– Hey guys.
I am Banker from Custom
Offsets and it is time again
for a little history lesson
and some truth about suspensions.
This time, we are going to
be covering the grandpappy
of all the lift kits out
there, Superlift Suspensions.
So, Superlift has been around for forever
and is actually even older than Shawn,
if you can believe that.
If you’ve never heard of Superlift before,
you were likely born after
2000 and somehow wandered here
off the Fitment Industries Channel.
Welcome to the big kids’ table.
For those of you who
have heard of Superlift,
it likely brings back fond memories
of big square-bodied American trucks,
on super swampers and
huge leaf spring lifts.
Ah, the good old days.
So, Superlift officially
started back in 1975,
making lift components for
the F100 and the Bronco,
which contrary to Junior’s build,
they do include rear lifts
to go with the front half.
With the advent of the
bigger square-body F150s
and K10s in the late
’70s through the ’80s,
Superlift became the name
synonymous with lifted trucks
of the era and quickly
became an industry favorite.
To this day, those kids are
still king in that market.
However, as trucks switched
to IFS suspension in the 90’s
and the technology era advanced in design,
Superlift just sort of stayed
the course they were on.
They were happy building
kits for the boggers
down in Louisiana,
because that’s who they
are, and what they love.
Of course, they still made
kits for the new trucks,
but they saw their market
share slip a little more,
and a little more to the newer brands
coming out at the time,
and the name Superlift
faded from the forefront
of the industry.
Now, this became much more apparent
with the advent of the
lifted trow truck scene,
the lifted show truck scene explosion
in the mid 2000’s.
Superlift was no longer a top runner
in markets for vehicles
that weren’t straight axle,
and they deemed it was time for a change.
It has taken a while for
Superlift to recover,
but just like the mullet
has made its comeback
as the go-to hairstyle,
Superlift is marching
back forward full speed
to take their place.
This comeback was really kicked off
by their acquisition by now
parent company Truck Hero,
a while back.
With this new ownership
group and marketing team,
they are seeing a rise
in market share again,
and some really great products
coming out of West Monroe,
Louisiana these days.
The 50-man team that makes up Superlift
down there in Louisiana is
doing all of their designing,
testing, and production in house,
which I believe is helping
their cause big-time.
There is no replacement
for hands-on learning,
and Superlift is living
by that these days,
and it can be seen in their
most recent product releases,
and how they even let Fuller
beat on their CEMA build.
So you know they are standing
behind these new kits.
Now, in addition to their basic kits,
at CEMA 2018 last year,
the release of their
new Black Diamond kits,
which can be paired with King Coilovers,
and is taking square aim at
the current front industry
front runners, BDS and Nagoys.
They will also be releasing
a new powder coat finish,
new branding designs, to
update the look of their kits,
what is the new industry standard.
Now, the biggest thing to
understand about Superlift,
is that like most of these companies,
they are enthusiasts at heart,
and they base their
business and product lines
around that.
However, Superlift goes above and beyond
the other manufacturers
by only offering kits
that allow the trucks that
operate within their means.
What I mean by this is that
while the other guys are
offering the seven, eight,
or nine-inch kits that are
on trend in the show scene,
Superlift is sticking to the
four and six-inch market,
with some specific odd eight-inch kits,
like the Silverado 1500,
and perfecting these lower
kits to get the most usability
out of the truck without pushing it past
its own engineering limits.
While this may be a risk,
considering the current trend
of going bigger and bigger
in this industry right now,
you just can’t help but admire Superlift
for sticking to their guns
and doing what they do best.
So, for the future, Superlift
is just going to continue
to focus on their climb back to the top,
focusing on infrastructure
for faster shipping,
innovating new kits for
ever-changing new trucks,
and offering the best
operable options available
with King Coilovers, Fox Coilovers,
and Bilstein upgrades to their kits.
Now, it’s safe to say that while Superlift
may be the old dog in the industry,
they are here to stay,
and are still hungry
to be that top dog.
So, that’s all I’ve got
for you on Superlift,
but be sure to let us know your thoughts
on Superlift in the comments below,
add you Superlift equipped
truck to the gallery,
or pick yourself up a
nice new Superlift kit
So until the next time
they need someone smart
to do a video, I’m Banker
for Custom Offsets, peace.
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  1. I'd love to have any kind of lift, lol
    Still saving up my money for a lift like co2..
    The most amazing automobile on earth

  2. I swear I seen Fuller in Florida with His Moolette Hanging out the window of a Tahoe with a Ass Drop Waving His Arm to the Beats he was Bouncing

  3. IK this random but asking anyone’s opinion. Would it be better to build your own truck your own way over time or buying a truck that you like a lot that’s already built?

  4. " keeping the truck at its operating limits" I'll go with they aren't trying to spend the extra cash to design a kit to compete with the companys that have protected them, Pmf, cognito exc.. and to be honest ain't too many people in the market to spend 10k dollars an a 12 inch lift made by superlift. But I do agree they're doing what's working for them.

  5. Newly bought 1997 Chevrolet regular cab 3500. 454/4.10
    6” Superlift, 3” body lift and 40” Mickey Thompson tires on Weld Racing WHEELS.
    The differential’s upper lowering bracket broke repeatedly. Tires were balanced very well, as well as they could be back in 1998.
    Never ever off road.


    Today we talk about the origin of SUPERLIFT as well as how far they have come as a company.

    Let us know what you think below!!

  7. Love my SuperLift Kit!
    6.5" SuperLift kit on my 2016 Chevy Silverado. Rides nice. Looks nice, and can't wait for the new upgraded face plates

  8. Have a 12 inch superlift in the front and a 4 inch in the back with a 4 inch body on 35s in a 98 Chevy 2500 hd and it rides better than you might think it does

  9. Can someone help me decided what lift to get for me 09 Silverado z71 4wd I want to go with a 3.5 Rough Country but I know SuperLift also has a 3.5 kit . Anyone know what’s better ?

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