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  1. AI, robotics bionics, space exploration are most on the list of things I wanna see on full potential and it sikins me to think I'll naver see
    A world were the line between tech and humans sees to exist to work toward even more greatness not even my brain is able to comprehend

    AI and the human brain combined with unlimited resources just imagin that

  2. Why WOULD you need this robots for pointless waist of money when people in America are
    homeless and have no heath insurance wake up ,,

  3. The Avatar Robot was amazing. The technology is advancing so rapidly it is mind boggling. So realistic looking that sometime in the near future, you are dating an attractive woman and all seems normal and well. Then one day she lifts the front end of the car single handed so you can replace a flat tire. Yikes 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. The algorithm for deep learning and response need to be triggered as human response is. I suggest the responses be selected via emotion simulated by heat sensors. Level of heat generated before the sensors reading should be programmed to the volume/speed in a person's voice (input from human).
    Example: (happy response) Lower volume/high speed=89 degrees heat applied to sensors =similar but personal response (output from AI)

  5. SEARCH videos with words 'WHEN CLONES MALFUNCTION' you will see AI, and the claim that the abnormalities with H. Clinton are due to her being AI and clone, and that the science or technology is much more advanced than these videos suggest.

  6. Two things fascinates me about future technology: Androids (and robots in general) and space exploration (ships, travel between stars, possibility of find life out there and etc).

    I'll probably not live enough to witness when mankind starts to conquer space ant travel between worlds, but maybe I can witness the dawn of the human like androids and robots been part of the everyday life of the people.

  7. Once again, fail. They look nothing like humans. The eyes are dead fish eyes and they move too slow. These are easy fixes. If the Disney world staff can do it with their animatronics, so can these people.

  8. Audrey Hepburn??! Uh..no. Sure there's massive amount of work that goes into these bots, but…really? We already have people. More than enough, actually, and more on the way. So, let's start making expensive fake people? I'm sure there are reasons to make a few here and there for really special, but occasional projects, but…rather put all the effort into actual people. There are real problems with living organisms. All this strikes me a "playing around"- (and it's taken soooo seriously. )

  9. I'll give it to the Avatar bot-oid. They've solved the problems with the "easings" and stuttery tendencies. And those hard stops. Good for theme park, and impressive. Is this what all this work is mainly aimed at? Or for companionship? What, really is this all about. Deep-sea (etc)/dangerous mission robots don't need this fluidity, do they? Who are we trying to fool? to imitate? VR/AR show the greater potential than all this mechanical development, in terms of companionship, entertainment etc. Who (other than corporate heads) wants to put workers out of work right now as the population continues to epand. Do we really want to see people replaced by machines? Just asking. Comments and opinions will be helpful. It would be great to see a really major list of all the good/no-other-solution reasons for building humanoid robots (especially as opposed to improving the lives of living creatures). I'm all ears (uh, not an appealing image! ;-7

  10. Aha!! So Sophia is not that autonomous and therefore not scary. I feel reassured…until I remember that the secret advances in this area are 50 years ahead of what we are told about now.
    Is there already a ghost in the machine?

  11. There can be alot of bad and good that could arise from robots. When they come, I definitely think they're will need to be regulated in some way, because in the end it's still technology and if someone bad who knows their way around gets control of said fully functioning robot we could have a situation straight out of a movie. So with that being said I still can't wait because there's plenty of good that can be done with it as well.

  12. As a huge fan of Avatar the robotic Tsahik (who looks a lot like Mo'at) is definitely my favorite by a long shot, and I'm desperately waiting for the sequels to come out and hoping that James Cameron won't allow Disney to fuck them up too!

  13. I've never understood why the majority are so enthralled with humanoid robots, as example:"Sophia". Feeding a script to a TTS (text to speech) generator, has been around for quite some time now (speech-synthesis-1950), now found in most all personal systems of our current time. "Speech to text" wasn't far behind, only a year or two but now, common as well. Having this ability, it was only time and evolution for creating interactions to our physical world via programing languages, algorithms, etc…, using the digital power of "yes" and "no" for switching a binary result of two absolutes, but what about the "maybe"? On a human level, I'll call it the "making an intelligent guess" factor. The one thing, I believe, has most socialites running scared for their positions. Along with the paranoia and those that just wish to pull themselves into the lime-light by intense rejection. You know the type, Flat-Earthers?

    Quantum programing has taken center stage for handling input AND output for all three levels of logic. The yes, no and maybe. It is progressing and will, like everything, evolve. 

    Back to animatronics, I am so happy that Mr. Altraide has made this comparison with Disney. This company has been doing this for decades with much more fluidity. For myself, it hurts to watch others try to do which has already been done years before. Please understand, I'm not poking fun at them, I commend their attempt. I just don't understand why they have to struggle when its already there. Maybe companies like Disney needs to open source their tech to the world? LOL, like that would ever happen… Maybe I've hit a soft spot, when technology has already been developed that can be used in a progressive manor to benefit others, seems like it's always held at arms length away by the profiteers. If that's the case, at least put a price tag on it, don't simply horde it…

    Guess they need even more…

  14. The only negative of having robots is having them retaliate and try to take over. Thats why im gonna be as nice as possible to them if they become real

  15. Well people are always looking for mr. perfect or mrs. perfect fulfill jobs, they need them really badly the public at Large so very undecided computers are taking over jobs anyways you better come up with a solution but that being said, I think it's great.

  16. Eventually humans will become obsolete, cause self learning AI wil result in technology doing everything better than a human ever could. Just a matter of time. There are people also working hard on Creative en Emotional AI. Algoritms will take over the world. And at some point technology will see humans as a problem that needs to be eliminated.

  17. Animatronics with fluid motion like 7:23 have been around for long. There should be more those people capable of building and animating these in robotics. You may say that the smoothness of motion is purely cosmetic, but I think smooth motions would also be more energy efficient.

  18. i thought sophia was the no. 1 but that shaman deserved to be at the top. her movement and speech are far more realistic than the others

  19. I’m quite scared right now. I know that robots and AI can be very friendly and kind, but it just scares me that robots are evolving this fast.

  20. I like the fact that android makers are hiring dollmakers to fashion the realism. I've admired the work of Michael Zajkov for years, artists working along the same lines, like Noel Cruz, are key in this endeavor.The Disney crew being at the forefront of animatronics isn't surprising at all. They've been at it for what, 50+ years now? The trick is to meld the intelligence and the animatronics. "Learning" conversations and their context will be hard. Saying words totally opposite of a facial expression, will that stump an android? A typical android would just interpret the words but Sophia and Erica, for example, use facial recognition and vocal tone interpretation so the ladies might be confused by an angry face saying "I love you" and vice versa. Public interaction where people's opinions are spoken as truth going to iCloud as a mass knowledge base for active androids could be a problem, too. Two opposites both known as fact. Oh what is an android to do?

  21. Awesome 👍 and yet freaky 😈. The Disney Avitar robot is simply amazing!!! And your right, the possibility for amputees in the future. This technology could be an absolutely life changing event. Those confined to a wheelchair, may not be someday. The Skynets the limit. (I don't understand 600 thumbs down. Probably Trump fans) great video, thanks!

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