The Supercar Family: Life, Love & Very Fast Cars

The Supercar Family: Life, Love & Very Fast Cars

Listen to that.
I’m a real-life Vin Diesel.
What can I say?
It’s all about having a nice car,
showing off,
showing good people what they
can have too
if they work hard at it.
It’s mad how we’ve got a million
pounds worth of cars
and we still live in that home.
Well, you’re stuck here for the
rest of your life.
What’s on the menu?
I want him to leave the room now.
The cars are like a rich mistress
to him.
My brothers were like,
“We’ll drop you,”
and it’d be a Bentley or something,
I’d be like, “No,
I’d rather walk in the rain”.
I’m doing this because you
don’t have a wife.
Sundays are spent at home.
Have the chicken. Take the chicken.
Is it OK? It’s really nice.
Yes? Yes, really nice.
People come to me, it means that
they got a few quid to spare.
You want to stand out from
everyone else.
Yeah, show –
and flash the cash as well.
It’s all about being exclusive.
It’s like customising watches
or having your initials
on your cufflinks.
Get paid. Get laid.
Come on, boys, have a look at this.
This is what 2.3 million looks like.
On wheels.
Pagani. That’s the one.
Words, there just aren’t words
for this car.
Nice to see you, brother. Yeah
I always keep telling you,
you’ve got so many of your own cars
get the money and put the deposit,
buy a house. OK?
I was 23 when I bought my
first house.
At his age I had four kids.
“I had no life.
“I sacrificed my life for you
children.” Yes. Childrens.
Yeah. I’ve got to enjoy my life.
Have another woman, wife,
or something, you know.
Two wives. It’s not allowed
in this country, Pops.
No, you can have my other wife.
You just have one and keep three
other girlfriends.
No, no, I’m only joking, but no.
I can’t even control one wife.
You find somebody
and you get married
and then they have
hanky-panky. You know.
Hello. How are you doing,
partner? Pretty good.
I’m not really sure how many
cars Kash has.
He’s got the four
that I do now know of –
but there is other ones
that he’s had in the past,
which I thought they were
out of the picture.
ZX, we’ve got. The 33 we’ve got.
The Audi. The 35. The Bentley.
Then there’s the Countach.
Oh, yeah, Lamborghini Countach.
The cars are like a
rich mistress to him,
because, for me,
it’s like they are always there.
There are always interfering
in our life.
Kash would rather have
a car than a house.
“Me and you can live in the Bentley.
“Look how spacious it is. The
children can stay in the G-Wagen.
“All we have to do is move
the back seats
“and turn it into a playroom
“and we can make bunk beds in there
for them.” Now it’s a house.
I don’t care what happens,
I will sell every single car
that we have left if that means
I’m going to get a house.
She the boss.
Paul, this car has got to get
ready today.
It ain’t getting
fucking ready, is it?
It’s got to be ready…
I promised the fucking car
back to him tomorrow, Paul.
Un-promise him.
What do you mean?
What do you mean un-promise him?
So I’ve decided this year
I’m going to find myself a wife,
settle down, get married.
Everyone’s always –
I wouldn’t say pestering,
because they’re looking out
for my best interests,
but, yeah, they do put a bit
of pressure down
and say, “Find somebody,
settle down.”
So, on Saturday,
it’s pretty interesting,
my parents have arranged for me
to meet another family
who are also looking for a husband
for their daughter.
How do I look?
Nice, nice, very nice.
Hi. As-Salaam-Alaikum! How you
doing? I’m good, how are you?
I knew she was nervous.
She didn’t know if she wanted
to do it or not
but I was like, “You can do it.”
I’m proud of her, I am.
She’ll do good.
I want to know,
why do you wear a hijab?
For me, I think it’s definitely
a sense of empowerment.
I feel a lot more mature.
I feel like I’m more responsible.
Once you put this on then your
behaviour changes in public.
Obviously, look how I behave
when I’m at home with you and stuff.
Like, we’re cool, chilled out,
a lot more relaxed and stuff –
and then see how I switch it up
when I have to put my scarf on.
But then it’s like you have two
lives then.
One at home, one outside.
No. I’m still the same person
but it’s because…
If you went to work, there is a work
you, and there is a friends you.
The downside is that the people that
don’t wear
it or might not be Muslim,
they expect you to be a
specific way,
so if you don’t behave
in that certain way…
They judge you, kind of thing. Yeah.
So you’re very easily judged.
Yeah, watching Mari doing all of
that and all that and all of that –
it’s just, like, it’s all new to me.
Obviously she’s getting older,
so she’s, like, posing and stuff,
but seeing her do it,
it does make me a bit…a bit shy,
because I’m that… You know,
I’ve never seen her that way.
To me, she’s my little baby.
Obviously I spent time with her
a couple of times.
I’ve seen her, met her at the house.
She has come round, so…
So things like her hair,
I know my sisters have seen it.
And I’ve asked, “What’s it like?”
She’s described it to me.
You can be the prettiest person
in the world
but if you don’t have
the right characteristics
then you’re never really
going to be pretty.
Attraction, to me, is important.
As is a person’s heart and soul.
Basically, in life,
especially when you’re Asian,
it’s just you get accustomed to it.
You know that at some stage you’re
going to get married.
He’s not going into it forced or
anything. He’s met the girl.
They both really like each other.
They’ve met on a few occasions,
got to know each other,
know exactly what they are about,
but you only really get to know
someone once you get married, right?
God bless you.
I’m nervous because his whole
life I pray for him,
he’s good and comfortable.
You care too much and you don’t
let your children…
I’ve got lesson now.
..leave the nest.
And you have to let them
leave the nest.
Even though we’re at home… Yeah. have to let her be a wife.
I just always wanted to make
my parents happy. Yeah.
I need all the prayers I can get.
You are engaged with this girl…
..and what do you think about her?
Yes, she’s nice. I like her.
I’m just a bit nervous.
I’m not that far behind you.
Only about two decades.
Two decades?! 20 years behind me.
I was 21 when I got married.
When I was your age, 35,
I had three kids.
Did you plan the kids or was it…?
Don’t worry. If I’m nervous I’ll
give you the call. Yes.
“Help me. Help me, what do I do?”
See, look, my son is so poor. Look.
Can’t you find decent jeans?
These are designer, man.
And you’re wearing this in my
If somebody comes from Pakistan
they’re going to say,
“All this picture,
all this thing is just a fraud.
“You are a beggar, you are.”
What’s happening with next week?
Are you all ready?
What’s happening next week?
You’re getting married. Oh, yeah.
Everything set? Yeah, more or less.
What are you smiling for?
More or less.
Is your room clean?
No dirty boxers, shoes lying about,
socks, PlayStation?
Is your bed sheets clean?
You’re not excited.
Of course I’m excited. Marriage is a
huge thing – but of course, like…
OK. Talk and clean at the same time,
please. Are you having a laugh?
Are you taking the piss out of me?
No. I’ll do it myself.
Do it yourself. Here.
We’re just living our dream.
When the boys get together, I get
the toys out, sun’s blazing.
What’s better than getting into
town and having a blast, you know?
It’s just the sounds and
everything. Listen to that.
What can I say?
Obviously we’ve revved the cars.
It’s part showing off, but at the
same time it’s to get the crowd,
make it aware that we are here.
They love it.
They actually love it,
because this sort of stuff,
they normally only see on TV.
But we give it to them in real life.
So it’s a buzz.
It’s all about having a nice car,
showing off,
showing good people what they can
have, too, if they work hard at it.
I like the car that was like a
man’s car. I mean a really fast car.
But I wanted them to know there was
a girl behind the wheel.
So that’s why wanted to make it very
that it was a girl driving.
Girls can like cars too.
I get a lot of people approaching
me. I get asked out on dates.
But at the end of the day I don’t..
I don’t want someone liking me
for what I’m driving.
And that’s what they’re seeing.
Arif, my man. Boys.
What are you saying?
We’re having a good day today.
Did you enjoy it? Great turnout.
But you know what? I’m tired of this
now today. Thanks for coming.
Enough of the pretty boy shit,
let’s hit the town.
Pretty boy? Or hit the track,
should I say?
You’re always going to be a pretty
boy with that barnet, mate!
I’ve got a secret weapon.
I’ll challenge you.
Are we talking about log books?
Are we talking about…?
I’d go for log books.
I’m not disclosing the car.
I need to know, obviously,
what my competition is.
I’m not going to jump in the ring
with Mike Tyson, am I?
It’s going to become real. Wow.
Is that confirmation?
When my tricep’s like that,
that’s confirmation. OK.
Mine is in the making.
But I can drive.
I’m going to set it up now. What
are we racing? That’s the thing.
We don’t know.
You’re actually going to race him?
100%, we’re racing.
I’m not worried. I don’t care.
Had you told your dad yet? No, I
haven’t told anyone. Nobody knows.
It’s going to be a surprise.
So, Kash calls and he asks me
to keep this Sunday free.
Because you’re getting married.

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