The roots of Nissan’s leadership in Electric Vehicles

The roots of Nissan’s leadership in Electric Vehicles

In the post World War II era, Japan was hit hard by shortages
of oil and gasoline. Japanese automakers were pressed to find alternative energy sources
to power their vehicles. The Tama electric vehicle was developed by
the Tachikawa Aircraft Company. It was the forerunner of Prince Motors,
which eventually became part of Nissan. Inspired by their experience designing airplanes, in 1947, engineers developed the Tama prototype: a two-seater truck,
powered by a battery. The Tama was a pioneer in its time and provided a solution to
the oil shortage in Japan. Today, the electric vehicle is again
helping to address societal challenges. To mitigate the impact of cars on society such as accidents,
congestion and climate change we at Nissan are actively pursuing efforts to
reduce emissions and traffic fatalities. Electric vehicles are one solution. And while much has changed,
in design and technology, since the Tama’s debut, many of
the same features and benefits remain. The heavy battery is placed under the floor, which gives the car a low center of gravity
and stable handling. This has carried over to the new Nissan LEAF. It’s got that familiar feel
that’s unique to electric vehicles. For one thing, there’s none of the loud noise. This feeling of instant acceleration as soon as you hit the accelerator
it’s a lot like the Nissan LEAF. Our way of thinking (now)
is the same as it was back then. With 70 years of EV heritage, built on the legacy of Prince Motors, Nissan’s goal is to bring the benefits of EV
to more people in more places. The new Nissan LEAF, The icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility,
is leading the way. We want to continue to be
a leader in electric vehicles by offering our customers
a variety of EV products and services. This leadership is possible
because of our history and the Tama that started it all.

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  1. Disculpen, como puedo ponerme en contacto con ustedes ??? Tengo unos diseños de autos para Nissan que me gustaría que algún sénior design los pudiera ver !! Gracias!!

  2. aint it sad to see a company that made the widely known "godzilla" to make a tiny EV that is looks worse than FN2 civic

  3. Why do these videos never bring up the fact that this 1947 electric car was capable of a 200 km range on a single charge? Something that has hardly been beat today, which shows how suppressed the technology has been over the past 60+ years.

  4. This is history of electric vehicles of Nissan leaf, then and now, the power of further. Nissan innovation that excites, distributed by courtesy garage.

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