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welcome to a whole new world of science today we’re going to explore the seven
coolest means of transportation which will definitely impress you so sit back
relax and enjoy this video my friends number one floating Dutchman this bus
was designed by the engineers of the Dutch company called amphibious
transport it allows tourists in Amsterdam to see the sights of the city
in an unusual way this floating vehicle can splash into
the Amstel River and conceal through the canals in addition this bus can travel
through the city like an eel and transport this is an eco-friendly vehicle as it
uses a kind of diesel fuel that is less polluting than gasoline in water the bus
is powered by four electric motors this vehicle can seat up to 50 passengers number two Panther this unique vehicle
manufactured by the Californian company water car is an open four seater
amphibian car this model is based on the Jeep CJ eight scrambler with an extended
wheelbase the panther was built using lighter chromoly steel instead of
regular carbon steel its hull is filled with closed-cell styrofoam rendering
this vehicle nearly unsinkable the Panthers maximum speed on water is
about 45 miles an hour and on land the car can reach 80 miles per hour it can
reach from 0 to 100 and just four and a half seconds
it’s equipped with a v8 Chevrolet engine and it has excellent off-road capability
which allows it to easily move around sand dunes the Panthers transformation
from a land vehicle into a water vehicle takes only 15 seconds doors and openings
are designed taking into account the total water tightness reliability safe
water landing and access to land it is worth mentioning that the Panthers
interior decoration is similar to a yachts design
additionally the driver’s seat can be adjusted and locked in the desired
position number three luck strike young inventor
Tyler Hudson has developed an unusual bike for extreme riding which looks like
a small cart this vehicle has three wheels two small ones on the back and a
big one in the front it also has a front handlebar and another one at the back
for steering the pedals are located near the front wheel and these are placed
slightly forward for the users convenience who can control the bike in
a reclined position this bike weighs only 33 pounds but it can bear a weight
of 225 pounds it has been designed to be ridden in a low position just a few
inches from the ground it also has a high level of maneuverability this is a
low recumbent vehicle with a handle to control the small rear swivel wheels it
allows users to perform amazing stunts such as sharp turns controlled drifts
and 360-degree turns to apply brakes on this bike you need to pedal backwards
look strikes frame is made of strong steel pipes which guarantees stability
reliability and safety while driving and there’s a comfortable synthetic leather
chair which provides comfort for any rider number four swing car a spider the French company melon rock has
developed a single open electric vehicle with unique cross-country capabilities
this car features a completely independent suspension which allows it
to ascend or descend slopes with an angle of up to 70 degrees it can also be
written with a 50 degree inclination this vehicle’s wheels can be at
different levels and it can still move smoothly each wheel is equipped with a 1
kilowatt or one-and-a-half kilowatt electric motor that is powered by a
battery due to swim cars designed it’s wheels can move independently on uneven
terrain and keep the drivers seat in an upright position this vehicles
multi-directional wheel movement is convenient for making a turn in a
limited space when the swing car East Spyder turns it tilts like a motorcycle
because of the centrifugal force which increases its stability this card’s ultra light frame is mostly
made of aluminum with the exception of the power distribution of the four
electric motors swing car barely includes electronics it doesn’t make
much noise when running and it doesn’t produce any harmful emissions into the
atmosphere number five pal v1 the Dutch company
Poli introduced a two-seater flying car with a tandem cab this means that the
pilot and passenger seats are located one behind the other
this vehicle has two propellers one for forward thrusting and another to keep
speed so it doesn’t need wings the pal v1 can be used as an air transport or as
an ordinary car the flying model has a 218 horsepower
gasoline engine which provides throttle to 60 miles per hour on the highway in
less than 80 seconds the vehicles folded rotor which is located at the top
doesn’t affect aerodynamics pal V ones the maximum speed is a hundred ten miles
per hour both on land and in the air the flying car weighs 1,500 pounds and
it can carry up to 500 pounds of cargo it’s flying range can vary from 220 to
310 miles depending on the way it’s transporting fuel consumption when it’s
flying also varies from 20 to 30 litres per 60 miles number six MTO sports the company MTO
sport built this autogyro with the help of the company full Lotus manufacturing
which provided the floating system this aircraft flies using a rotor and it can
take off and land on any water surface it has an open cockpit with two seats in
tandem and dual control system which allows piloting the aircraft from both
the front and back seats this vehicle has been designed for tourist training
and patrol flights this model prototype holds the fai world record for
gyroplanes with a takeoff weight of up to 1,100 pounds and flying range of 800
miles without landing the MTO sports maximum speed is 110 miles per hour per
as its average cruising speed is 86 miles per hour its takeoff length can
vary from 165 to 490 feet it is equipped with a 115 horsepower engine and a 69
litre fuel tank number seven action mobile this is a self-propelled vehicle that
can be used for tourism and expeditions it was introduced not so long ago and it
is based on the chassis from the man 1000 truck series with a four axle 8×8
drivetrain before this model the company produced the action mobile global x RS
7200 camper which is based on the 18 ton and six wheeled man truck this vehicle
has a 720 horsepower engine there is a separate bedroom a bathroom with a
shower and toilet a kitchen with a refrigerator and a living room with a
wardrobe inside this vehicle in addition it is equipped with a TV and audio
system LED lighting and a security and data storage system that is connected to
the outside world via satellite internet and wireless networks and most
importantly the action Mobile has a garage where a small car can be parked thanks for watching which vehicle did
you find the most impressive and why let me know your opinions in the comments
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  1. Who wouldn't want a panther! best of both worlds. I would love this car/water vehicle. Drive to the beach and then have some fun on the water only to drive out and head home. No need for trailers and annoying hook ups,amazing. If any rich person want's to buy me one for Christmas i'd love you for ever more (in a friendly brotherly/sisterly way) 😀

  2. all of these auto gyos and the electro vehicle transport are not to be trusted.. it is your life… wind disturbance ! or battery failure ! if you know statistics ..mttf. or mtbf… what would wealthy people do if they realized that they are newly poor and don't have diapers and a binkey.? "money"

  3. I dislike diesel and other forms of fossil fuels an amphibious bus that runs on diesel is not economically friendly an electric or hydrogen vehicle would be better in my country there are high taxes on diesel i think they're not welcome in most cities with low emission zones

  4. At 2:10 you said it reaches 80 mph but then u said it can from 0 to 100 in 4 sec HOW CAN IT REACH 100 MPH IF IT'S MAX SPEED IS 80 MPH

  5. She's got her valley girl voice going on and it keeps you from getting bored. I like this video but have to point out one small mistake. When she was talking about the gyrocopter being driven on the road she said that it could go from 0 to 60 in less than 80 seconds, she meant zero to 60 in less than 8.0 seconds. I think her voice is cute enough for us to let her by with one mistake. in comparison to all those awful loud music videos and voice synthesized ones I feel downright blessed!

  6. I think that field electric go anywhere vehicle is really something especially for patrolling purposes. My choice will be the airborn roadvehicle. Skipping out of the traffic jams like a fly will be great fun.

  7. God!! I want that amphibious jeep so much. I just checked, 140k is not bad at all for a car that can be driven on water.

  8. interesting that you count from 1 to 10; not a top ten countdown format, with 1 representing the best.

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