The Only BMW I’d Buy

The Only BMW I’d Buy

rev up your engines
okay here’s one for
you I’m gonna talk about the best BMWs
I’ve ever made
yeah Scotty who always says don’t buy
BMW well they used to make great cars if
you didn’t mind the price relatively
speaking sure there used to be a lot
cheaper than they are today but in
comparison what the average car cost
they were always expensive cars now BMWs
kind of like Honda they’re really known
for their engines originally the only
made engines they made aircraft engines
in World War one and they got a lot of
power and good fuel economy the German
military loved them but after the war
they weren’t allowed to make aircraft
engine so he had all kinds of crazy
stuff and then they decided in 1923 that
they were gonna make motorcycles so you
can see my Honda analogy here fits
perfectly they made great
motorcycles BMW after all motorcycle is
just a motor in wheels the most
important single thing is the engine and
then in 1928 BMW finally started producing
now the first BMW that I’m gonna talk
about is being a great car is the
2002tii now the name might fool you the
2002 is a model and the tii meant that
it was fuel-injected which was a rarity
back in the day the 2002tii was produced
from 1972 to 1974 really quick little
sports car back in those days getting a
hundred and thirty horsepower on a two
liter a little bitty four-cylinder
engine was a real achievement it was
really the beginning of luxury sports
sedans of which today there’s a zillion
of them out there people either thought
of you had a sports car or you had a
luxury car but you don’t have anything
in between now today the 2002tii are
collectors items I got a customer that
has one it’s his baby you know he takes
it on Sundays if it’s not rain and they
were an excellently built car that can
stand the test of time I’m sure there
were a little boxy looking but I’m
talking about great cars of how they
drive how long they last how they run
and in that respect these were great
cars now the next great car BMW made was
the e30 m3 from 1987 to
1994 European Tour championships this
car won over a thousand victories I’m
making this up over a thousand it went
on dirt races and won on paved races so
it was a serious racing vehicle that you
could drive on the street people little
bought these they wanted the real thing
they wanted a real racing car they
didn’t want to buy something that looked
like the racing car with the body they
wonder won that the whole thing the
suspension the engine and they were and
that’s why they have such a high value
of these days you can’t pick these
things up cheap but they were really
well built vehicles no3 another pick a
mine of a great BMW car was the 633 CSI
some people may not like to spec but too
bad I had customer with them they were
excellent cars they started making them
in 1976 and originally the bodies were
made by Carmen it was a German company
most people heard of the Karmann Ghia
that Volkswagen that was also a Carmen
design company went bankrupt in 2010
eventually but they were under making
stylish cars and the 633 CSI they were
so into the style that they only made
him in two doors they didn’t bother
making big four-door ones that kept them
sporty with just two doors and they were
fun cars to drive they had plenty of zip
especially with the standard
transmission and although they weren’t
the full racing version sunny em 30s
they were an excellent forty two-door
car for driving around and they didn’t
break down those straight six-cylinder
engines they were just impeccable now
originally they had carburetors on them
but of course none went fuel-injected
motor sports cars back in those days
they rode like crap they fell apart
these things were solid they road like
a dream they were zippy but they were
really comfortable at the same time to
me the 633 csi is a sleeper BMW they
made them for years and years and years
they didn’t sell zillions of them they
were an excellent sports car for people
to drive around a lot of businessmen
here in Houston had them, the ones that were
serious about driving they drove those
things around now the next BMW that was a
great car was the 733i and it was great
as a luxury
now they weren’t race cars by any
stretch of the imagination but there
were very luxurious had plenty of power
and we’re very comfortable they have
plenty enough power to get around they
handled like a dream but they had a very
luxurious ride and interior and of
course the earlier they are far as I’m
concerned the better they are because
they didn’t have all the plastic wrap
that modern BMWs have that break down
all the time I had a customer with one it
350,000 miles on original engine
original transmission that thing just
purred a long you will never get that
out of a modern BMW all that plastic
junk that will start breaking the electronics
will start breaking down every time I
get a customer who was thinking of
buying a used BMW brings it over here
for me to check out and I hook up my
giant five thousand dollar scan tool
I’ll find anywhere from 17 to 67
different things wrong with the car when
it scans all the electronics because
stuff just falls apart on them as they
age high-tech electronics using plastic
sensors plastic intake manifolds they
just have problems as they age I guess
even the Bluejays agree with me on that one
the last great BMW I’ll talk about is a
1991 BMW 85i I’m putting this one in
because it had a real powerful v12
engine in it it was a 5 liter v12 you
took Ford they got 5 litre v8 so while
this is a 5 liter v12 so the Pistons
don’t have to move as much they have
less stress than if they’d been a v8
engine of the same size they were smooth
they were powerful if you would compare
their handling back in a day to other
cars that were around you’d be amazed at
the difference that there is a
difference between the rolls-royce the
v12 and a purely BMW v12 engine I to
customer wants and they were going to
put another engine into their
rolls-royce they bought an engine that a
guy said oh yeah that’s a rolls-royce
engine well they found out that it was
actually a BMW engine it was not the BMW
style engine that rolls-royce had
modified and they ended up going to
court and they won because they proved
that the guy said it was
a rolls-royce engine that they had sold
them for his rolls-royce but it was
really the BMW engine and even though
they’re similar engines they’re not
exactly the same finiman you could make
them work but the guy who rolls-royce
she wanted to keep it original but the
very fact that rolls-royce who are known
for engines they made the engines for
the Spitfires after all and they make
all kinds of jatin turbo engines for
airplanes fact that they were using the
BMW base design in the car shows you
that BMW makes pretty good v12 engines
this v12 stuff
it’s all gonna kind of fade away to the
distance because they kept putting in
more cylinders to get more power and
smoothness but today you can get a
four-cylinder engine that puts out more
horsepower than that 91 v12 did but if
you collect cars you want to buy one
sure go right ahead but it’s not
something you’re gonna buy and use for a
daily driver
now you know some BMWs that I think
we’re great cars and if you notice they
were all older ones I’m not including
any of the newer ones but yes they still
make very good engines they started out
making aircraft engines of World War two
it’s just that the rest of the cars
there’s too much computer plastic
planned obsolescence built into them for
me to advise anybody to buy one in a
long run if you absolutely positively
have to have a BMW do like most of the
Canadians do, most of the BMWs Canada
are leased they just leased them and then
they get rid of them when a lease is up
so if you really got to get a
modern-day BMW and you like the driving, lease
don’t buy it, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I had a 1990 325i E30 station wagon, bought it used from a car auction outside Tokyo back in 2003 and it was in a great shape, shipped it to Iraq, I learned driving in that car, it was crazy fast and handles like a champ and crazy reliable and over engineered. A car that can survive the heat and bad fuel in Iraq is a great car…

  3. My wife has a 2013 328 x-drive. She bought it with about 10k miles on it. She currently has about 90k miles on it. So far so good. BUT, I will say that she doesn’t drive it like she stole it either. She’s very easy on her cars. We will probably get rid of it when it gets closer to 150k miles.

  4. dunks. Scotty's arms moving all over the place , he could get a second job as a person who stands on the street corner as a sign flipper .

  5. You're right Scotty. My BMWs perform great until a plastic part cracks. Or the seals start leaking and you have to take the whole engine apart to replace $25 rubber seals. The engines, Trans are great until you attach the plastic parts to them.

  6. It's very unfortunate that Americans have more problems with BMW's, maybe it's to do with the hot weather. Here in europe BMW's are really common, i have a 2002 3-series and the engine is still going strong at 175k miles (284k km) and BMW diesel engines are also very strong, too bad there aren't many in the US.

  7. I love my E92. It’s borderline between the new plastic ones and the older ones. Last BMW to have the old 6 speed tranny and hydraulic steering. It did have a crap plastic charge pipe which obviously had to go as they were weak. The water pumps are also crap. I’ve owned other BMWs and every single one of them had a failed water pump before 100,000. Other than that I have no reliability issues. I would still take an E30 any day but they’re hard to find and/or expensive.

  8. when auto manufacturers started putting computers in vehicles… towing company's and auto repair shops became more than lucrative. hey Scotty

  9. I just wanted to comment on the video to say thank you so much for your advice. I was having problems with my car and the first car repair place quoted me $3000. Then I remembered you advice about how to check error codes and took it to another place that showed me how to fix the issue myself for about $20.

  10. I wonder if the BMW executives are listening to Scotty and considering not ever using plastic parts like a bunch of chuckleheads that they are

  11. Why does BMW call them motors when that term relates to an electrical system, engines relate to internal combustion, they need to change their name to BEW.

  12. Though they have the same name and logo, RR automotive has been separate from the aircraft engine company for many years. I doubt that they share any tech. at all. Packard and Ford made the majority of the RR Spitfire engines after RR provided improved blueprints with much tighter tolerances. Packard made several improvements to the engine. I don't know whether Ford did, too.

  13. I love my mint 2000 Z3 roadster 2.8 with 150k very reliable and fun miles on it. Owned it for 15 years. Was driven 80 miles a day through rush hour traffic for several years. Now it's my weekend toy.

  14. Scotty, I challenge you to say, "manual transmission," without waving your right arm around like you're shifting. I really don't think you can do it!

  15. Scotty, any E30 is a pretty great car. The 325i isn't as special as the M3 but was great to drive and extremely durable. I'd like another, having sold mine with 365k miles on it. It was also much more resistant to rust than the 2002. The M3 was a high-strung four-cylinder.

  16. I've got a 2004 525i E60 and its still a modern and reliable luxury car-for me the E60 and E63 is one of the best BMW ever build.

  17. Here’s a story Scotty
    I was driving from San Diego to L.A. late one Saturday night in my 72 Camero RS cruising at 80 mph when this BMW 633 csi rolled up on me and the guy looked at my car….smiles tipped his hat then sped off like I was standing still! I still have a love affair with that car. Thanks for the memory🙏🏼😆🙏🏼

  18. 2009-2011 335D (diesel) are reliable, powerful, and fuel efficient cars when you scrap the problematic emissions system and tune the ECU.

  19. That is good advice he's really right never buy a BMW brand new or used always lease them they are not dependable lot of stuff breaks down in those cars and it cost a fortune to fix them. That's why they depreciate like you would not believe.

  20. Scotty, the 850i i think is a bit worse with its automatic transmission, i think that 850csi with 6 speed manual would be better choice, dont you Scotty?

  21. My 435 convertible gets 30 mpg, goes 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, has a 5 year warranty where I don't even pay for oil changes, an unbelievable sound system, and will out perform any of those rice burners.

  22. The teardown of the B58 engine used in the new Supra shows how good of an engine manufacturer BMW is. They've had some stinkers but the B58 has a lot of little things in it that show a lot of thought was put into it to keep it durable. I recommend the teardown video of it.
    Of course it's BMW so they put certain things in spots that'll make certain repairs much harder than they need to be, but hey, that's BMW. It's to be expected.

  23. My E39 Bimmer was great to drive…right to my mechanics shop. Like clockwork every 3 months, horrible plastic engine components and trim pieces. Great engine and ride.

  24. I worked in the parts department for Bellevue BMW, in Bellevue, WA, in '93-'94. Talk about overpriced. It was crazy how much the mark up was, and how flimsy the parts were. We also sold VWs and Subaru. The Subarus were the only ones not to break down without spending a great deal of time on "preventive" maintenance.
    I did get to drive some 830s and 834s. Those were nice.
    In addition, we were able to go out to Seattle International Raceway, in order to ride with professional drivers, so that salesmen could see how each series operated. It was no surprise that the higher the series, the better the performance. The drivers never said any disparaging remarks, but watching their faces around turns was enough. They didn't like any of the vehicles.

  25. 5:38 "I'm putting this one in BECAUSE it had a real powerfull engine in it…"
    Never expected this combination of words coming out of Scottys mouth… ;D

  26. Every car gets old and jacked up. If you know how to work on cars better get something you like. Parts for most cars are actually similar. The only thing bad about old german cars is the electronics, they have more electronics that can break. Costs more because its extra parts compared to other cars and needs more skill to work on.

  27. My 87 year old grandmother just had to pay $4000 to replace a shift sensor in her E class Merc on the tail end of a $1,500 Bluetec Urea Heater. And she’s at 70k mi. Just endless money pits. And not to mention the $1,200 “tune ups” the stealership gets her to buy into. Just endless money pits. That explains why I’m a Lexus guy 😜😂😂. Don’t repeat your parents’ mistakes!!!

  28. Got my 99 e46 at 212k miles, it needed a coolant expansion tank, 2 coolant hoses, valve cover gasket, plugs/ coil packs, and I just did the brakes all the calipers still worked

  29. Hey Scotty, my 2005 Nissan Altima sometimes “shakes” while I’m at a drive thru or at a red light, what would be the problem?

  30. Great points here. The last well made BMWs are the following.All up to about 98.

    E36 3 series
    E39 5 series pre face-lift m52 non vanos m62
    E38 7 non vanos m62 and m52
    Z3 m52 single vanos

    After these you need to be a mechanic to keep one running.

  31. All modern cars are ticking time bombs just sitting waiting to empty your wallet. I just buy second hand, cheap and disposable, something thats not going to ruin me if it goes seriously wrong, just dispose and move on to the next one.

  32. BMW 850i. I owned one. Excellent suspension. Designed to go high speed over long distance on a flat highway. Felt like riding on air. Not a 0-60 kind of car, but a cruiser. $1500 for a new strut/shock assembly in nineties dollars. The most expensive BMW to repair. Many mechanics could not make heads or tails on how to properly fix the motor and deal with the 12 on-board computers. The coolant system had problems and there was a component that was very cheap and wore out, which resulted in coolant leakage, engine overheats and head gaskets blown. Under the hood, the plastic coolant well had a place on its cap for a low-coolant sensor to be installed that would warn the driver when coolant was low, but no sensor was installed on their 850i supercar even though there was a place on the cap for one to be installed. All other BMW models at the time had this very inexpensive coolant sensor installed, which means if the 850i leaked coolant you would not know about it until it was too late and the engine was ruined. The leather interior was nice, but a bit thin and not so robust on the seats and could dry and crack rather easily. Sunroof could be problematic, as most sunroofs can be problematic. Also had a weak adhesive and a thin headliner material resulting in easy detachment. Many of the knobs, switches and controls were cheap, rigid plastic which could easily crack, snap or break with age. The decorative "chrome" color coated plastic trim pieces on the outside of the car were cheap and prone to chipping or pealing off. The amber-colored LED computer display had lights that were prone to burning out and then you could not always read the computer display. Power window motor may also fail prematurely. Other than that, the car was a pleasure to drive. It was the body style and lines of the car that got all the appeal especially with the ground effects. I only liked the look of the car in the color black and possibly the green. Always got looks and comments from people and scored me plenty of poontang back in my prime. There was a later V-8 version of the car with a Ford engine, I believe, which was known to be more reliable than the V-12.

  33. What hurts the German cars is the use of cheap plastics for everything under the hood and too much micro managing of the electronics.. They have a sensor for EVERYTHING on the car.

  34. Scotty tells us what he considers the best BMW models but his thumbnail shows him pointing to a BMW E46 M3 (2000-2006) which he never mentions as a favorite. Not sure if he is trolling BMW fans or just a bit confused on BMW models.

  35. 1986 bmw 528e treated me extremely well! I don't remember what broke down on it, but it cost me under $100. LOVED the large, spacious engine bay easy to get to everything. And the ride, omg like a boat. So much room in the cabin, front and back seat. I wouldn't mind owning it again if I could find one in descent shape.

  36. Thanks to Scotty, I found 2 '94 Celicas in my area and got unreasonably excited as if I just found out I had a rich uncle that just died and left me an inheritance!

  37. Luxury automakers such as BMW & Mercedes-Benz cover their engines with plastic. The Germans make their cars hard to work on

  38. Honestly any 90s or early 2000’s bmw I’d buy. The e39, the e46, e38. Their just so timeless and classy, Inside, outside

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