The Secret to Turn Your Car into a Luxury Car

The Secret to Turn Your Car into a Luxury Car

rev up your engines, you can have a
luxury car without paying a ton of money
for it, of course all the manufacturers
put all the new accessories and fancy
technology in their luxury cars to get
you to pay more money to buy one, and
sure my wife is driving this Lexus but
then again I only paid $3,000 for it
used with 60,000 miles on it too, you’re
not gonna find something like that but
there’s a way to put all those cool new
accessories and technological gadgets on
your car turning it into a luxury car at
least inside, for a fraction of the cost
of a new luxury car, and my first example
is this lay sauce projector beam, no it’s
not a sauce to put on your filet mignon,
crazy name for a company but they
make these cool side door markers on the
inside, simply just pop out your old
marker light assembly, and plug this
projector housing in, snap it in and a
little wiggling there it goes, and then it
really cool at night like this and
here’s how cool it looks at night, out it
comes, then here’s a shot from outside
the car when the door opens, and if you
have a wicked sense of humor hey put a
Lexus or a Tesla on your Dodge Neon at
night if people don’t know cars and they
see that, you can say oh this is a
special Tesla it looks like a dodge
neon but it’s really a Tesla, I’ve driven
modern luxury cars that have
these on it and guess what, there are like
60-70,000 dollars up this little set is $14.99
for two of them, and speaking of making a
car look more luxurious, these the
original ugly headlamps that came on
this old Lexus, it’s a 2002 they were
just plain halogen pretty ugly looking,
but I swapped them out with this
beautiful angel eye set up aftermarket
bolted right in, little dark black in
them much sharper looking, you get the
modern look at a fraction of the cost, a
few hundred bucks in this case, versus
the 50 60 thousand dollar car and you
can do the same thing with any car, this
matrix it had really ugly front headlight
I put it in fancy custom ones dark
inside these babies are only like 60
bucks a piece for the whole thing, and I
put these snazzy back lights on, the
original ones Hey
they were pretty ugly, a lot snazzier
looking for 50 bucks again, now let’s see
your car doesn’t have the technology you
want, the readouts, gas mileage, water
temperature whatever, this cool little
autool device works fine, this cool little
gauge set autool works quite good and
it’s so easy to install, you just take
the business end and plug it into the
OBD port, and now it’s setting itself up,
look at all the stuff it can do, you can
make a speedometer, you can have the
distance you’re driving, a trip distance
you can have a clock, you can have your
ignition advance, oil temperature, oil
press, fuel level, engine load,
throttle position, map sensor data, fuel
pressure, voltage, everything you want, hey
for less than 40 bucks that’s pretty
you can mount it wherever you want and
let’s say I’ve even used this for
customers, I had a customer that had a
speedometer that stopped working, the
speedometer head went bad inside the
dash they would of had to replace the whole
dash it was over a thousand dollar job, but
with this gauge you got a speedometer
right here, it’s showing the water
temperature and the charging voltage, and
you can put all different configurations in
but hey for less than 40 bucks it saved
the speedometer not working it was gonna
cause them over a grand to fix correctly,
now in his case he was mad because he
couldn’t get his car inspected he had to
have a working speedometer, he did want to
spent a thousand bucks with this, hey for
40 bucks he’s got a speedometer he can
put wherever he wants, he can legally get
car inspected, and it does have an awful
lot of information real fancy cars have
but now your own car can have it just by
plugging it in and mounting it wherever
you want, so all in all it’s pretty cool,
have all
the modern convenience electronics of a
fancy luxury car, and you can just plug into
your own car, the only thing I’ve got
against this is I can’t use it on my old
Celica, because the celica is obd one
cuz it’s 1994, this only goes on the 1995
and newer obd2, that’s pretty old 1995
to the present, so it’ll fit a lot of modern
cars, let’s say you crave modern
convenience like a backup light camera, a
dashcam or collision avoidance systems,
this stream media dash camera
can fit your needs
if you want that technology but don’t
want to buy another car, you can mount it
over your rear-view mirror and you can
have it as a dash cam, you can have it as
a rearview mirror camera, it has night
vision that has pretty good night vision,
of course you can mount it wherever you
want, but if you want to use it for night
vision, now I’m getting old and I can’t
see that well at night anymore, you could
mount it right above your dash like right
here stick it up there, and then at night
hey you can see way far ahead with the
night vision, they always say well you’re
not supposed to be distracted when
you’re driving, well if you have night
vision in front of where you’re
looking, you can see an extra few hundred
yards hey that’s something, look at all
the features that it has, speed driving
mode, resolution, you can record endless
loops, you can have parking mode
sensitivities, if somebody hits your car when
parked you can film them, it goes on and on
and on, parking lines, GPS information, and
if you get the fancy version hey it even
has driving assist warning, if somebody’s
getting too close on the side or you’re
getting too close or you’re going out of
your lane, these things have a lot of
technology in it for a reasonable amount
of money too, it’s not outrageous, this
particularly one is like one hundred and
sixty dollars and there’s tons of them
out there, you want state-of-the-art
technology hey you don’t have to buy new
car, you can just buy the technology and
add it on to your car, the last bit of
technology I’m gonna talk about is
wireless charging, maybe you have a phone
that can be charged wirelessly but your
car can’t do it, well with this Robo q1
you can have a wireless charger in your car
now of course it needs a power supply, so
it’s plugged into the cigarette lighter
but you can mount this wherever you want,
like in your vent, then when you want to
charge your phone watch this, you just
stick it in, it grabs it and now it’s
charging, so your old car is now
a high-tech modern car with wireless
charging for your phone, and it’s great
for your GPS of course you know, you can
mount it wherever you want, I got it in the
vent here, it comes with all this stuff
in a kit, or you can use this other mount
got glue on it, you can stick it
wherever you want, you got a phone that
can be charged wirelessly you don’t have
to worry about carrying cords everywhere
you go, and since this is mechanic Monday
I’m gonna be giving away one of these
cool dash gauges that does all those cool
obd2 functions, to have a chance to win
place a clean non offensive comment on the
YouTube comments below, and the winner
will be chosen randomly by computer to
get a little gauge that’ll tell you more
information than you probably ever want
to know about your car while you’re
driving it, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  1. If you're going to buy the door projectors, just make sure it's for your car, like mine was for the Lexus logo, but they sell all kinds as well,

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  2. I want it! Ive been watching your videos and fixing up my cars. I love how informative you are about how to do it, and youve got a TV show like feel to it. Pick me for the giveaway btw lol

  3. For some reason I feel like theres more to a luxury car than having a shitty spedometer attached to my dash but I guess this is what luxury is really like

  4. Scotty , your a GED send buddy. You have saved me so much money with your years of experience. Take care and keep up the good work…

  5. Hello Scotty I trust you and and I love your jokes. I hope you last for many years.Thanks for the information.

  6. If I got a door projector, I'd rather have just a wide plain light to help me see the curb at night. Why have a logo at all?

  7. Scotty holds the dash mount for the charger “…it’s got glue on the bottom, you can stick it wherever you want.” And the little face pops up hahaha lost it!

  8. At the end of the day, you still own an old car with old technology. You can try and bring it up to date with all of these after market options, but fundamentally the car is old

  9. 4:31 what kind of mat does Scotty have in his wife's Lexus?? I can't find the video he did about that one!! Please someone who knows can tell me 🙏

  10. You can use a cheap android tablet in place of a radio screen and a Bluetooth obdii sensor and have a display that shows all of that at once plus GPS navigation.

  11. Thanks for all your videos scotty! I’ve been able to fix my vehicle my self and not get scammed by the garages!

  12. Wow, for someone with "50 billion years experience" repairing cars he should know the OBDII protocol wasn't standard until 1996. An OBDII style connector is there on some 95s, but it won't work with those toys because the protocol wasn't standard – it was OEM specific at that point. Only in 96 and later is it a standard connector & protocol.

  13. Thanks for the tips Mr. Kilmer. The info pod is an awesome tool. It would help in my 2005 Camry XLE. The info button on the steering wheel doesnt work with an aftermarket stereo. The adapter is hundreds of dollars.

  14. I need a gas gauge, this little gauge tells me a lot but doesn't tell me how much gas is in the tank!!!!! Thing is I have all the info it shows in my van but my gas gauge quit working. Well, I can use it in my bare bones truck, the gas gauge in it works!!!

  15. What’s that thing that displays almost most of the dash read outs? You’re moving so fast to read the box and you don’t say what it is? Like the brand name

  16. Other things you can do, replace the original stereo head with a newer one with bluetooth, GPS, ect. Also Seat covers and steering wheel covers make the car feel newer. Some seat covers even come heated and can plug in the outlet.

  17. How do they check your speedometer? I have an 85 c20 with a 4l80e tranny so the speedo doesn't work I get it a sticker every year cuz they don't test drive it so they never notice driving it into the bay at 3mph

  18. I love your videos, they are so informative and teach us mere mortals how not to be ripped off by some of the rogue traders out there.

  19. Just wondering these Gadget that can give speedometer and all the other things that I can do is that a good useful tool for just having around by the way I've been listening to you for so long I'm starting to laugh like you

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