the long run because
that’s basic plastic is here to stay so
you want to lessen the impact that
that’s going to have on your car by
keeping it out of really hot situations
as often as possible and since this is
mechanic Monday um give it a case of
this jb weld quick epoxy systems so you
can fix some of that plastic crap if it
does break remember you have a chance to
win place a clean non offense
comment on the youtube comments below and
the winner will be chosen randomly by
computer to get some great to tube epoxy
to fix that plastic junk on your car, so
if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. The main reason dashboards break down and crack is photooxidation. Of course the extreme heat they are exposed to on a hot summer day doesnt help. Your not really "sealing" anything in to prevent cracking. Your applying an UV protective coating like how sunscreen is used to prevent sunburns thus preventing the photooxidation of the polimer chains in the plastic. They probably use the term "sealing" to keep you from buying a windshield reflector thingy and getting cheaper interior polish instead of paying for their product. As for handles, they are just garbage plastic that easily degrades over time and gets brittle even if they are painted. Lol had the painted driver side handle of my Talon break last winter on a -30 morning. Perhaps regulation dictating what is and is not safe for people or the environment has had an effect on the quality of our plastics as well.

  3. Hey, you haven’t worked it out have you, door handles break on your Toyota’s b cause there’re so cheaply put together, German cars that you don’t understand don’t have door handles falling off, old German cars are like New yes? Come on admit it 🤣

  4. Nonsense a metal door handle of 27 years would last forever, it would have needed re-chroming by now you clicklbaiter !!! Plastics, or polymerics have not gotten worse, they've always been shite!!!

  5. I hope you do not find this offensive, but a 79 Firebird I used to own had potted metal door handles. I think they broken 3 or 4 times over the 250k miles I squeezed out of that car. Some metal is better than others.

  6. Well, youre kinda right. My 96 VW polo had plastic door handles but not the plastic broke, but the metal part inside it. Also my Dash is covered in some rubberized plastic but underneath its some Wood material. The only thing that cracked is the plastic vents. Im glad the previous owner went for metal bumpers instead of plastic, yup that was An option.

  7. It's not just because it's cheaper. It's the federal government forcing car makers to have higher gas mileage. Everything has to be weigh less, so they use plastic on everything (plastic is 1/6th the weight of metal). Government at work again!!!!!

  8. I got a 2010 Hyundai Sonata and my 7 year old boy has broken not one, but three door handles off the rear doors of this car in about three months, so i haven't put another rear handle on again! Lol!

  9. I've never had a door handle, metal or plastic, break, but I've seen a number of them broken on other cars, both metal and plastic. The old GM ones from the 1970s were always breaking. Cheap pot metal is no better than Chinesium plastic; it sometimes self-destructs just from the temperature cycles affecting the various metals not-totally-blended together. For door handles, decent quality metal or plastic will do, at least here in New England. One thing I couldn't stand were those finger-grip handles that were all the rage from the 1970s to the 1990s, good luck getting a frozen door open with one of them; of course, being hard to grip probably also made them harder to break. I don't envy people whose trucks still have chrome-plated bumpers; every dent shows and usually turns to rust in a few years. I see no reason for plastic headlight lenses, though; whose dumb idea was that?

  10. Nothing beats good old fashioned Liquid Nails.
    I had a plastic rear bumper cover that broke off on one side of my 90 Accord.
    The metal bumper holder rusted away.
    I liquid nailed the bumper cover to the fender….Never came off again.
    It's probably still stuck together in the junk yard today.

  11. Mechanic was doing some work on my car some months ago. He accidentally hit the radiator hose and *snap*. Luckily, there was a metal workshop on the compound so they had replace the joint with a metal one.

  12. A shining dashboard can be dangerous. JB Weld …a farmers best friend. Old Chevys and Ford's, not much plastic. The most durable plastic was on old Volkswagens, the best paint too.🐧

  13. I love your channel so much! My friend Billy has been a diesel / general mechanic for about 30 years.
    I send him links to your videos.

  14. We always put up the window shade to at least keep some of the sun off the dash and maybe cool the inside a degree or too 🙂

  15. Metal is better but when you think about it everyone just drives their cars a few years and disposes of them.. My supra had copper radiator replacement was plastic so i found an aftermarket copper one .

  16. Scotty–Yes, plastic is the bane of our society.  To prevent the dash from cracking, years ago I placed one of those lightweight windshield covers on the inside of the front windshield on my '96 Camry.  The car now sits outside (though near a tree for shade) and doesn't have any cracks after all these years.  I can recommend one of these as an inexpensive way to protect the dash.  You can also order custom-fit ones for a given model year on the internet.  One other thing I did was have dark-tinted film applied on all the windows (except for the front windshield, of course).  Certain film types can not only prevent prying eyes from seeing what's in your car, but are capable of reflecting solar heat to keep the interior cooler.  I like the idea of using Lithium Seal and Squeal to protect other areas on a car, but wouldn't use it on the dashboard as it leaves a SHINY finish.  I had some paint repairs done years ago, and one thing they did was clean the dash and apply a spray-on protectant that blinded me while driving during the day.  It was so bad I had to remove it all for safety reasons; it also attracted dust and just looked cheap.  I suggest using a spray or cream that dries to a satin finish, and/or having the aforementioned windshield cover.  For best results, buy a cover that is either WHITE or SILVER for the best solar heat reflectivity.

  17. Scotty every car and truck should have all body parts composed of high impact rubber with the color injected into the rubber not sprayed on…..Why ? So every road raged driver can play bumper cars with little to no damage. Think about it

  18. Actually, the bumper is made of plastic to absorb the shock of a low speed collision. A metal bumper would allow that shock to go all the way through the vehicle, including the spinal column of all occupants.

  19. I thought you were cheap? You get a little crack in a radiator and you replace it? And you have JB Weld? That plus that equals repaired radiator. I drain 'em ruff sand the affected area, apply JB Weld liberally, let it cure overnight and I'm back up and running again! Savings to me $150, the confidence gained by repairing the radiator myself, priceless.;)

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