The tradition of clay modelling in car design

The tradition of clay modelling in car design

When we as clay modellers
work on the car with
our hands we also transport emotions.
My name is Damian Lottner.
I work as a professional Clay
Modeller at Ford Motor Company.
Clay modeling is really important to design
cars because all the information data
collected and produced in the
process of developing a car
comes together in a clay model
and there it becomes reality.
The first time I saw clay I really
got a connection to the material.
It felt natural.
The clay we use is industrial clay, so there’s
no water inside, the clay is really fine
and they put wax inside so
it’s soft when it’s warm.
So you have a really nice
soft flowing material.
The tools we use as clay modellers
help us to create proper surfaces.
The tapes that give us the
direction that we want to.
The knife, easy to put lines on when
the clay is too soft to put tape on.
The rake. Metal slicks.
But in the end its all
done with our hands.
Hands are the most important tools
we have as clay modellers.
To create a clay model, from my point
of view, is an interesting thing.
I start of working one surface,
connecting this surface to this
next one and so on all day long.
After a couple of hours working,
I step aside and then I see the
product that is finished after a day.
I never get tired doing this. It’s so much
fun. It’s a task, every time a new task.
You have to be patient,
work on the material, also
trust in the skills you have.
Some surfaces are difficult,
you think you’re never going to make it
but with patience it’s all good.

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  1. Good morning , awesome job ! I was yacht finisher , i moved Baden-Württemberg Germany . Do you know any company where one can start learning such job ? thank you

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