The Truth About the Boss 302 Mustang

The Truth About the Boss 302 Mustang

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s where
everyone has a chance to show off their
car mods, and here’s this week’s winner,
now before I show off my car I would
like to take a quick moment and briefly
talk about the boss 302 and its history
so the viewers can get a better
understanding on why I love this car so
much and how it has become the most
iconic pony car in America, the pony car
segment in the car industry was started
by none other than the Ford Mustang in
1964, but soon after General Motors came
out with their own pony car the Chevy
Camaro which had more powerful engine
and was the biggest threat to the
Mustang at the time, Ford answered right
back by developing the boss 302 which
went on to win the 1970s Trans Am series
driven by the legendary racecar driver
Parnelli Jones, leaving the Camaros in
the dust, fast forward a few decades ford
decided to bring back the boss once
again for the year 2012 and 2013 Ford
ford had to somehow come up with the plan
make the boss unique from the rest of
the Mustangs in the lineup, while keeping
the cost relatively affordable, so they
decided to utilize the already existing
coyote motor found in the mustang gt
Ford has made quite a lot of
modifications, such as a larger boss
specific intake manifold, forged pistons,
CNC heads, higher lift cams, larger
radiator, oil cooler, limited slip
differential, fin aluminium differential
cover for better cooling, adjustable
struts, Brembo brakes, reinforced brake
lines, lightweight wheels, quad exhaust
with side exhaust tips and much much
here is my 2013 Boss 302, I love the
unique stripes that carried over from
the original boss to the blacked out
grille and a bright yellow paint, and of
course you can’t mistake it for anything
else because it says boss 302 on the
side just like the original, now I’ve
done a few modifications to the exterior
like this front splitter which helps
keep the cars
at higher speeds, and also makes the
front end look a bit more aggressive in
my opinion, as for other styling touches
i’ve vinyl wrapped the roof and the side
skirts black to give the side profile a
sleeker look, another cool feature about
the boss 302 is that the front fog light
deletes are designed to be removed for
better airflow, I have a set of Toyo
r triple 8 r competition tires all
around in two 357519 up front and
3053019 in the rear, unfortunately
there is nothing really special about
the boss 302 interior compared to
other Mustangs in this model year, but
there are a few minor differences, such
as the boss comes with the Alcantara
steering wheel for a better grip, these
Recaro bucket seat which by far is one
of the best factory seats i’ve ever seen
on any vehicle within this price range
I’ve added the four-point Corbeau
harness mounted on Ford Racing harness
bar, also comes with the boss specific
shift knob and the gauge cluster shows
all the different functions, from fuel
economy, oil temperature, plus the
racetrack apps which allows you to
activate the launch control and measure
your zero to 60 time, quarter-mile time,
and lap times, I’ve also added this
gauge by HP tuners to give me the
ability to upload tunes into my car and
perform diagnostics and keep an eye on
how my car is running, you get a couple
of cup holders, and the storage space is
pretty decent, you get this very deep
center console, it has a glove box, and
some map pockets
some people say they can’t fit anything
in the Mustang, but they don’t realize
that the rear seats can be folded down
for more trunk space, now let’s move on
to the engine bay, the boss comes
equipped with the strut tower bar to
help keep the body more rigid during
hard cornering
although the boss
comes with the adjustable shock
dampening feature from the factory, I’ve
replaced it with the 30 way adjustable
coilovers which drastically improved the
car’s behavior around the corners, the
heart of the beast,
this Roadrunner v8 engine was developed
to put out 444 horsepower with the
ability to rev all the way up to 7,500
rpm, I’ve added the Paxton centrifugal
supercharger with all the supporting
mods, and the American Racing header for
better exhaust flow with this
combination I was able to make about 750
plus horsepower to the crank at 8200 RPM
Thank You Scotty once again for giving
me the opportunity to show off my car in
your channel, and thanks everyone for
well that was this week’s video and to
have your car mod shown on my channel
here, check this out, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair
videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Yeah great, but does it come with an atmospheric CO2 remover??!!…. I mean, what YEAR do you think this is??

  3. Nice car but it would have looked better with the 05-09 body style. The Mustang lost its true retro look beginning with the 2010 model.

  4. I want my HS buddy's '68 Mustang Shelby GT 500. 428 with a C6. He bought it in '75 after I spotted it in the back of a carlot. He got it for $2000….guess how much it's worth now?

  5. Great job owner and great mods.
    Well made and honest video.
    Beautiful and powerful car.
    Congratulations Scotty for this nice segment of your channel.

  6. Please tell me that Ford uses a hydraulic clutch, in these newer Mustangs, lol. I had an old Mercury Capri RS, 5.0/302 4V, and that clutch was sooooooo heavy… But, it was a lot of fun, to drive. Maybe too much fun?

    Anyway, some beautiful mods, on a beautiful car – thanks for sharing!

  7. Man that's one badass Boss 302 Mustang and at 750 HP at the rear wheels this thing is definitely will drive like a BOSS. Let's hope Ford does make the new 2020 Boss 429 with the new 7.3L Godzilla V8 made out of Aluminium.

  8. Yep, that's the BOSS alright!! Nice car, thoughtful mods. I'm especially impressed with the strut mods, and the headers. I wouldn't have done the turbo. I like stuff to last. 400+ HP is plenty for this old man, but gotta say the choice of turbo he made is excellent!

  9. That 1970 Boss 302 Mustang has got to be one of the best looking cars ever made in the history of mankind.

  10. What crappy mustang just like the others crappy suspension probably didn't stiffen the chassis and he already heavily modified it just to make it kinda cool the boss 302 back in the day was shitty to camaros firebirds and challengers were all better cars

  11. unadulterated automotive excellence. I'd ask when does he want to sell it, but I couldn't afford it anyway. (My choice, a Boss 302 or retirement,….I'll take the retirement…)

  12. Super sticky tires. I've had them. They disappear faster than a ice cream cone on a hot day. I think I got 7500k miles out of mine. I went with a higher treadwear after that. My wallet isn't fat enough to daily drive r888r's.

  13. The reason it was originally called the boss 302 is because the original mustang had a 289 motor but the boss 302 had a 302 motor

  14. I’m so glad that I own such an iconic car I love my Grabber Blue. Great video Scotty an letting this Boss name be known to those that don’t know.

  15. What comes to mind is the 351 boss and the 351 Cleveland. There are the same engine and blueprints It’s just one is made in Boston Massachusetts and the other ones made in Cleveland..

    I love the 302 Ford engine I’ve never owned one but I had a Friend had one in a truck And would run very fast.. Correct me if I’m wrong??? I’m sure the 302 is the same way? one made in Boston Massachusetts? as the other 302 made in Cleveland???? If I remember right Back in my hot rod days in the early 80s ?????????????

  16. At 4:43 you refer to the "heart of the beast" as a "roadrunner V8 engine" you know the coyote never did catch that bird! Beautiful car by the way.

  17. What stood out the most to me was the Super HP cup holders. Ford has confirmed they will have a Voodoo GT 500 cup holder swap kit out in 2020… looking forward for that mod hitting the market, can't wait to see how much HP it will increase.

  18. Listen kids. I owned and driven many cars. Millions of dollars worth of cars. The most manly car ever built is a Mustang. The Mustang is the Bret the Hitman Heart of American muscle cars. The best there was the best there is and the best there always will be. Pound for pound best car ever made

  19. There's another Mustang with Boss 302 on the side, the 2007 Saleen Parnelli Jones, my father-in-law has one. Excellent car, the exhaust note would put a horn on a jellyfish. It's absolutely unmodified in any way from what Saleen did to it.

  20. Ford for the fucking win!!!!!!!🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥
    No matter what the Holden gay boys say!

  21. The new mustangs are so common you just don't look at them anymore.The Coyote engine is the best engine ford have made

  22. FYI, the 5.0 in the 2012-13 Boss 302 is NOT the “Coyote” it’s a 5.0 called “The Roadrunner” & is stronger than the Coyote.. so if you’re in the market for a 2011-2017 5.0 Mustang, try your best to find & buy a 12-13 Boss 302 (especially if you’re planning on boosting the engine)

  23. Nice Boss with forged parts from the factory that's something the GT500 didn't have the 03&04 Cobra had over $10,000 in forged parts.

  24. Really Cool Muscle Car. I have a red 2013 Boss 302 & I love it. It is not as fast as the new mustangs or some of the other manufacturers new models, but it pays great homage to the 1970 Boss and it is a great drivers car. It is a unique Mustang that gets a lot a looks when I drive it and sounds awesome with the quad exhaust. It's still a beast on the highway and even though mine is all original it has plenty of horsepower to get you into trouble with the local police.

  25. My neighbor got a new one 5 yrs ago, it had a fn Chinese transmission. I couldn’t get it to shift into 2nd. He sold it quick.

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