The Truth About Car Companies Suing Me

The Truth About Car Companies Suing Me

rev up your engines, rus says hey did any
of the car
manufactures contact you to stop telling
the truth about how bad they’re no you
know I mean I’m just little Scotty it
just means they spent a lot of money
advertising and people buy cars and
think it’s a it’s one main opinion
versus the rest but hey I’ve been
working on for 51 years so I’ve seen a
lot about these cars I did have a
hilarious thing with the guy at the Chevy
dealer in the parts department when I was
buying some parts cuz I had to go there
nobody else sold this particular part
for the malibu I was working on and I was
saying oh man he’s cars are junk and he
looked at me so I Scotty yeah but
they’re all junk these days like that
and I looked at him and I said well
honest because I knew that particular
dealership he owned a Chevy dealership
but he also owned a Honda dealership and
he got it worked I said well you know
you’re right cuz he said I used to work
at the Honda dealership and we didn’t
sell all the parts like we do on the chevys
he was honest cuz he was just talking to
me and there weren’t any other customers
there so even the guys that work
there know, Charlie Bo for Scotty what do
you think of the 2020 Kia soul, just
visuals of that thing I think they look
crazy could be that they’re ugly but
some people like it beauties now in the
beholder right if you’re the type of
person who’s gonna buy it thing and
drive it less than a hundred thousand
miles you might be totally happy with
the vehicle road test see if you like it
see if you like the way that it rides
you want a vehicle that you drive two
three four hundred thousand miles don’t
buy the Kia buy a Toyota or Honda head
yeah what are you guys it’s happy what
one hundred thousand dollars out of the
vehicle and you like them go ahead and buy
I got customers that never any problems
the first hundred thousand miles look
Joe evolution said what’s your opinion
on Ford fusions preferably the first
generation I actually like the Ford
fusions that’s one Ford on some evolved
old and he took a lot of Volvo
riding technology Volvo had good
suspension systems and they applied some
of the Ford technology and they’re
actually excellent cars I’ve had
coasters with them I’ve wrote tested
them I’ve rented them when I went places
on planes and then I rented a car and I was
happy with one I just got done with one I
had in maine and I was real happy with a
car so you know I think they’re pretty
good car of course the first-generation
ones are older you have to have one
checked out if you’re gonna buy
Patrick moon says Scotty I got a Datsun
280z that hasn’t been started in 15
years it wasn’t for me to fix it up as a
weekend toy well if you want to spend
the time and the energy okay
it’s a 280z so that thing’s got to be
30-something years old at a minimum it’s
a really old car but people like those
cars the advantage of that is it’s one
of those inline sixes so if say the fuel
injection system was all messed up it’s
so old the parts are worn yada yada you
could take it off and put a four-barrel
carburetor they make kits with intake
manifold so you’ve greatly simplified a
vehicle and if it’s a standard
transmission hey those things are fun to
drive and they could be fun
if you want to mess around with it as a
toy but realize you’ll be messing around
quite a bit in the car at that all
because a lot of rubber stuff is gonna be
rotting it’s gonna leak and break and
you’re gonna have to replace a lot of
stuff if you drive it any like the time
Charles hey Scotty my transmission shifts
hard any solutions Thanks you gotta have
clean fluid and if it’s got a filter
like an American car you want to change
the fluid and filter every 30,000 miles
with conventional fluid and the modern
ones you can get away with every sixty
eighty thousand miles because they used
synthetic fluid so definitely do that
and pray that that helps if that doesn’t
help get a guy like me to scan with this
high level scan tool because there can
be little codes for the transmission
that don’t turn the check engine light
on but our fancy equipment can read it
and you would pray it something like a
bad shift solenoid you still got to drop
the bottom pan out of transmission but
you can replace the shift solenoids
often they’re not all that expensive and
pray that that’s the problem I can’t I
can test them see if they’re working it
out now if it’s not that generally it
means the transmissions going out I
needs to be rebuilt but they all are
electronically controlled these days
start with filter and fluid that doesn’t
help get a guy to scan it and pray then
it’s a solenoid or something not the transmission
itself going out totally okay
what would cause an AC condenser fan to
work intermittently I’m assuming you got
two systems you got a fan for the right
here and then the AC condenser fan if it
works on and off and
the most common thing is your just low
on refrigerant because when your line
refrigerant that the compressor will
cycle on and off too many times and as
it cycles on and off that automatically
turns the AC condenser on and off now if
your AC compressor is running perfectly
fine the whole time but the fan keeps
going on and off generally that means the
fan motors just burning out replace
assembly the aftermarket ones perfect
we’re perfectly fine a cost little
enough you can easily do that or the AC
condenser fan relay could be going bad
those sounds usually 30 bucks 20 30
bucks just put another AC condenser
really on they just plug in and out pray
it’s something that easy
adam says what’s your preference and drying
your car after washing, microfiber towel
or chamois, get it out and not do any
damage don’t scratch anything
the shammies especially there’s
synthetic ones and full leather ones
will dry your car perfectly fine you got
to keep squeezing them and stuff but
they generally build up more dirt and
the purists don’t like them the problem
with a microfiber towel is you have to
have quite a few big ones to dry a car
because they’re gonna get wet fast when
you’re done you’re better off put them
in a washing machine drying them for the
next time so you gotta have all these
towels lying around most guys they just
say a chamois is good enough
now you go to the fancy car wash place
you see usually they using towels from
did you ever watch them you keep using
the same towels over and over and the
dirt that came up one car’s gonna go on
your car so it’s a real pain in the butt
but if you don’t you stop at your own
car so you want to buy enough microfiber
towels go ahead wash them after you use
them and then use them over the
next time
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty, why ya wave your arms around so much? Remind me of that one scene of that will farrel movie, where he dont know what to do with his hands ha ha ha keep up the good work!

  3. Just picked up a 2007 volvo s60 turbo assembly done in Berlin 52000 miles and got it for 4800.00 best car I've ever owned.

  4. My brother's Camry 14, 158k. Transmission went out. He is looking for used transmission because new one is 5000$ plus labor. 😒.

  5. People think Scotty will be sued by the manufacturers for making these videos but here's the thing…if he's talking from personal experience and opinion, OR if what he's saying is true, there's no case and Chrysler would be laughed right out of court.

    If he were stating it as fact instead of saying "from what I've seen…." or "from my experience…" or "it seems like…" like he does, then they could sue for slander / defamation as long as what he's saying is false.

    However, if a Chrysler transmission factually fails at 35k miles, Chrysler cannot sue him for telling the world about it as much as they may not like it being made known. What they CAN do, though, is choose to make their vehicles better to make what he's saying BECOME false. They can sue if he keeps saying these things despite quality improvements. Even then, if he uses an opinion qualifier though, then it makes the lawsuit baseless because opinion does not have to be factual as long as you make it known that its opinion.

  6. Lol it’s all these fucken car companies, dealerships, shady mechanics and gas stations that need to be sued after Scott’s videos

  7. We rooting for an honest guy like you Scotty….GOD BLESS YOU.! Those car companies are pissed with your TRUTHFUL Words because it hit them real damn hard.🙈

  8. My 1991 Buick regal limited 3800 will crank fine but will not turn over the I was driving it accelerated it and the belt broke but was still on the track and the steering wheel got hard and brakes got hard pulled over turned the car off now it will not turn back on why is it doing this

  9. You are the BEST! Thank you for you’re bravery, and hard work. And saving me, and my girls money, and precious time!!! 🙏🌈

  10. I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix Xr with 226,000miles. The person who owned it before me didn’t really take care of it. I’ve replaced the suspension, starter, battery, brakes, rotors, and a ton of other small things. Is it worth keeping? I’ve had it two years and it’s done me well but at this point is it worth putting anymore money into it?

  11. His opinion is just that HIS OPINION but it's a GOOD OPINION MAYBE EVEN GREAT in my opinion. Those that don't like what he has to say can always change the channel . I've learned so much from Scotty & I'm thankful for him, he's saved us a lot of money. Certain companies are going after him because he's helping us to help ourselves and of course let's not forget the truth sometimes hurts. Maybe they should listen to him and use it as constructive criticism ( Have to wonder if the car companies ever pondered doing the right thing may actually be very profitable for them); sales would skyrocket if they could be trusted.

    Absolutely love Scotty's videos, were all rooting for you.

  12. Got 271,000 out of my 02 1500hd. Only replaced bearings, brakes and tires and the brake booster. Put 45000 miles a yr on it. Best vehicle I ever owned.

  13. How I wash my black tundra. I never wash a car in the sun or when the car is still hot from driving around. Let it cool.
    First I power wash using the wide tip (white) then I pour my shampoo conditioner wax whatever into my bucket. This is my key part I star using a secondary sponge or rag at the bottom of the truck where most of your dirt or mud sticks from the tires. I don't want to use that same sponge to do all my truck. Then I move on to the top and work my way down.
    The end result my bucket of water and soap stays clean all the time.
    Then the last thing to wash are the wheels. And dry of course.
    That keeps my black paint scratchless.. there's alot more you can do for that but as a basic wash that's the way I do it.

  14. I've got a 2010 Sonata with 160,000 on it. So far only thing I've had go out on it was the starter. Well, that and replacing the door handles. But on my Hyundai at least replacing the door handles is a 5 minute job at most. Kias and Hyundais have gotten a lot better over the past few years, especially if you keep up on the maintenance.

  15. Create and sell a shitty vehicle and sell it for an inflated price, get shitty reviews from the most popular mechanics in the country, then sue them. Brilliant.

  16. Always respect you for your honesty Scott . I am a big fan of you ; your videos has taught me a lot. Your character is rare these days. Thanks for staying true.

  17. I have a 1998 Saturn and it has an issue with jumping when i accelerate it, it's a hard jump and i don't know what i should check for.

  18. Hey Scotty I have a 2006 rav4 and the tranny rattles between 34 till 45 miles an hour, what’s up with that. Can you help?

  19. Scotty, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge regarding cars, maintenance, tools, you run the gamut, it is a college education on cars if one takes the time to watch all the videos you have shared…

  20. Is it generally less expensive to have a mechanic replace the bearings in a A/C compressor rather than replace the entire unit? (This is for a 2010 Kia Forte) And how much should I expect to pay? THANKS!!!

  21. Use cotton towels…microfiber doesn't absorb water because it's plastic…try drying your body with a microfiber towel and see what happens lol

  22. This is a true story…. I went to auto zone to buy some windshield wipers for my truck and the guy at the counter asked me, "So is that a 2wd or a 4wd? Lmao!!!! WTF!!!

  23. Scotty , why is Honda making all it’s vehicles in Mexico and Indonesia with 20% minimal Japanese parts ? Very dissatisfied.Left dealer with no sale .

  24. Hi Scotty,

    What is the correct measure of head lamps on low and high beams? How should they be set? On my latest Toyota Corolla, the low beam is way low to hit the side view mirrors of the car ahead but so is the high beam. So flashing the car ahead with high beam doesn't seem to make any difference.

    Will you please enlighten?

  25. Scotty has me paranoid about my wife's 2012 Kia Soul (before I heard about Scotty's channel). We bought the thing 4 years ago with 140k miles on it in 2015 for $8,000. Haven't had any issues other than a bad battery that the dealer replaced when we purchased it & the catalytic converter recall issue. I was bummed after a year or so of owning it Heard a rattle when accelerating on the manual transmission. My mechanic thought it was a transmission issue & referred to a transmission shop, which i I put off doing. I just ignored it for the 3 years we were financing it. Thank goodness I did! A few months after paying it off we received a letter regarding a recall where "High exhaust gas temperatures may damage the catalytic converter, possibly resulting in abnormal engine combustion and damage to one or more of the engine's pistons and possible piston connecting rod failure." Once they replaced the thing, the rattling stopped. 4 years later we've put about 25K on the car it seems to be OK so far. Scotty, this is the only time I want you to e wrong about cars! LOL

  26. Is a 2001 Chevy Siverado a bad truck to have? I thought the Chevy trucks were supposed to be work horses. I have a 99' Chevy with 300,000 miles, a 01' with 200,000, and a 15' with 100,000. Am I just lucky?

  27. I think this is the first time I watched one of your videos at normal speed ( usually at 1.5 speed) I was quite surprised! Here I thought you were like a squirrel on crack, but now sound quite normal!

  28. I use micro fiber towels, i got way over 20 of them lol i dont mind using them. Plus i have this tube wringler i put the towels through. Idk about you but for myself, its pretty fun using it 😂

  29. Companies use the threat of lawsuits to scare people, to quite them. Scotty, don't be scared & keep proclaiming the truth. We have a right to give our opinions & the law of the land protects us to do so.

  30. My aunt had a Torus she racked up 3 million miles on the damn thing that's just the driver she is 😂😂😂😂 can keep driving a car well over the mileage life

  31. Ive owned some GM's and some Honda's. The GM's nickel and dimed me, the Honda's killed me all at once. My 98 Accord needed a new Trans. So did my 04 Acura MDX.

  32. 2003 Envoy was shifting weird, dropped pan and changed filter and fluid. Killed the tranny within a few months. Ended up spending 1400 to have it rebuilt. : Now im driving a Tacoma 🙂

  33. I saw someone flip a Kia Soul simply swerving out of the way of an ambulance coming up behind them. Lol I think they might roll easily.

  34. Hey Scotty please stop using that thumbnail for your videos unless you’re singing some texan country ballad, i TRULLY expected you to sing in this one

  35. I’ve had chevys all my life, never had a problem it’s called maintenance, any car can be good for a lifetime just keep up with it

  36. Scotty, I have a 2010 Honda CR-V. I bought it from a dealership 2 years ago at 165,000. It now has 192,000. Can I change the tranny fluid or should I leave it be?

  37. I know you ride against modern GM, what about an 86 Chevy G20 v8 5.0L class b rv/van I just bought for $2k?(all metal)

  38. I recommend using a window squeegee you can buy at Walmart for about $5 you can wipe off the ends so dirt comes off so you don't scratch your vehicle they work great takes a little time but it makes a smooth dry surface

  39. I've been watching Scotty's videos for about two years. To summarize Scotty's videos, in a short manner, if you buy a new car, buy a Honda or Toyota. If you buy a truck, buy a Ford Ranger, Ford F-150 with the standard V-8 engine, or a Toyota Tundra or a Toyota Tacoma. That pretty much sums up his thoughts, on today's vehicles. Stay away from Volkswagon, Suburu, Kia, Chrysler, Dodge, GM, Nissan, or any of the European vehicles sold in the U.S.

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