This Device Will Change How You Buy a Car

This Device Will Change How You Buy a Car

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
show you how this little machine can
keep you from getting ripped off if
you’re buying a used car
now this little carsys is a paint
thickness gauge and it’s a big deal
these days because car paint has gotten
thinner and thinner here in the United
States we use mil thickness and a mil
is a thousandth of an inch so you’re
talking about really small and the
space itself is taken up on modern cars by
various different processes sometimes as many
as 4 coats
sometimes the metal is electric coated
then it has a primer on top of that then
it has a color layer that you see and
then there’s a clear coat on top of that
but when you add them all together all
these layers are only four to five mils
thick which is four to five thousands of
an inch thick so you’re having too much
stuff that you’re playing around with
and this is one of the reasons you
really can’t get a modern car to look
that good repainting it the factory
paint generally beats anything hands
down because they’re painted by machines
and the robots can measure it perfectly
it’s pretty hard to get at that exact
thickness unless you’re a robot that’s
programmed and they measuring with
lasers and stuff they can get it really
accurate so a modern paint job really
looks good from the factory that’s where
this little paint thickness gauge comes
in handy let’s say you’re buying a used
car you can see if it’s still got the
factory paint you can see if certain
areas have been painted over very easily
like this first you just clean a little
bit and wipe it dry in case there’s
anything on there that’s gonna make the
measurement wrong then you just turn the
machine on its zeroing itself and stick
it on here we go
and as you can see it’s four point eight
eight mils thick exactly between four
and five mils now I know this hood has
never been repainted it’s a factory
paint even though it’s twelve years old
somehow that’s perfect but watch this
this fenders been repainted so let’s see
what it is
what’s your here on a few spots
this one’s 4.8 this one’s 5.85 and way down
it’s 6.0 so I know for a fact this
fender got mashed in and had to be
replaced it was repainted as you can tell
person who repainted it didn’t do such a
hot job you got too wide of a range one
part is six mil one is 4.8 it wasn’t
painted all that well it looks okay well
if you see it in the Sun you can see
that the color doesn’t match either it’s
very hard to match colors no she faint
the old car nowadays it’s almost
impossible to totally match a 12-year
old car the old paint to the new paint
but you can see here the variance is too
much it’s been repainted so you bring
something like this when you’re buying a
used car you can check it all over
that’s basic we can’t tell how thick to
paint is just by looking at it but this
machine it just does a great job and
also as a zero correlation so you can
redo it every once in a while so
you make sure that it’s really perfect
and it doesn’t matter if it’s
aluminum or iron steel the Machine
calibrates itself so you want to make
sure it’s working right turn it on and
then put it flat there’s no paint on it
so it should be zero
there it is zero it’s perfectly
calibrated zero Mills
and that’s for the iron steel weld it
was aluminum that’s the same thing smart
on off this machine it knows that’s zero
to know if it does get off as an ages
you just put it back on you push buttons
and you can recalibrate it so it’s just
zero when you put it on the flat model
now it only measures paint on metal
surfaces there’s still spoiler acts
fiberglass put it on it won’t give you
any reading because there’s no metal
inside it just stays with lines means
it’s not reading it’s really handy if
you’re looking at a used vehicle if
there’s metal it’s gonna read right now
let’s say in this case which has been
wrecked and bondo’d watch what happens
when we read it we stick it on 70.70
mils what does that tell it tells me
been bondo’d thick it’s real thick so
it’s been bashed in bondo put on it and
then paint it over so you know you’re
getting a vehicle that’s
recked had crappy bondo worked on on if
you like it and it runs okay don’t pay
too much you said all that Bondo’s on
there it’s not still under there all
right who knows how much Bondo’s all
over the car you could check the whole
vehicle if you wanted like here and it’s
three point three so you know that’s
more or less the real paint realize that
manufactures use different paint
thicknesses on them so you get a base
reading on your car and you find that
most of it is one reading like three
point three and then all those are a
bunch more you know body works been done
it’s been repainted it can’t hide the
paint thickness from this machine and if
you really want to be a fanatic about
when your car’s painted and you’ll find
out there’s a big thickness difference
you can tell the guy you’re gonna have
to strip it down and repaint it you
didn’t paint that car right much thicker
on one part than the other means you
didn’t do a good job when he painted the
vehicle take my Celica I bought it for
300 bucks at various colors cuz it had
been painted at a high school and the
paint was peeling off by the previous
owner so I got one of these $400 paint
jobs and of course they’re never gonna
be perfect we’ll check the top that’s
6.85 way too thick well check the side
that’s 4.05 pretty good thickness but
really this was one paint job no cars
painted at once the top is much thicker
than the side is we checked the back and
that’s only 3.22 the guy who painted
the car he was all over the place with the
thickness of the paint, now it looked fine
years ago and I got painted it the first time
but it’s gonna fade deferentially so if
you’re looking at a car and you got one
of these gauges and you see these
readings all over the place you know
it’s been repainted you tell the guy hey
that’s a crappy paint job in order to do
that right you’d have to strip it down
paint it that’s gonna cost thousands of
dollars so you offer them a lot less
money and nobody can argue with its
results because it’s an accurate
scientific machine hey you can even
bring those little pieces with you
to show people how accurate they are no
one can argue this it’s the truth about
paint on your car so if you’re buying a
used car or maybe you got in a wreck and
you got your car painted or you just got
your car repainted one of these machine
can keep you from being ripped off
big-time the truth is in this machine
measuring the thickness and this paint
goes on modern cars guy said they’re
getting thinner and thinner than the
older one so it has to be done right and
this machine will tell you if it was
done right or not and since its mechanic
Monday I’m giving away one of these cars
paint thickness gauges to have a chance
to win place they’re clean non-offensive
comment on the youtube comments below
and a winner will be chosen randomly by
computer get one of these cool paint
thickness gauges so you never get ripped
off on body or paintwork again, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  1. Happy Labor Day Everyone!

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  2. Great video! I was thinking about purchasing the Paint Spy pen from Greg Macke aka YourCarAngel, even that one seems accurate but after seeing this, I'll definitely buy this one instead!

  3. Good tool that is simple to use to keep people honest. I know I had a truck painted after a deer and my fender clashed. They painted the poor fender so shotty and thin paint that I sure wish I had this tool to show them just how bad the job was. Paint peeled off in 6 months!

  4. Almost all cars have plastic bumper covers and most cars get their bumpers repainted because they are prone to damage. Too bad there is no way of measuring the paint on the bumpers.

  5. Maaco apprentices warm up on roof where a mistake is less noticeable. Had them do car once and roof was so heavy there was a big sag running off the edge.

  6. This is officially a clean, non offensive comment and I'd love to win it. I already hot ripped off on a BMW (dont hate me, I'm human….and American! ha)
    Bo Reynolds

  7. Seems like a tool of the trade for car buyers. For one-time purchasers its $$$ guess you could sell after your purchase on ebay.

  8. If you get a car painted and it looks great but the device says there is varying thickness, I assure you the painter will tell you to GTFO…

  9. If someone tried to talk me down because the car I was selling had a paint job that was not obvious, I'd tell him/her to go look for another car. And charge them $50 for scratching my paint with their gadget.

  10. But also you can get the paint almost the same but if the roof was never redone and after a year of being in the sun you can tell a difference between a freshly repainted part to one that hasn’t because of sun damage

  11. I'll definitely take a shot at getting this. I got three boys that I'm looking to buy cars for it could come in handy thank you for the opportunity

  12. How does it know? Wow! How does a thermos know should it keep hot soup or drink cold, and how do magnets work? All witchcraft! Nah, what’s it cost? Gimme gibs! Free free gimee, gimme for me! I want every device, biochemist and vehicle lover, not in deviant sense either! Does anyone really win? Cool device, wonder will it measure depth of other chemical coatings!

  13. Imagine the look on the Seller's face when you pull that gadget outta ur pocket and start probing the car all over, writing down the results on a clipboard 😁🤣😂

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