Things I’ve built that aren’t shitty robots

Things I’ve built that aren’t shitty robots

I printed a mic, so that i can drop it. I got a new camera and I don’t know where the lens is. I wanna look into your eyes. Okay! Whoa, I need a piece of tape to know where I’m supposed to look. Hey, Shitty Robot Nation Queen here! Being the queen of a fictional nation is the best. I haven’t had to cut a single ribbon, and there’s no law to be upheld or anything. Maybe we should have some laws, though. At least one! Um… Don’t be a dick. Ahem! Thou shall not be a dick. Actually, that doesn’t make sense, because dicks are great! Like… they’re essential in reproduction. None of us would be here if it wasn’t for dicks. Big fan of your work, dicks! You’re doing great! Next time somebody calls you a dick, you should just be like… “Oh, you mean, because I can be both soft and hard?” “And because I stand up for myself?” Mic drop. Assholes, on the other hand, stink. And they’re uptight and full of shit. So be a dick, but don’t be an asshole. First law of the Shitty Robot Nation! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding… I’m kinda worried about my mental health, because I built three projects in a row that are useful. Like, they’re not shitty at all. I don’t know, like… do I have a fever? Or am I constipated? Or am I, like… in heat, or something? Who knows? I just, like, built these useful things! They don’t suck at all! What’s wrong with me? No, but seriously. Building shitty robots used to be my hobby. And then it became my job, which meant that I had to make a new hobby. And recently, I’ve built all of this furniture. And I really wanna show you some of it, because I’m really proud of it. And don’t worry! I’m still gonna build shitty robots! Like, I still really like doing that. But I think even I need to take a break sometimes. OK, here we go. First project! Wait, I need some safety glasses. Not actually on my eyes, I just need them on my head. I needed some sort of hardware organizer, so I made this out of copper plumbing. These big ones are just end caps, and then they’re attached to the smaller copper pipe using two clamps, And they just, like, swivel around, and you can put random things in it. It, like, works really well. It’s, like, fun to move around. And it was actually really simple to make. It was just a lot of holes to drill, but other than that, it was easy-peasy. I’m, like, standing on my toes, cause I’m trying to be in frame. Maybe I have, like, something I can stand on? No. I really like when things change proportion. So, like, when big things become small, or small things become big. Does this call for another dick joke? Or is it too many dick jokes for a video? I’m just gonna keep it inside… I needed a place to hang my clothes and I thought it would be fun to make a big coat hanger where I could hang my smaller coat hangers. So I made this! Coat hanger coat hanger! Coat hanger squared! Or, I don’t know, big-ass coat hanger. I used this really cool tool for it, called the Shaper Origin. Basically, it’s like a handheld CNC mill. So I designed this coat hanger in Illustrator. You just upload it to the Origin, and you get, like, plywood, or whatever material you want to cut it out of, and you just, like, hold the CNC roughly over the path. And then it, like, corrects it for you, and it makes, like, this really smooth edge. There’s a video on Tested of when I make this coat hanger, so check that out, there’s a link in the description, and you can have all the coat hangers you want. Just… just… all the coathangers. Okay, last project! I finished this just yesterday, and… Yeah, it’s just like a side table that looks like a spool. So we made it out of 32 layers of 3/4 inch plywood. I cut each layer individually in three different steps using a router, and then I just, like, screwed and glued them together and it took me two days just to make, like, the wooden part of it. Then I burnished this top using a soldering iron and I varnished the whole thing, and the thread that’s wrapped around is actually this fabric cable. And in the end here, we have a little lightbulb that we can turn on. Wait… Woooo! So nice! Also, I just wanna point out that the cable that’s wrapped around it doesn’t actually carry any current, because then this whole thing would be like a huge magnetic coil. Yeah! Studying physics in college for one year… …at least taught me that. The right-hand rule. This is, like, the gangster sign of engineering. Also, just this needle in itself took two days to make. My good friend Marcus, who’s a fabricator, helped me make it and, like, figure out how to do it. Cause I was like “I need a giant needle!” And he was like “okay, we’ll figure it out.” What we did was, we got this, like, solid aluminum rod, and we lathed it, and then we flattened the fascia and made the eyelet itself using a milling machine. And then we just, like, polished the shit out of it, and got three layers of epoxy on it just to protect the surface and also that it, like, keeps it shine. And just like that, you have a spool! I like spools so much! I just wanna bring spool everywhere. Work, into the doctor’s office and to the grocery store. I just wanna be with spool forever. Don’t you dare to say anything mean about spool. Because spool is great. I love spool. It’s funny, because when I posted these projects, people have been all upset. Like “Wait! This doesn’t suck at all! Why did you post this?” Ugh! Ugh! Oh gosh! Take it away! Take it away! Well, thanks for keeping me on brand, I guess. Either way, tomorrow I’m traveling to Europe, and I’m gonna be on the road for a month. I’m going to Edinburgh, Stockholm, London and Berlin. And I’m gonna try to vlog, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have, because i’m working a lot, and then i’m also gonna try to take some time off. Otherwise, I’m gonna be on Instagram and Twitter, so… Follow me! If that’s not the best call to action you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. Also, November 1st is my birthday! Yeah! I turn 26! 25 was frickin’ wild, so I can’t expect anything less from 26. Cause 26 is one more than 25, so I have to expect more. Don’t forget to tell me happy birthday on November 1st! I love birthdays! So, like, sing me a song or something. Mm! Okay, I’ll talk to you later! Spool! Spool! Spool! Spool! Spool! I just wanna have spool in bed. Argh! I just get very tired of myself sometimes.

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  1. I just recently discovered your videos and your personality just puts me in such a great mood! I love your work and your videos!

  2. Almost had a small heart attack when she said the spool was made of braided cable. The fact it's not live/hot(carrying current) was calming.

  3. Phew I thought you had built robots that weren’t shitty but there is still order in the world

  4. Oh my gosh,
    I remember seeing you in Edinburgh walking past me.
    I thought you were soooo Beautiful but I just didn’t have the guts to come and say hello.
    Darn you for your Goodlookingness and Awesome Videos.

  5. "gangster sign for engineers" I love it! Gonna use it!
    I like your spool, too, very creative. Enjoy your trip to Europe. Tell everyone that I said HI. They won't know who the hell you're talking about, so it will put them off guard, and you can steal their jelly beans. 😆😆😆

  6. … she wants to take her spool to "work"… isnt her job making shitty robots…. so its kinda in her work place already

  7. Simone , such a fun video, you remind me of Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer.. which is so cool + smart…

  8. The coil would not be magnetic…. the current runs back the same way and cancels out the magnetic field. So it would be just fine to run current in your spool of wire.

  9. That coat hanger would be super simple to make by hand, with any number of tools. I saw one of those tools in woodcraft a few months ago, but it really seems like a flawed concept. I will just wait until I have the room for a 4×4 or 4×8 router table and do it right.

  10. Happy almost birthday 2-3 years ago..

    I'm glad I'm here to tell you.. I did forget your name again.

    Good thing i have a feeling you'll forgive me 🍆☝️🥰👋🐸🦁🤓🌻

  11. Im such a shocker…

    Haha, that's perfect.. Autocorrect and all 🍀🦄😈

    I can't wait to learn Moore about your trip. Had i known you then like i know you now, i would have asked if i could go with you.

    If for any reason that's still possible or not – i invite you to let me know.

    I'll be wearin something grreen for'ye 🦄

  12. The magnetic field of the coil would cancel out. 2 wires in the cable, the currents in the opposite direction. But of course, the resistance would turn the spool into a warmer friend :).

  13. the hanger for hangers fucking sucks… if you take out two pieces of clothes from one side it will be unbalanced asf it will lean over and everything will be fucked.

  14. You should make more things like this and offer them in an online shop.
    You personally don’t have to make it but you could pay others to recreate it

  15. You should make more things like this and offer them in an online shop.
    You personally don’t have to make it but you could pay others to recreate it

  16. Hey! Happy birthday! It’s my birthday too! Well, almost. Mine’s actually on Nov. 2. But close enough for solidarity on los dias de los muertos. (There’s more than one.) Grattis på födelsedagen!

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