This is the Real Way to Restore Headlights Permanently

This is the Real Way to Restore Headlights Permanently

Rev up your engines!
today I’m going to show you how you can keep
your plastic headlights from yellowing and
fading and cracking,
now you may not know it, but modern cars,
all the headlight assemblies are made out
of plastic,
they’re not made out of glass anymore
now the use of plastic instead of glass has
a big drawback
plastic fades, cracks, while glass,
it’s nice and hard, you can always clean it
when it gets dirty but really,
this is a 24 year old glass headlight and
it still shines and looks great, plastic doesn’t
last that long,
now the modern headlight assemblies hey,
they’ve got one better idea, the bulbs just
fit inside and you can just pop them in and
out when they burn out,
but when the assembly gets cloudy and looks
horrible because it’s plastic, it costs a
fortune to replace these things,
and yes there’s kits out there that you can
polish them and then put clear coat on them,
that generally doesn’t last more than a year
or so and maybe not even that,
and the plastic is cheap to begin with so
as you’re polishing it on you can only polish
it so many times then the plastic will just
crack and break and then you have to buy the
expensive assembly,
but I found something that can coat your headlights
so they don’t go bad in the first place,
it’s much better to prevent something than
to keep having to fix it because it keeps
fading and cracking,
and realize although my videos may be rather
sometimes they take a while to make, like
this one too years,
because years ago I decided to try out this
Meguair’s headlight coating to see if this
stuff actually works,
so I bought two headlight assemblies for this
Matrix and then I would coat them one a year
with this Meguiar’s coating,
and at the same time years ago, I got new
headlight assemblies for my wife’s Lexus and
I didn’t do anything to them, I just left
them alone with the original clear coat that
the Chinese had spray coated because these
are aftermarket assemblies,
and check out the difference, here’s the Lexus,
you can see the clear coating is bubbling
and peeling off, the Chinese had sprayed on,
they obviously didn’t do such a hot job putting
that coating on,
now this was clear coat paint, in the factory
they spray paint it with clear coat paint,
and a lot of the guys say, oh that’s how we
fix them, when they’re cloudy we polish them
up then spray them with clear coat paint,
but the clear coat paint almost always ends
up cracking within a year and then it looks
worse than it did in the first place,
because clear coating paint it wasn’t made
for that,
now there are special plastic paints that
can paint plastic bumpers and stuff,
but they’re not clear like the headlamps that
you can see through them, you want them crystal
now this stuff, the headlight coating is made
for that,
check out these Matrix headlights, they have
the Meguiar’s headlight coating sprayed on
them once a year,
they’re the same age as the other ones were
that were clear coated, and these are still
crystal clear,
that’s a big reason I tell people don’t use
clear coat paint on your headlights, it just
doesn’t last over time,
now if your headlights are already fogged
up, you can use the Meguiar’s PlastX and that’s
a polish, you can polish all of the hazy and
stuff off with this first,
you just put it on a clean microfiber towel
and wipe it,
then you just get the headlight coating and
spray it on,
if you have a headlight that isn’t faded yet,
you would just clean it with a little windex
and let it dry and then spray this on to prevent
it from getting yellow and faded in the first
you just spray the stuff on,
then you let it dry for 3 to 5 minutes and
apply another coat,
the second coat will completely seal it to
keep the UV rays out and keep the plastic
nice and pliable so it won’t crack in the
sun and fade,
and really, cleaning your headlights once
a year and then spraying Meguiar’s headlight
coating on once a year is no big deal,
it will keep the plastic from fading and it
looks great and you don’t have to worry about
polishing it and repainting it with actual
clear coat paint,
and realize like I said before, if it’s plastic,
you can only polish it so many times and that’s
it, then it’s just going to crack and break
and you’ll have to buy another assembly,
and yes I miss the old days when headlights
were made out of glass and you didn’t have
to worry about any of this plastic nonsense,
but let’s face it, plastic is here to stay,
it’s cheaper to make, they can make it any
shape they want so it goes with the style
of the car, plastic is here to stay so learn
how to deal with it and you’ll be happy,
because really, look at the old crapper that
I took out of my garbage bin when I replaced
it for a customer,
it looks pretty good now,
but truth be told, you can’t use this one
over, the reason I replaced it was because
it’s got a crack in the plastic and it filled
up with water when it rained,
so that’s why you want to prevent it in the
first place by putting the coating on so plastic
doesn’t crack,
so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. Scotty, another headlight restoration video says to put clear car vinyl on them. That makes sense to me but what do I know?

    I've used a product like you're advertising and it worked great!

  3. You know what works even faster? Spray WD 40 and wipe with paper towels. 98% of the haze goes in seconds. What's left? You might need to use something stronger than paper. I can't tell you what is better that won't scratch. Try in a small area or, with the vast majority of haze gone..settle for that.

  4. B.s. plastic isn't much cheaper you can buy 6-7 times the weight of the headlight assembly in cheap glass products , I love you Scotty, but I am a troll ,and trolls be trollin!!!😊❤❤❤

  5. Things used in this video: 4. Common sense. 😆🤣😂 that's awesome.
    Thanks for all the awesome vids.

  6. VERY good sir. Appreciate the tip. A lot of videos, people think they have to cuss & swear. Not necessary, I really enjoy your videos.

  7. This is what would’ve happened if John Lennon was given hot-wheels set as a child instead of a guitar.

  8. So to "restore" my headlights …buy a new car and coat the brand new headlights?…brilliant!!! Why didnt i think of that. What a money saver!!

  9. I like your videos when you bring the option of subtitles in Spanish, unfortunately there are videos that do not bring them … and in general, they are the most important

  10. Absolutely love your vids. This one is going to save my headlights. Of all the vids I watch, I watch yours the most. Thanks for all the great info you put out.

  11. "This is the real way to RESTORE headlights" proceeds to make a video about preventative measures instead of restorative.

  12. I use a 2000 sand paper with water then i wax and polish my headlight with the buffer machine and they come out looking like new all them probucts you use they dont work they wont last i use real car clearcoat on my headlights

  13. I've read you could just use car wax on them about three times a year or so. I just got a car with clear headlights, and I'm going to try that wax thing.

  14. Scotty just wondering would this headlight treatment work on cleaning old cars windows with stubborn mineral deposits on them. Ours is 26 years old and have tried all manner of hacks trying to get the spots off. Ended up with scratches from steel wools or pumice soap and still had spots. I’ve also tried Nu polish.

  15. living next door to this guy is probably interesting… out for your morning coffee and "oh lord there goes Scotty screaming to himself again"

  16. Dang, Scotty, hope you are not getting $$ from Meguiar's for the plugs. FYI, I tried using their PlastiX stuff on my headlights (using a drill motor and polishing ball no less) and it didn't do squat! Also, one of the plastics experts on these headlight videos warns do NOT use Windex on your headlights, as it can actually damage the plastic. He advises using just plain dish soap and water solution instead.

  17. Your crazy glasses & screaming voice is a perfect match.. your mad but for some weird reason I love it .. 👍😊

  18. I did my honda accord headlights almost 4 years ago, sand, clear coated and then sand a little bit, finally apply wax every 4 months, everytime i wax the entire car, let me tell you, it works perfectly fine! 😉
    – "LIVE CLEAR OR DIE" – 🤘😎

  19. TO SCOTTY AND EVERYONE!!!!!! I JUST called Meguiars Customer service line, to ask a few questions about using this product. I got some total JERK on the line, he wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise. I called back an hour later and asked someone else the same questions. They both said…'NEVER USE THIS ON NEW HEADLIGHTS!!! It will make them look like they have sprayed clearcoat on them and they wont look like lights you just put on out of the box!' 'DONT use it now.' Exact quote! So 'SCOTTY.', you anywhere around your own posts? OR anyone what do you do with this stuff if the maker says to NOT use it on NEW lights? whats the point of buying it if the maker says NOT to use it on NEW headlights?? Isnt that the point of it? To keep them NEW looking?

  20. Plastic headlights are consumables. Glass headlights are NOT. Capitalist society caused headlights to change from glass to plastic. Plastic is inferior to glass. You have to replace plastic lenses due to the harsh effect of the sun, no matter how well you can scrub them up. This means manufacturers got it RIGHT the first time, and changed to plastic TO MAKE MORE MONEY FOR THE COMPANY. No argument for plastic over glass is worthy or retention. Plastic lenses are from the art of 'gotta get a new one' mentality. Only buy cars with glass lenses.

  21. Bought the Meguiar's Two Step kit from my local Advance Auto Parts this morning. Applied the cloudy as heck headlights of my 2010 Toyota Corolla. 15 minutes later: crystal clear lenses. Amazing.

  22. It’s ironic that some humans like to bully Scott because of his energy and enthusiasm
    What were you like in primary school? A bully.
    Maybe you voted for the Greens.
    Peter from Australia

  23. "I long for the days when the chrome was thick and the women were straight".
    (And the headlights were glass).

  24. According to my experience the PlastX is different from tooth paste by:
    – It's thinner,
    – It's without mint,
    – It's not recommended to use on teeth (while in mouth).
    Otherwise, I did not see a difference.

  25. Scotty, you didn't say if we should mask off the area around the headlamp(s) before spraying this miracle stuff on. That would be good to know.

    I have used a 3M abrasive restoration kit on three vehicles with hideous headlamp assemblies, which includes a wipe on, protective after-glaze (perhaps similar to the Meguiar's coating). The results are truly amazing: as-if-new results. The key is owning a high speed cordless drill to do the abrasive polishing and doing a thorough masking job, so one doesn't bugger the paint job on the headlamp surround (use painter's blue masking tape).

    My sister's 2004 CR-V appeared perfect, except for the hazed plastic headlamp assemblies. They were so bad, when I flew over 1000 miles to see her, I gifted her with a headlight restoration in her driveway. I borrowed a cordless drill motor from her neighbor for the job. Those CR-V headlamp lenses were utterly useless for night driving, with a deep yellow haze (we've all seen this). My sister was placing herself in extreme danger driving at night in deer country. I had her CR-V headlamps looking brand new after about an hour of hard work. Sparkling headlamps are the best way to make an old rig look brand spanking new. That was almost three years ago. I haven't heard any complaints.

    Glass headlamps aren't all that durable in sand and salt country. I was actually successful in getting a comprehensive claim on our auto insurance policy to replace a set of road hazed glass headlamp assemblies on our 1987 Saab 9000T. They were replaced as a safety issue, just like a damaged windshield. Doubt I'll ever get that lucky again. Each assembly was valued at $240 at the time. We paid the $100 comprehensive deductible. I installed the new headlamps myself. Again, freshened headlamps make an older car look as if new.

    If anyone wants to get the best price for their used high mile vehicle, I recommend freshening the headlamps as the best thing to do.

    Keep revving, Scotty. I'll try the Meguiar's on our newer vehicles. Thanks for the tip.

  26. After washing headlights and drying, I use Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound. Lightly rub headlights and wipe off. Followed up with coat of Turtle Wax. Done twice a year, my headlights stay clear.

  27. Hi Scotty, I always love your videos. About a year ago I used the Sylvania headlight restoration kit and my headlights came out pretty darn good! But.. It had started to get hazy again a year later. I like the method you used here (wish I seen this one sooner). Anyway, can I do this now over what I did a year ago? Do I need to take off the spray that the kit had me end the restoration with? I'd love to try this but I want to make sure I do it correctly.

  28. ChrisFix's video he uses clearcoat specifically for plastic. Im gonna go with him on this. Polish is just going to make it look shiny for a day.

  29. Raise your glass to Scotty who took one for the team and did not use the protective coating on the wife's car just to demonstrate the comparison.

  30. I used this on both my cars today. Headlights were pretty yellow and faded. Now they look brand new.
    It really is good stuff.

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