The Only Chevy I’d Buy

The Only Chevy I’d Buy

rev up your engines, my beautiful 1990 Chevrolet Silverado shortbed pickup now this truck
here is all original except the wheels
tires and other maintenance items but
the paint chrome and everything else is
all original the original owner bought
this truck in January of 1990 and he
passed away in 1997 and instead of
selling the truck the family just
decided to put the truck up in storage
in a climate-controlled facility and
they only took it out on nice days to
keep the battery up and the fluids
running through the system or to change
out the fluids as needed
so this truck is basically a time
capsule the truck sat in that storage
building only being driven lightly until
I bought it in 2016 and this is not my
daily driver by any means I just take it
to Classic Car Shows and pleasure
driving every now and then on nice sunny
days like we’re having today and I’m a
fanatic about the 1980s and the cool
thing about this truck is this truck was
one of the last trucks built in the
1980s build date 1289 and the inside is
just as clean as the outside all the
electronics were dashboard is absolutely
mint no cracks whatsoever carpet is
wonderful no stains no rips no tears
same with the cloth interior and this
back then the Silverado was the
top-of-the-line truck so this truck
comes with power windows and door locks and cloth door panels and a cassette
player with an equalizer and that’s the
original radio and it works perfectly
truck has only went forty two thousand
eight hundred and ninety miles and it’s
almost 30 years of existence which is
pretty unheard of and I even found a
little treasure behind the seat that
display when I go to car shows this is
the original window sticker and that’s
how much a fully loaded truck cost back
in 1990 we see we’re still that cheap
today the thing that really caught my
eye about this truck is the color
combination and I love the way they
separated the two colors with this
beautiful light blue and gray pinstripe
I just think it’s a really really sharp
looking two little truck and these
wheels are off of a 1980 model Chevrolet
truck there are 15 by 8 factory rally
wheel that’s what GM called it the tires
are a 255 70 15 it just gives the truck
a little wider stance which I like I
like the deeper rims myself but it’s
still a factory wheel so it helps keep
everything looking factory which is what
this is look I’m going for it just gives
the truck a really nice retro classic
look and it complements that classic
two-tone paint I think perfectly now
I’ll start it up let you hear it run for
a little bit radio still works
air conditioners still blow his ice-cold
well you can listen to that oh that song there came out in
the late 80s Early 90s that they
flowmaster super 10 dual exhaust I put that on there cuz I can’t stand a quite v8 I want to hear it
hope you’ll enjoy thanks for watching
well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video
highlighted here on my channel check
this out
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
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  2. That is an awesome machine. Love seeing the old Chevys kept in excellent condition. Usually they are rotted out and on their way to a junkyard!

  3. Man that ole girl looks good.😍😍😍
    My one owner 1990 has that exact same interior with the same blue as the one tone exterior. Congrats to you man. 👍👍✌✌

  4. I have a 1994 step side bed extended cab. I drive it every day to work and it has almost 200 thousand miles. I have a set of 15×8 rally wheels from an older truck to put on mine too! Something about those wheels set those trucks off.

  5. i have a 98 k1500 double cab extended bed z71, with a built sbc355 from my old circle track truck making about 590 horsepower on pump gas. no lift, 33×10.5 swampers

  6. My stepdad owned a 95 5.7l 2wd. He had it until 315k when the radiator went and he junked it. He ended up admitting it was one of the biggest vehicle regrets he had. I bought a 97 with 250k on it this weekend for a plow truck. I pray itll be 1/3 as reliable as the truck I grew up with

  7. Don’t remember the model, but I had a 94 Silverado first truck with the wood console and trim, ex cab short wife bed. Embroidered seats said heartbeat. Sold it with 350,000 miles on it. Never took care of it I was a teen that drove the crap out of it. Wish like hell I still had it.

  8. This is guy found a goldmine! This is when chevy was actually given a crap. Now GM just mass produce junk with major problems and refuses to recall the issues…power steering issues for years, intakes,transmissions, engine power loss, electrical issues just too many problems! A damn Kia is better than a GM products these days….unless you spend 70k for a Silverado or a Tahoe Smdh

  9. Got a 92 2500 full bed and all. Original parts except front suspension and alternator ha. Original 5.7 carborated. Big 24ish gallon tank, tops out at 85 but i out ran a 2018 mustang so i imagine i did 110 😁💩 Big Beautiful Chevy

  10. The 95 Chevy was under Power number 7 cylinder always blue and if you over revved it too many times trying to get out of the mud sorry I know I've owned two of them my 78 Chevy heavy half ton is 10 times the truck and that old 4 bolt Mains better than any of those targetmasters hoard of those loser vortex

  11. I daily drive a 98 OBS GMC. I keep it running top notch and it returns the favor. I can’t complain and I don’t pay car payments. Be smart, avoid car payments, enjoy the simple things.

  12. I used to have this exact same truck was excellent 350 700R 4 never had no problems with it you'll see a lot of them on the road today more than any Ford of that era these are some of the best trucks ever built built ,as good as any Toyota if not better.

  13. i have a 92 k1500 been great.. 350 700r4..going to change the rear end oil today ,,got to keep my g80 happy mine is a 8 ft bed

  14. I have a 91’ Chevy Cheyenne W/T, no luxuries at all, and it has the 262 V6, I added cams, exhaust, and carb. The trucks back then were mechanical and simple to operate. I’d rather continue to use this than have a new truck, it’s just got so much character

  15. I love my 350 vortec have over 230000 and still going! I still don’t know if they are the “best” my 5.3 vortec is a very powerful and reliable motor. Love them both

  16. Can’t beat a short bed Chevy.
    I have a 1988 C1500 with 32k miles on it.
    Crate motor and Tranny by the way not original miles.

  17. Sweet truck! I've seen this on Facebook in one of the groups for this generation pickup. I've had my 1990 black stepside since new, similar condition but about 90,000 more miles on it. Real clean and still runs strong. Great trucks!

  18. we've had chevys all our lives, all different models, years, cars trucks and vans. never had one that wasn't very reliable. we've had a few chrysler vehicles as well which were also reliable.

  19. actually the best trucks were 96 to 98 and 00 for the 3/4 ton. Had much better interior as far as seats, radio, dash layout. Better driveline with vortec 350 and 454 and overdrive transmission. Ya 6.5 diesels had issues best year was 93 for those but 89 to 94 the interiors just sucked seats were uncomfortable, 3 piece radio sucked, gauges sucked, tbi engines had no power and fuel mileaged sucked with no overdrive and paint peeled. Thats no "loaded" truck either no long bed no 4×4 no 3/4 or 1 ton no 454 so hes a pipe dreamer

  20. I own ✌🏻, extended with ls swap but Ik it not stock 😔, buut my single cab gmc is a 5.7 Vortec but man! Vortec pull hard then older 350

  21. My dad had been driving a 1990 Chevy white stepside pickup for the last 20 years a couple of months ago a guy failing to stop at a stop sign hit and totaled the old truck. It had well over 700,000 miles on it. Sometimes I suppose simple is better.

  22. Sorry bub….I had a 95 reg cab Silverado 350.  Bullet proof…..kicking myself for selling it to a coworker…who then totaled it.  I own a 99 2 door Tahoe with 260k, and a 2012 Silverado 2500 hd Duramax crew long bed with 180k.  Will never part with these.

  23. new engineers built crap in general…even over sea vehicles have lots of recalls and problems…I just fixed an a/c leak on 2000 Malibu…HI pressure service valve had a leak…fix that with a $10.00 part…vacuum and recharged the system again…almost 20 year old ac compressor…I just find out about new ac compressors…have a solenoid that controls freon pressure inside the compressors…already going bad…not lasting not even a few years…I love to kick one or more engineers in the face

  24. I got a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix with the original window sticker from the dealer And it’s been a beaten daily driver and is still being daily driven with 260k miles and running great. It’s weird to think a pickup truck 4 years older than my car is being taken to car shows haha

  25. Gorgeous truck man I do remember when they first came out ….my friends all bought them , one bought a 454SS Black with red velour and the other bought the SportSide ….they are amazingly gorgeous

  26. Curious if anybody knows, but how do trucks that have this awesome 2 tone paint show up on a registration in terms of color? Thx y’all

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