The Smart Robot That’s Basically Human..?

The Smart Robot That’s Basically Human..?

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  1. I’ve always wanted this robot ever since one of my fav youtuber did a review of it like 2 years ago but it’s to expensive. Or at least I think it is the same robot

    Edit: I’m pretty sure this is an updated version or a different robot from the first one I saw because I saw it so long ago and I don’t remember anything about the dock

    Edit 2: I watched the old video about the robot and it was the robot cozmo

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  3. This guy Techsmartt is a CHEATER!! He promised us to do a video and received us $250 and then disappeared on FameBit!! Never reply back! LIAR!!!

    You have over 3M followers and why did you do this to us???!!! Bad example!! SHAME ON YOU!!!


  4. Hey T-Fam ur lil friend is so cute and cool but there is also one called Cosmo similar to Vector you should try and buy a Cosmo and let them meet each other and see what happens

  5. I asked Vector if he could drive me to the store.
    He smiled at me and said, "Okay."
    I sat on him and now, he's broken into pieces.
    Vector lied.

  6. There is a much older robot called "Cozmo". I know he doesn't have voice commands but he is still really a cool robot! He comes with 3 cubes, not one witch means he can do more activities so you should check him out if you can. Nostalgia is what you should check out first tech!!

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