This Cheap Chinese Crap is Actually Good

This Cheap Chinese Crap is Actually Good

rev up your engines, here’s a little
interesting fact about cordless drills
this one comes with the battery twenty
volts comes with all these drill bits
and screwdrivers and stuff on them two
decent drill now to be totally truthful
I’ve been using this dewalt drill for
ages but it’s a corded drill I do i
heavy-duty work and I like corded drills
I work in my garage here I have
electricity I don’t care about being
cordless cuz I don’t want the cordless
stuff to run out but if you’re looking
for a cordless drill this tack life
cordless drill since it comes with other
drill bits screwdriver bits all that
stuff it’s a decent drill and it cost
about one-third the wall cordless one
does, is the Dewalt one better built yes it is
better built there’s no arguing that but
for light medium use this one is
perfectly fine for most people as exists
20 falls it’s got low speed for drilling
screws then it’s got high speed for
drilling holes and if you look here it
even has adjustable torque settings so
you don’t screw a screw in to far and strip
stuff and even that’s cool led so you
can see what you’re doing
when you do you up and yes you’re
breaking it in you can see little sparks
from the brushes inside they go away
after you use it awhile just shows that
it is so much cheaper made but it works
perfectly fine for a light medium use
you got to make a choice on what do you
really need I mean if you really need
something that’s heavy-duty you’re a
professional carpenter or whatever
you’re probably gonna go out and buy the
DeWalt if you want a cordless one but if
you’re doing around the house working on
your car a once in a while this thing is
perfectly fine and regardless of what
cordless drill you again make sure you
get the higher voltage ones like this 20
volt ones the higher the voltage
generally the longer they last and the more power they have and as you can see from my
little test it’s not a really cheap
lightweight one and it’s not too heavy
it weighs about two pounds nine ounces
almost 2 pounds 10 ounces so I’ve tried
out really cheap Long’s that we’re
twenty-something dollars and they were
just too cheap and
I say if you want a real quality one you
can buy the DeWalt kit but with the
batteries and the bits and everything
like this you’re gonna pay three times
what you pay for this and you might not
need that for your do-it-yourself
projects, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell
maybe your car does have a, maybe a
car doesn’t have a tachometer now or
maybe your tachometer broke

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  1. Bonus scene at the end

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  2. actually even the Predator motors too. I worked on mower for more than 35 years and were impressed
    with Harbor Freight small engines.

  3. I actually prefer the lighter 12v cordless drills. They allow me to do 90% of the jobs and when I need that extra oomph, I get the corded drill out.

  4. Is cheap worth it after crappy Chinese made battery goes bad and burns down your garage full of tools? No thanks. Not for me.

  5. ⭕⭕ Scotty, I have the old style 18 V. Dewalt. The battery hasn't been used for some time and I wanted to keep it charged to avoid going bad. 2 = 18V. and 2 = 7.6 V. When they will not take a charge, don't throw them out. Charger red light blinks rapidly, indicating will not take a charge. Hit it with another battery even if it is a little 9V battery + to + and – to – for a few seconds 5 or 10 is good. Now it will take a charge. 👍👍 feel free to share.

  6. Thanks for the Video….. Your right, you just have to be careful what you buy. When I was still working, I changed departments and needed some new tools. Not that far away from Retirement, I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I bought Harbor Freight. Let me tell you, those tools made me a lot of money and are still going strong all these years later. Nothing will last if you abuse it, it doesn't matter what brand it is.

  7. My Dewalt, USA MADE, drill/screwgun is approx. 30 years old and works like new. I have only bought 3 new batteries, in that time. (I like 2 batteries on hand). My HF Chinese drill/driver is a few years old and requires constant recharging, worthless.

  8. Actually, the new Dewalt 12 volt brush-less tools have more power than their 20 volt tools that have brushes. Probably true of the competition too.

  9. The tool itself can be decent, but how about the battery or charger? When those break do you have to throw the tool away? I wouldn’t take my change on these cheap knockoffs.

    Allways buy the best tools you can afford. In the LONG run it does pay off.

  10. If you are going lower cost simply go Ryobi. You can beat the hell out of them and they really last. Three year warranty as well.

  11. Ok the Chinese drill is a third of the price of the dewalt, if I buy the dewalt I pay 3 times as much for everything, so confused…all this

  12. I need corded tools. I used to own battery weed eater, drill, etc and you always have to charge the battery, get it ready like a day before etc..i just go corded at home and gas weed eater..too much drama with battery operated things..

  13. for 60… on black friday i bought dewalt double pack for 70 bucks. 6 months in.. i lost 1 around the house (didnt properly put it away, eventually ill find it again) and i have the back up lol. i nvr trust knock off stuff unless i have to pay 10 bucks or less. nvr worth paying more for something that wont last long enough, to me.

  14. I'll be honest for $20 the DRILL MASTER

    18 Volt 3/8 in. Cordless Drill/Driver Kit With Keyless Chuck, 21 Clutch Settings thing is fine for just small carpentry work. I used it for a bathroom renovation and a utility room renovation ( mostly replacing paneling and some light framing) and it lasted about 200 1 1/2 inch dry wall screws worth on a single charge with some random hole drilling. I does have enough power to turn a 1 inch spade bit through a 2×4 for running electrical and pex through as well. I also have used it to spin fasteners out on my vehicle after I break them loose because I'm lazy. It's been about a year and a half and it still works fine, Although I would suggest a second one just to always have a battery charged if you use it a lot because the battery takes 5 hours to charge from dead lololol.

  15. Love the out takes Scotty! Especially when you went from the drill, to the Tachometer! Lol! Some folks gonna think you're losing it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Stick to Dewalt (or maybe Miwaukee) unless you want countless incompatible batteries and chargers. Avoid Chinese junk like Tack

  17. I am a chinese. I do not feel good. You see, something cheap must have reasons. Made in China does not always mean crap. We are trying to do better, more patience please.

  18. Really don't waist your time with this drill. You would be far better getting a ryobi. If your really serious then get a Makita.

  19. Um……. Trump /trade war /tariff. Scotty promoting a Chinese drill. Anybody else see the irony? Life is too funny sometimes😂😂😂😂😂😂

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