The Secret to Turn a Normal Car into a Luxury Car

The Secret to Turn a Normal Car into a Luxury Car

rev up your engines today if you’ve got
an older car like this Camry that’s
still in good shape but you want a
backup camera I found a truly wireless
one look at this camera no wires coming
off of it you don’t have to connect it
to anything it’s an auto vox solar
wireless digital reversing system now I
tried out a bunch your backup camera
systems and I got two main problems one
if it’s wired you got to run wires
through the whole car from the back to
the front drill halt hide the wires it’s
a pain-in-the-butt bar I tried wireless
ones that you still had to put a few
wires in the back to hook it up to the
backup lights and a power system but
they didn’t work that well the signal
was kind of crappy this has no wires
it’s solar powered there’s a battery
inside and the Sun recharges it you
don’t have to connect any wires at all
watch how easy this thing is to install
take them off slide the license plate in
the frame
screw it back on it’s that simple and we
got the camera up here and the solar
charging panel down there no need to
drill holes run wires it’s that simple
which is the main reason I like the
system time we got the receiving unit
here and a plug that goes in your
cigarette lighter we’re just gonna use
that for now but if you really wanted
you could just splice this directly to
the battery with the fuse and have it
run directly off there not have to plug
it into the cigarette lighter so
just plug it into the cigarette lighter
it’s warming up and there it goes and as
you can see it’s got vivid color no
sense of wireless it is a handy switch
to turn it on it’s got the little 3m
tape on the back you just take off just
peel it off nice fun feeling these
things off
yeah I hate peeling these things off
there we go then you can stick it where
everyone I’m gonna stick it right here
cuz that’s a good place for it hello
when you’re backing up you just push the
little button on it goes in voila
there’s our backup camera pretty cool I
have to say I’ve tried out a bunch of
these things this is the easiest to
install best work II want that I’ve ever
it’s truly wireless there’s no wires going
through here the only wire that you see
your cigarette lighter and like I said
if I don’t like that you can just cut
the power wire and you can run positive
till your positive cable with a fuse and
negative to the ground you won’t even
have the wires plugged into the
cigarette lighter but really it works
perfectly fine with a cigarette later
this stuff doesn’t use much power at all
and not having to cut through the
plastic or the metal and running wires
for power the solar-powered panel that’s
a really good idea on one of these
things if it had a normal battery in it
all by itself you know it’s gonna go
dead you’d have to recharge it you’d
forget to let the Sun do your charging
here it also has a little plug on the
bottom so you can recharge it it does
the same charger as your cell phones do
but really having something this easy to
install that actually works they kind of
blew my mind a little on this one cuz
guys I have tried out all kinds of these
things and the ones with wires
everywhere they’re a gigantic mess to
play around with and the other wireless
ones that I tried yeah the picture
wasn’t that good it would black out and
stuff this thing has a solid system and
but of course if you live in a sleazy
part of town somebody’s just gonna steal
it so you’d want to get naked bolts
going in here with no heads and have
lock washers and clips on the inside
with a bolt went in so you could lock it
on the inside so they couldn’t take it
off and stealing checks it’s not it’s
kind of fast off screw on it comes then
you can just take it with you or throw
it in the glove box there nobody can see
it to steal it why would they want half
of the system would nobody good so if
you want to really have a quality backup
in your car but you don’t want to buy
another car I just wirless system it
really works quite well and you can see since it’s so easy to install you can
put it from one vehicle to another let’s
say you got an RV that you use once in a
while you just take it out of this plate
put in an RV and then use it then
because there really is an advantage in
something like this that is so simple to
install and move from one vehicle to
another yet it works great I like
helping out people who have new products and I like showing real new products to
people that work and aren’t a line of
baloney I test the stuff out first and
this one hey it meets my seal of
approval I tell you that, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  1. Sorry just found out that the solar backup camera shown in the video is currently out of stock and on back order for weeks, here's a link to the wired version they have and I'll link to the solar item when it's back in stock:

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  2. I run the car maintenance Youtube channel in Korea. I'm always learning such a great ideas on your channel. I hope we have a chance to be together. Thank you.

  3. I might by one for the front license plate of my F150 to assist with parking. The giant hood makes it hard to judge how close I am to the curb.

  4. Uh…installing a back up camera on your car doesn’t make it a luxury car. They’re required by law now anyway all new cars have them.

  5. found removing the backing off the VHT is easiest if you have a sharp knife and you can slip it between the backing and the tape and allows lifting the corner easier, but yeah the tape is strong but a pain sometimes

  6. In the state of Texas, this device is illegal because it covers part of the lettering for the license plate (both top and bottom of the plate).
    Dr. Dave Dyer

  7. Aww man, I'm getting bad vibes from that thing. Those solar things are very dependant on your sunlight conditions. Maybe it works well, but I would be kind of suspicious of it. Not like, whoops parked in the shade or had the car in the garage for a few days, and the backup cam battery died or something.

  8. I'm surprised, AudoVox is generally a crappy brand. I have a feeling Scotty hasn't used this product long enough to know the real quality of the unit. Right now that camera is running on the rechargeable battery, but how well is that solar panel that's in there? If it's not good quality solar cells, it's not going to recharge when cloudy, and in the winter. (Hopefully there is an update from Scotty 6mo.-1 yr. from now))

  9. Hi Scotty, thanks for enlightening us with your videos, just a question, is a brand new hybrid camry 2019 better than 2013-14 Lexus GS300H or Even GS450H? which one should I go for? Thanks

  10. You have to be a certain age to look at what they now call “power outlet” and call it cigarette lighter. Someone somewhere will jam a cigarette 🚬 into that hole 🕳 then look 👀 at their stoner friend and say “I have no idea how it works but Scotty Kilmer called it a cigarette 🚬 lighter at least 20 times!

  11. I already have a reverse cam (aftermarket) for my 2011 F-250, Sometimes I wish it had a front facing camera as a compact car can almost entirely hide in the front blindspot (factory suspension and basic 17” wheels).

  12. Wouldn't that system not work on cars that have the number plate light pointing down witch would then would cover the light atrackting attention to law enforcement for a possible defect on the plate not being aluminated at night? 🌃?

  13. I typically love Scotty's videos, but backup cameras haven't been an exclusive luxury car feature since about 2012. Even compact cars have them nowadays, even on the most basic trims, and yes, even those with manual transmissions.

  14. Head's up on splicing auto cameras and other accesories into 12V: My dad tried this w/ a dashcam not taking into consideration that the camera took 5V, not 12V. It fried and nearly exploded the lipo(somehow?!?!) That dash display for the backup cam appears to have a USB charger on the socket end. Might be 5V input to the display. Easy to splice in still. Dissect the plug and/or grab any old USB car phone charger and put it inbetween the 12V from an accessory line, and the display's power lead.
    Neat backup cam though. Definitely something anyone of any age and skill level can install, and is far more functional than those of years gone by.

  15. I wired my backup camera so it's on all the time because my van doesn't have back windows, it's good and works like a rear view mirror

  16. Scotty don't forget an easy way for someone to hard wire something without running to the battery or having constant power is to use a fuse tap on an accessory fuse.

  17. does scotty not know what a luxury car is? since 2018 all cars sold in the US are federally required to be equipped with back up cameras. so does that mean all new cars are luxury cars? you see for me a luxury car is a car that has lots of wood, leather, and chrome and tons of useless fancy gadgets. by your logic cars like the dodge journey, the nissan versa, the toyota yaris, and the mitsubishi mirage are all luxury cars.

  18. I'm too cheap to waste money on that. I'll just keep twisting my head when backing up. And it's also free. Plus, I don't want to make my old car look tacky. Who would steal that and in what sleazy neighborhood? Oh yes! Houston Third ward that's where!

  19. Is the camera's rechargeable battery serviceable? If so, does it use a standard or common inexpensive replacement battery? Like AA or AAA? I hate things that become obsolete just because of a non serviceable or outrageously over priced battery. Many blue tooth devices and cordless drills come to mind as an example.

  20. Meh. Just run the wires and not have to worry about the batteries eventually dying or having to press the button to turn it on.

  21. Can you do a DIY video showing how to splice wires and connect to the battery and fuse. Please reply with link if you do it! I think it'll be very useful! Thanks!

  22. Stinks that it cannot be used on big Pickups like my F250. Pickup trucks need the backup cams more than small cars too. Bummed me out.
    UPDATE: Further details say that it should be just fine for any vehicle up to 32ft in length! YESSSSS!!! The max length on my beast of a truck is 22'!
    No more taking out poles and shrubbery in parking lots. LOL! Kidding,…on the poles thing but not on the shrubbery. In parking lots I usually just park far away in a space I can drive straight out…(yet 90% of the time when I walk back to the truck someone always parks right next to me restricting my back door from allowing a full open radius to load the groceries. Yes,..this truck has the stupid mini back doors that open in the opposite direction than than the front ones. Not sure which is dumber, the door configuration or the dingbat who bought it; me.

  23. Since when does a backup camera make it a luxury car? It takes an old car and gives it a technology feature that all new cars have… was expecting interior reupholstering or something

  24. Will the range of that actually allow you to put it on an rv those are longer than cars lol and for something solar powered it would have to be pretty low powered

  25. That obstruct the view of your license plate. In many states license plate frames are outlawed and you can be stopped for them I’ve been stopped in New York.

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