The Truth About My Children

The Truth About My Children

rev your engines, redneck driver says I
watch your YouTube channel I try to work on
some of
my vehicles I got 7 of them
with five teenage kids, man the 5
teenage kids hope they don’t drive you insane
I had to an analyst drove me insane as
I’ve gotten older I’ve less interested
in my career of IT and more interest in
doing physical labor I’m considering
going to Tennessee College of Applied
Technology using my v8 benefits I make
too much money in IT so it’d be kind
of a side hussle so what do you think
what’s your you know if you want to do
that learn I have a little side hustle
but I would tell you there is get more
heavily involved in the electronics
aspects of cars don’t get involved in
rebuilding engines transmissions stuff
like that that cost a lot of money need
an awful lot of equipment but if you’re
good at IT and you’re good with
electronics and understanding all that
stuff you can make good money fixing
electronic stuff which is gonna be more
and more of the future of fixing cars
even if they don’t go to fully
electronic cars there’s so much computer
electronics on modern cars and they keep
adding more on you can make a good
living doing stuff like that if you’re
smart and you want to try something like
that out hey give it a try why not you
know I don’t blame you I’d be bored just
using my brain all the time I like the
combo of making videos answering
questions and actually going out and
fixing cars keeps you more well-rounded
if you just do one thing you’re gonna be
bored that’s you know that’s pretty much
a statement of life, 1952 says scotty
is Mazda and Hyundai a good car brands if
so which do you prefer if I had to get one
would get a mazda standard transmission
one like a little Mazda Miata those are
actually great little cars and young die
and Kia’s has a pretty much merged
company now so you can lump them all
together if you buy it brand new it
might last 100k miles and be pretty
much trouble free and if you don’t mind
that they’re a little bit cheaper go right
but you want to keep a car forever get a
Toyota or Honda and the thing is if you
went back 20 years the Kia’s and Hyundais
were much cheaper than the Toyotas
and Honda’s now there’s not that much
difference in an equivalent Toyota and
hyundai it was like 900 bucks
cheaper and for that kind of money and
believe me I’d buy a Toyota I wouldn’t buy
one of those, david 9/16 says scotty I got
Crown Vic with 97 thousand miles on it
the transmission fluid hasn’t been
changed a long time should I still
change it now that’s a toss-up if it had
never ever been changed I’d leave it
alone but if it had been changed at
least once before go ahead and change it
and then I would probably change it
every 40 50 thousand miles just to be on
the safe side
fluids cheap transmissions are super
expensive as long as it’s been changed
at least once now if it’s never been
changed at all and you got 97k
miles if it’s a late-model one go ahead
and change it but if it’s an older one
don’t because then it might start to
slip or something but the newer ones
useful synthetic fluid they’re not all
that dirty inside you get your check
that I’ve seen guys do is you could
drain the fluid out and look at it and
if it’s all black and gooey I put it
back in put the fluid right back in
because then it might start slipping if
you put in new fluid but if it’s
relatively clean then put new fluid in
it if it’s old dirty fluid and it still
works okay when it comes out just put it
back in because it’s used to that old
fluid that’s the trick to that and I’ve
had guys do that over the years and I’ll
say yeah yeah that was too dirty and
they just poured it back in didn’t have
any problems before it still didn’t have
any problems but if they took the old
dirty stuff out there was really dirty
and never been changed and then they put
new fluid in a lot of times it’ll slip
Oscar’s p97 says Scotty I’m looking to buy
a new 2019 rav4 should I get the hybrid
or the non hybrid, it depends on a few
things they’re good vehicles but if
you’re the type of person that keeps
your car forever like me get to
non-hybrid hybrids get super expensive
to maintain and repair when they get
older now you could buy a hybrid Toyota
maybe I won’t have any problems for 10
12 years go ahead and get a hybrid but
if you want to get to 300,000 more miles
get to non-hybrid cuz the hybrid the
batteries cost a ton of money
generators cost a ton of money hardly
anyone really knows how to work on those
things I’ve seen people have there’s
work on and they were fully destroyed
by some idiot working that didn’t know what
they were doing and of course if you
take it to the dealer you know they’re
gonna take your wallet they’re gonna
empty it all out and then ask for
more cuz that’s the way dealerships are
if you really want to keep one forever
get a non hybrid version, mark 2018 says Scotty
my 95 Nissan Maxima when I started up
the oil light flashes a few times per second
that goes off then it doesn’t come on
the oil is full this normal should I be
concerned just change your our pressure
sending units it’s a cheap part put on the
engine a lot of times the springs go bad
and they do that now if it continues to
do that I would advise having a mechanic
like myself put a gauge on there see
what the actual pressure is and if it is
low when it first starts up either your
oil pump is going out or your engine
bearings are wearing out and eventually
it’ll be a very serious problem that’s a
95 it’s an old vehicle if that was the
case I would really think about getting
rid of the thing rather than repairing
it or just driving it as long as the
light doesn’t come out when you’re
driving it see how long it lasts I mean
it’s not worth anything being at old, one
bowl of soup says Scotty I see you say
pushrods reliable the Hellcat engines
are supercharged push rod can the Grand Cherokee
with a 707 horsepower edge just be good
for weekend drive since they have
pushrod engine the engines are good
engines in terms of they put a lot of
power make it last a long time if you
don’t really push them too hard a lot of
guys have a 700 horsepower vehicle man
they’re pushing real hard so who knows
how long they’re gonna last you push
anything extreme it’s gonna break and
they get horrendous gas mileage just
realize that all of those vehicles the
vehicles themselves are not that great
those are great engines there’s no
arguing that but the vehicles themselves
check out how all the resale values are
they aged cuz everybody knows they fall
apart but if you really want to get once
they’re gonna get a used one you can get
it cheaper anyone who does a weekend toy
go right ahead just realize you can
spend a lot of money and if you keep it
for a long time you’re gonna spend a lot
of money have repairs too
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty I'm not from Japan but I hear that over there the Nissan 'e-power' Notes and Serenas have become best sellers. These are electric vehicles with very small batteries in them and a 1.2liter gasoline engine acting solely as a generator. Not a hybrid because the engine doesn't drive the wheels. Not a pure EV either because they've got a gas engine working as a generator. No manual charging of the batteries involved and the only thing you put in them is gas. The engine starts on and off charging the batteries (i know that's no good). The batteries are supposed to last a long time because charging is computer managed. So it maintains a 40 to 60% or so charge level to optimize battery life. Apparently the batteries can last nearly forever if kept at that range.

    Anyway, what do you think about this type of vehicle? Seems like it improves on the inconvenience of pure EVs (charging time etc.) in many ways.

  3. Thanks for all the great advice. For the IT guy, keep your job and buy an old Metal Lathe and Milling Machine. I'm an Electronics Engineer who loves working with my hands, so having a small home machine shop let me build custom tools. Sometimes it was simple, sometimes complex, but the first time I pulled out fuel injectors for a Nissan SR24DE I realize "there is a simpler way". Made my own tools! Keep the IT job we hurt when we get older. I don't make video's anymore but some are still posted up on Youtube.

  4. Hey sotty my 91 Honda Civic sedan engine light keeps coming on every time I start it and when I drive it shuts off after a couple of minutes what do you think is wrong with it?

  5. Scotty, Third owner of a 2004 Ford Explorer nbx model (I never used the flex fuel) w/ just over 200k miles; I've had it for the last 100k. Hoping to get another 100k out of it, if not more, is there a limit to what I should be fixing, i.e. transmission or engine rather than just getting rid of the vehicle?

  6. Next time you take a ride in a Toyota Prius, ask the owner how many miles he has and what repairs he has done…there is a reason taxi fleets use them.
    Scotty is human and not correct all the time…

  7. Scotty, will you talk more in depth about why or why not to flush your transmission if fluid is dirty. I have an 08 civic with 200k miles, AT, not sure if it's transmission has been serviced.

  8. Hahah love how it says: "The truth about my children." Actually thought for a second it was gonna be about something else than cars 😂

  9. Ya i thought about changing my tranny fluid but i dont know if anyone has done it before 1997 most guys say its not worth touching like you mention could slip. Car has 140 thousand 2 owner car doesnt seem to slip prolly more trouble then its worth. a conti is practically a crown vic. Alot of people have trouble with lincolns i have herd. I have not done much thing runs like a top i am pretty sure caddy is alot worse. other then replacing a few ball joints those fords are bullet proof. i even have the same original tierods and the car is tight.

    One of the most expensive repairs is the front y cat pipe and they very often leak or rot out. You have to watch out for that if you notice the car getting louder most of the time the flex pipe starts leaking a 60$ part if you goto a muffler place like a big chain they often try to sell you the cat pipe and claim its leaking 1000$+ job. So if you buy a fancier ford watch out for that.

    Also what no one tells you about the exhaust in those cars is that the flange does not line up tried several brands of new y pipe cats and the part did not fit so you more then likely have need to have a split flange put on the new pipe for it to line up. Dont waste your time chasing different brands they all mostlikely dont fit and if you are ordering online good luck trying to return a 800$ pipe you are stuck with it just put a flange on it and dont let a fancy shop tell you they had to order a special brand because it did not fit none of the pipes will line up.

    What is true is that they might have to modify the new pipe do some wielding which most homeowners arent setup to do but in general it isnt that hard to get the old pipe off. A good mechanic could complete that job in 1-2 hours

  10. I like your videos, but you're wrong about the transmission. Dirty hydraulics do not work better than clean hydraulics.

  11. Hi Scotty, what do you think about the toyota prado, (I'm in Saudi Arabia), and would you recommend the Lexus gx over it ?

  12. Well ya see, in my house we are true believers of the Toyota almighty, the creator of the most reliable car. But once the kids turned 18 they turned their backs on Toyota, and got Honda’s instead. They’d say “dad you seen those Honda’s in Fast and Furious man they’re sick my buddy just got an SI Civic and boy is that thing sweet”. After years and years of trying to get them to repent for turning on the glorious Toyota, I gave up my long hard battle. I’ll still hear from them now and again but they never show up to the temple of the mighty Celica anymore.

  13. If you don’t know if the trans fluid has ever been changed, instead of not doing it, could an oil analysis be done to find out?

  14. I got lucky. Have a 95 explorer xlt. Bought it as 155xxx miles. The transfluid was black as night.
    Not good at all. But it shifted without any issue at all. You’d never know the transfluid was that burnt by how the car operated.
    So I crossed my fingers and did a drain and fill. Drove it for 5k miles no problem. I’m on the second drain and fill. Wish me luck. Still going strong. If this doesn’t start slipping, in 10k miles I’m gonna do a complete flush.

  15. i wish you got tax incentives for each child you have. it would fix birthrates here in the west but the powers at be dont want that….

  16. 175,000 first change on mine and no problems. I suspect that clean oil causing slippage is largely a myth. Probably started by shady transmission mechanix to discourage something that would cut into their business.

  17. I paid 3,000 for a 2008 Toyota hybrid. 3 years ago. I’ve put over 200,000km(Canada)?drives great and if it blows at 500,000km who cares

  18. You constantly dog Kia but not once have you said why they are bad cars, especially in particular

  19. Scotty please pick me, my Ford Probe is rusting something fierce on the top and I could really use this product to fix it. Thanks

  20. Hey Scotty I know you say Kia’s are good for a hundred thousand miles that is what my Sorento is up to so hopefully it keeps going and I do keep up all the maintenance on it

  21. Shouldn't throw up a picture of being bored/chaning things with a picture of a couple. Man is meant to diacern marriage/we're made for commitment towards an end (children). This attitude is a mortal sin requiring absolution from a Catholic priest not to suffer the kids if the life of grace in the soul/hell eternally if once known (and now you do), to continue in this attitude and not publically recanting your position to viewers after taking down the video.✌️❤️

  22. No Hyundai is not 900 less than Toyota. You can't touch used Toyota for less they hold value. Hyundai may not be as reliable as toyota but it had so many more options than toyota has for much cheaper.

  23. Don't understand the Logic. 3.6K saved in just fuel over a 12 year period (144K mi) over the hybrid vs regular rav4. The batteries will most likely not need service in that time. There are plenty of people out there selling modules or refurbishment service for a fraction of the cost of a new battery if it does happen to fail. There is a reason why there are so many hybrid taxis – reliability and overall economy. Expect even more savings if you drive more city than highway or just sit in the car idling while the climate control is on.

  24. If you’re going to buy a Hemi for the weekend I’d buy one without a supercharger, keep it in a garage with a hybrid water heater so that the garage is cooled and the plastics under the hood don’t dry don’t dry out and enjoy yourself.

  25. Dont buy a turbo car it will blow up and cause the apocalypse, then mankind will become enslaved by a race of turbocharged T1000 terminators.

  26. That always makes me laugh. Transmissions are to only thing about maintenance in a car where you fix it when there's nothing wrong and don't when there is! Lol!

  27. Mr. Kilmer, signs and symptoms of heart disease: 1. Family history. A family history of heart disease increases your risk of coronary artery disease, especially if a parent developed it at an early age (before age 55 for a male relative, such as your brother or father. 2. Poor diet 3.Stress 4.High blood pressure 5. High cholesterol 6. Inactivity I worked in cardiac rehab center for several years. Almost every man had a receding hairline, belly fat, and a family history of heart disease. Scottie, hope you are seeing a good cardiologist. Just so you know, doctors are like mechanics. Good ones are hard to find. Stay healthy. We would hate to loose our Scotty Kilmer.

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