The Most Dangerous Car in America and Why

The Most Dangerous Car in America and Why

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about the 5 most dangerous
cars in america and why you might reconsider
your purchase if you’re thinking about getting
one, now since the 1970’s in the US car crash
fatalities as been on the decrease, but that
all changed in 2015, motor car deaths increased
7% over the same time in 2014, take last year
2018 a little over 40,000 people died in the
US in car crashes, that’s about 30 deaths
per million registered cars, so when you look
at it overall it’s a small fraction, but let’s
face it you don’t want to be one of those
30 people so what causes deaths in cars, well
size does to one extent, smaller cars have
less energy, so if you’re in a small car and
you get hit by a big ford f350 truck odds
are you’re going to be crush in pushed around,
but not all the smallest cars are the most
unsafe, take the small smart car it was actually
in the highest rating, it has a steel shell
inside and of course it can’t go all that
fast in the first place but that’s why they
still have good crash rating cuz their structurally
sound inside, and take a modern day mini cooper,
they’ve got automatic roll bars in them, when
the computer senses the car is going to tip
over it pops up a roll bar so the roof isn’t
crushed in and it bounces around, there’s
a lot of technology in these things so the
really smallest cars aren’t always the least
safe, it depends on how their built, so you
don’t want to buy a small car that’s poorly
made, so the first car I’m talking about 2012-2017
hyundai accent, accent sedan death rate is
the highest among cars that they kept record
for, 104 deaths per million registered vehicles,
now the next car that’s dangerous is the kia
rio sedan, in 2017 it was 102 deaths per million
registered so it’s really close to the previous
car and actually in 2015 the kia rio sedan
topped the list with 149 deaths per million
registered, now of course they have air bags
and all that kind of stuff on them but they
are poorly built vehicles, go to a car rental
place drive it around then get in something
like a toyota camry or a ford focus they rent
a lot of those, and you’ll find they sound
better when you close the doors, their just
a more solid build vehicle, where the kia
and hyundai basically the same company now
anyways, they have a tendency of making poor
cars, now the next car in the 5 deadliest
cars might surprise you it’s the scion tc
2011-2014, although they did well in the crash
tests that the government does, the scion
tc has 101 deaths per million registered vehicles,
it makes the only non mini car that’s on the
top 5 list, all the other ones are mini cars,
but of these deaths most were single drivers,
no one else was in the car, and 46% of those
were from roll overs, so scotty’s thinking
kids are driving too fast and out of control
and they roll over and they got killed, but
you can’t get over the fact that 101 deaths
per million registrations is there for these
cars, so their not that safe from their record
alone, now the next of the 5 dangerous cars,
is the 2012-2018 nissan versa another micro
car, now if you’ve ever driven a versa you
know their pretty poorly built cars, and me
I wouldn’t care if they were safe and didn’t
have any, their horrible ugly lightweight
little cars, their engines blow head gaskets,
their automatic transmission are garbage,
I wouldn’t buy one anyways, now the 5th are
on the list is the 2011-2014 ford fiesta sedan,
they had 83 deaths per million registered
vehicles and they also had an airbag overlap
problem where you could have your head or
hip damaged because it wasn’t designed right,
and the feds rated it as marginal in safety,
I had customers with them some of them liked
them in the beginning but in the end they
ended up hating them because they fell apart,
the engines blew head gaskets, transmission
went out, so I wouldn’t buy a fiesta anyways
but just because of it’s size and the airbags
weren’t designed right it’s not a safe car
to buy, I’m going to give you a bonus 6th
one not to buy, and that’s the 2010-2013 kia
soul, they were given a poor rating by the
feds in the crash tests, now beauty is in
the eye of the beholder personally I find
the souls to be one of the ugliest vehicles
ever made, but some kids like them, they were
cool ads they were catchy but they put a lot
of money into pumping those sales out and
they weren’t very safe cars, so now you know
the 5 most dangerous cars in america and why
you should buy them and I’m heading in the
house cuz there’s a storm brewing, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that bell

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  2. It's just sad with auto makers now a days making things so cheap now that's there actually unsafe

  3. Sir from India o e question….
    Most individuals in India feel that ford has a good built quality and consider ford and German cars as safe n tough built…..
    This is regarding cars owned by common man…
    Especially the hatchback and sedan cars…
    I'm not talking about high end cars or SUVs which are obviously a separate topic of discussion..

    Is that the same scenario in America another countries

  4. I feel like cars themselves can’t be used as a death rate since most of these cars are cheap so a lot of people own them. And when a lot of people own a vehicle, the death rate goes up since there’s so much of that vehicle. That’s why you can’t do this type of comparison.. but it’s just my opinion.

  5. Basically stay away from Korean cars, but stay close to Korean pop. Start with Big Bang or even Super Junior.

  6. I used to drive my 88 CRX HF pushing 135HP on 1900 pounds as much as I loved it. It scared the crap out of me. Its an over powered go kart.
    Still safer than a Kia hahahhahaha.

  7. I always said that I didn’t like any of those cars bc they “felt” like tuna fish cans to me, like my first car 1981 corolla. I’m no car expert, it’s just my intuition. I hate all those little cars and nissans to me, no matter the size “feel” like tuna cans.

  8. the hell? screw that my 2017 accent is a good car it runs well and saves me a lot on gas…i know how to drive -.-

  9. I have millions of miles under my belt (OTR Truck Driver) and I couldn't drive a Scion safely…A lot of blind spots…

  10. Do your best to go for vehicles that not only have good safety ratings but also safety technologies. Minimally Electronic Stability Control.

  11. Scotty, what does "per millions registered" stand for? Is it per million registered cars irrelevant to the brand/model, or per million registered car of the type spoken about?

    To make myself real clear: Per million registered Hyundai's or Per million registered cars in year.

  12. I'm driving the Nissan Versa but I have never had problems with it besides having to replace wheel bearings. I'm a decent driver but I don't plan on having it in 2, 3 years May be. It just gets me where I want to go.

  13. Lot of people buy those models I guess, but there's nothing on that list that I would ever consider buying in the first place.

  14. My son had a Hyundai Sonata. Engine locked up. Hyundai put a brand new engine in it due to recall. 5 months later, a lady hit him. Not even that hard. Car totaled! The fender that was crushed and came off weighed nothing! Can't believe how badly that car got crumpled!

  15. Scotty – Couldn't agree you more about kia and hyundai. They are horrible to drive, I have the i40 here in the UK and its been the most unreliable car I've ever had. What annoys me most is hyundai get such a good reputation from jd and the likes and the vw group a bad one, when it's the other way round. I'm a taxi driver and regularly see vw, skoda hit 400k no problems. I've yet to see a hyundai make 200k

  16. Hey Scotty,,,,i have an 2012 ford taurus limited with over 100.000.00 miles on it, i have been running synth. oil in it and have it done at a national quick oil change chain,,,am i spending to much money on the synth and should i just run what is recommended oil for the car,,,btw,,,i am religious about changing the oil and always have things topped off at that oil change place,,,,advice please…..

  17. While Hyundais and KIAs are cheaply made they are also bought by kids and lower income people groups more likely to drive unsafely.

  18. When you do a good job marketting a car towards young people you’ll notice that more people die in your car

  19. My 2017 sonata is fine. And when you need the warranty. It cant be beat. I love Toyota but they're overpriced, terrible warranty.

  20. Statistics can lie and liers can quote statistics.
    The Hyundai and Kia stats are high regarding deaths because of how & who drives them.
    The deaths are mostly due to speed, poor driving, and alcohol consumption, and due the low cost of these cars (both new & used), these are favourite cars among the young set…teenagers and 20 year olds. The cars are cheap, sporty looking, and driven like sport cars, hence the likelyhood of being in an accident and being crushed by a big, heavy SUV. If you want to protect your children…buy them trucks or vans as their first car…much safer and they just might survive an accident and drive more safely.
    Scotty didn't mention this but the Honda Civic also falls into this category… too small, too sporty and driven too fast by teenagers.

  21. A friend of mine is a very high paid attorney who specializes in automobile accident deaths. He's won hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients and knows everything about every possible statistic and how almost every car on the road is rated and built. We were talking about this very thing while I was down mediating a case in Austin Tx last week. He's basically "seen it all" and when I asked based on the accidents he's seen/studied what he considers a very safe car, he simply said "I've bought every one of my 4 children a Subaru Outback or Forester when they got their license"…'nuff said.

    Basically the Subies are built with an integral roll cage frame. If you look at them you'll notice the lack of a door frame. The window is "free". That's because in other cars, the door frame IS a part of the structure whereas the Subaru's are basically a "box" which needs no added structure on the door for strength. When you get into certain aspect accidents and the door is compromised…the entirety of the passenger compartment is greatly weakened. Not so in the Subaru's.

  22. Any car is dangerous to be in when 1/2 of the vehicles in your area weigh 5500 LBS and are higher off the ground than you.

  23. Me. Scotty , those cars are resident cars. You will respect higher death rates due to most of people own them. Sure Corolla and Yaris are resident cars but, their prices are not attractive

  24. According to this guy, we should take bus. I was watching videos to buy a car, but because of him I better walk or take a bus.

  25. omg god all the cars on this list is exactly what i was looking at buying for university. thanx scott for being honest. my first car i brought when i started university was a Nissan altima. and of course the transmission failed. wish i saw these videos before.looking into a toyota or honda for my next purchase

  26. BMW is probably the safest car in the United States of America. It has impressive safety features that keeps it parked safely in a mechanic's bay, in front of your house, behind a tow truck, or on the side of the road. This keeps the BMWs away from hazardous traffic conditions, crowded roads, aggressive drivers, long distance trips and beautiful days with perfect road conditions. If safety is a priority above all for your car, drive BMW. Well, drive BMW when you can.

  27. Korean cars are cheap and ugly. People only buy them because they are cheaper than Toyota and Honda. The poor mans car.

  28. A little hyundai killed a friend of mine. They hit a tree a small tree about 1.5ft diameter. He was ejected out the rear passenger side window and died on impact. I cant remember the model. It was popular. It was a hatchback i believe with a huge rear side window. If you drive this car get rid of it asap.

  29. I rented a car last year, and they gave me a Nissan Versa coupe. It was SOOOOO uncomfortable. I had a pinched neck for days after driving it for a total of about 6 hours (round trip drive, 3 hours each way). It also had no "go" at all. Then again, I'm used to my 8 cylinder Mustang that I've had for almost 20 years now. Lol Also, a friend of mine has a Versa, and she even says it's really uncomfortable. Last time I rented a car, I purposely rented the next size level up, so I wouldn't possibly get stuck with a Versa again, and even asked them if it was possible to NOT get one. Lol

  30. Just wanted to say was driving a 2016 versa not mine but my mother's we got hit at the side by a Venza which is basically a truck compared to the Versa we were fine with no injuries so I wouldn't go as far as to say they're crap cars but then again I'm a firm believer in God Almighty which I attribute to why we were ok primarily so there's also that.

  31. Not sure why the accent always has poor crash ratings, but nothing else. I imagine some bias is there because they are reliable cars and a good competitor to Toyota at a cheaper price.

  32. Do you know that kia rio and Hyundai accent are the most desired cars in iraq! Even they kall them Holly card 🤣

  33. you could not GIVE ME A HYIANDI……i had a very bad expirience with one in wichita kansas 30 years ago. i swore i would NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER….i'm 50 now and still haven't. pieces of JUNK!!!!

  34. I've noticed that a lot of automotive fatalities are in rollovers and crashes when the idiots weren't using the seatbelts and were ejected. I don't blame the vehicle anymore than I blame a gun when someone decides it would be fun to play Russian roulette.

  35. Whats the safest car in the world? A hearse ? I had a friend who drove one to work everyday and nobody wanted to be around him.

  36. Scotty- I generally agree with most everything you say, though KIA and Hyundai have the most combined IIHS Safety Pick Plus ratings for 2019. Including my 2019 KIA Stinger and our KIA Sorento. As for the Cooper’s, your opinion didn’t match the crash test scores.

    You need to track those ratings and watch those IIHS crash test videos for each of the Hyundai and KIA vehicles prior to claiming they both make flimsy and unsafe cars. That’s just not true!

    Bottom line, both KIA and Hyundai are different companies than they were ten years ago.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  37. The "Smart Car" is safe in it's class. It is still a pregnant roller skate waiting to be batted around like a pinball. It is NOT a safe car.

  38. Those cars such as the Hyundai Accent could also have higher crash fatality numbers due to higher sales numbers but if you consider overall percentage of sales to fatalities it could be lower.

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