The Mercedes-Benz EQV: Ready for zero-emissions roadtripping!

The Mercedes-Benz EQV: Ready for zero-emissions roadtripping!

Hey everybody, this is the Mercedes-Benz EQV and this is Benjamin,
he is responsible for eDrive at Mercedes-Benz Vans.
What are your personal Highlights about the EQV?
Well, it’s a battery-eletric eletric car and it comes with a range of
more than 400 km, and it comes with fast-charging.
And that in combination with it being a premium-MPV makes it a great use
case for families all the way to shuttle-services services and
everything in between.
Sounds great, let’s have a look!
So let’s start with the fast-charging:
Well, since most fast-charging stations are also in front of the car, it makes sense also to have
the charging socket in the front of the car. And then once you want to
end the charging process, you just push this button and then you can
release the charging cable.
And we are ready to go! So Benjamin, what did it take to electrify the V-Class?
Well, for a battery electric car, obviously it’s very important to
integrate the battery in a very safe and sound way. And at the same
time we wanted to keep the great functionality of this car because our
customers love this vehicle for the interior. And that’s why we
integrated the battery beneath the underbody of the vehicle.
So, for me actually the V-Class Class is and always has been a car for
the next weekend road trip. What about road tripping with the EQV?
Well, for me personally it’s actually the same thing. Just last weekend,
I went with my family on a road trip all over Germany,
600 kilometers, and we had a great time!
That is a lot. What about charging?
Well, actually the vehicle supports your route-planning.
Let me show you how it works!
EQ stands for electric intelligence. Let me give you two examples:
MBUX for instance in this vehicle, supports you with your
route-planning. It can give you all the information that you
need to plan the route along the charging infrastructure.
And the other example is: you can recuperate energy in a very smart way.
Ok, recuperation – what’s that all about?
So when the car is driving, when it’s rolling and you want to slow down,
you can restore some of that rolling-energy energy back into the
battery and therefore increase your driving range.
For me, the EQV is an electric allrounder: pretty intelligent and
ready to hit the road with zero emissions. I’m pretty curious and
looking forward to my first electric road trip!

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  1. It's an amazing MPV.😍❤ Daimler can we implement wireless charging for our future generation vehicles, in which we will have to just park a car over an charging surface, can this happen?

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