The Kia Stinger GT Is An Ego Check For Car Guys

The Kia Stinger GT Is An Ego Check For Car Guys

Hey, what’s up man dude guess what I just bought a new car. Yeah dude, it’s a Kia.
Hello, everyone and welcome. Cars today some of them at least are getting pretty dull
so for example the new Mitsubishi Eclipse is now a crossover
we’re losing the Ford Focus RS and the U.S. is losing the Fiesta ST
but we’re gaining the Ford Edge ST
thats exciting right so while everyone in america is buying crossovers Kia is making something of all companies
very exciting. This is a Kia Stinger GT. This is actually the GT2 spec so it’s the top-line
(specs shown on screen)
Pretty impressive numbers this one that we’re in is rear wheel drive they do also offer it an all-wheel drive
and the all-wheel drive has a very clever center differential so it can send
50% of the torque up to the front or you can put it in sport mode and send
80% of the torque to the rear wheels.
Now the base stinger gets a 2 liter inline 4-cylinder
twin-scroll turbocharged engine still fairly potent 255 horsepower
260 pound feet of torque so regardless of what Stinger you get into
you’re going to have a decent amount of power now the weight changes dramatically depending on what you get
so you know the base are gonna be around 3,600 pounds you add 200 pounds for the v6
and you add another 200 pounds for the all-wheel drive V6. So if you get in the GT with all-wheel drive
you’re at 4,000 pounds which is a decent amount of heft
but you know this is actually a pretty nice pretty comfortable ride and so you’ve got different driving modes
you can kind of change the characteristics of the vehicle I’ve got in comfort now
enjoyable here in the rain and actually quite tame with the rear end so
the rear end hasn’t been getting all that wild on me the tires doing a nice job, and when you get into the GT
which we are in you upgrade the tires and the suspension so it’s got an electronic suspension
electronically adjustable
damping and you upgrade to Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires
and these sport for tires are fantastic wet or dry they’ve actually the compound is designed so that in low you know
lateral scenarios the inside of the tire is
designed for wet grip and the outside of the tire when you’re in high lateral speed scenarios is
designed for dry grip so even in these terrible conditions that I’m driving in today. I’ve got good acceleration grip and
fantastic braking grip with these tires and also another cool thing that they do with the suspension here
one of the things you kind of notice is the steering in this car is actually quite
responsive and that comes down to the tires and also comes down to the suspension one of the cool things
they do with the suspension as its electronically variable is they soften up the front and they stiffen the rear and
that’s at low speed so at low speeds
you’ve got a soft front and you’ve got stiff rear and what this does is it makes it more responsive
it makes it more eager to turn in less likely to
understeer and then as you increase your speed as you start to get in higher speeds it
stiffens up the front
and then it reduces the stiffness in the rear the damping stiffness and as a result
and gives you better stability
so you’re less likely to oversteer at high speeds
so a very clever way that they’re manipulating the suspension in order to maximize
you know how the car feels at low speeds, but also maintain stability at high speeds
and it is certainly noticeable the steering is actually good, and I don’t know if I’ve ever said that about driving a Kia
it’s it’s pretty impressive. It’s an electronic rack
it’s got a variable ratio depending on how much you’re turning it in and that steering rack
they’ve got the motor offset, so it’s not in the steering column
it’s separately mounted on that steering rack and then it helps to improve
the way it feels and it does actually feel pretty good now as far as these different driving modes
you’ve got five smart eco comfort sport and custom, and I have found myself enjoying
comfort the most which I’ve been surprised by in sport
you know I was trying out the paddle shifters this has an 8-speed automatic transmission developed by Kia
and you know this it’s probably one of the few things about this car that I’m not totally thrilled on
the the shifts are a little rough, and they’re a decent speed, but there’s a there’s a little kind of
uncertainty to it as it switches gears it’s kind of got a little hesitation there
which you know,
it’s it’s not the smoothest transmission, but when you put it in comfort mode
it loses a lot of that characteristic that it has in sport, and it seems to be just as quick
except now it’s actually a smooth transition, and you don’t get that hesitation that notchiness that you feel in sport mode
so I’ve been enjoying
comfort mode driving in this car. Now every manufacturer likes to talk about the Nurburgring
this car was developed on the Nurburgring. They say that every prototype that they developed spent at least
480 laps
going around that quite long circuit
and so you know they really have punished this vehicle out on a track to prove its performance, and that’s pretty impressive
you know 3,800 pounds is quite a bit of heft and so to have a vehicle that can be punished for those 480 laps
in development handle the high speed cornering handle the significant amounts of braking
you know the cooling requirements that are required to drive out there on a track and drive hard is impressive
so you know it’s it’s kind of something that in the automotive world has come to become this cliche of like oh, yeah
we developed it at the Nurburgring, but for KIA to do that
you know that seems pretty special they brought over engineers you know from other big-name
German manufacturers, so you know there’s there’s a lot of ingenuity, and there’s a lot of clever designing
that’s gone into this vehicle the interior actually reminds me quite a bit of a Mercedes
and I don’t know if that’s you know necessarily bad that it looks like they’re copying it
but the interior is quite nice so kind of just like Mercedes. They’ve got you know this pop-out
infotainment display right here kind of looks like an iPad going on you’ve got you know the circular air nozzles
beneath it for your climate system. Even the speakers. You know the metallic speaker covers
look a bit similar, so there are many similarities, but you know that’s not necessarily a bad thing
you’ve got a heated steering wheel you’ve got heated and cooled seats. You’ve got all these luxury amenities. You know adaptive cruise control
and this is a Kia, so you know you tell your friend that
you bought a BMW, and they’re excited because you said you bought a BMW
and you tell your friend that you bought a Kia, and they’re not excited because you told them that you bought a Kia
but the reality is
you know none of us are looking at
3-series BMWs as they drive by it’s not like we’re snapping our necks to check out the latest 3-series
this is a legitimately cool
very capable legitimately fun vehicle, and it has a badge that people aren’t thrilled to say oh yeah, I drive a Kia
it’s got the performance that matters
and it’s going to you know actually entertain the person who’s driving it and that seems way more important than flashing around your ego
and saying okay I drive
you know something with four rings around the front on the front of my car is it actually a legitimately great car
you know maybe yes, maybe no, but for less money
you can get quite a bit of performance out of this thing zero to sixty and four point seven seconds with the 3.3 liter
you’ve got four piston Brembo brakes up front two piston in the rear 15 speaker system
720 watts there’s a subwoofer under both the driver and the passenger seat the sound system in this is phenomenal
it’s got a tremendous amount of bass
good clarity to it very great sound system, so you know there’s not a whole lot of sacrifices really that you’re making
I mean, this is a truly pleasant very nice and genuinely fun vehicle to drive the brake pedal
you know it’s got a sporty feel to it. It doesn’t have a whole lot of travel
it’s you know more pressure based as far as your braking the throttle
decent mapping with that
you know there is turbo lag, but it’s it’s not bad if you get up into those higher rpm put your foot down
yeah, there’s a little bit of turbo lag. I mean it’s certainly noticeable, but it’s not bad and the thing actually sounds quite good
I don’t know if it’s piping in you know artificial sounds or not ignorance is bliss in this scenario. It sounds great actually
especially for a v6 and a turbo v6
which tends to just kind of mute the sound this actually sounds quite good when you get on it
and an impressive amount of grip out here in the wet
so are your friends gonna think you’re cool when you tell them on the phone that you bought a new Kia sports car no
they’re not going to think so but once they get in it once
they ride along with you this thing is genuinely pretty fantastic
I mean my few complaints are that I don’t think the 8-speed automatic transmission
is all that phenomenal and your rear-view
visibility is pretty poor. It’s pretty cramped up back there as far as looking out the back
and so you know blind spots fine out the front is fine
it’s a little narrow up here, but the rear visibility isn’t all that phenomenal
and you know I think there could be some tweaks to the transmission that would make it a little bit better
but again in comfort mode for the most part. It’s pretty nice so overall I’ve quite enjoyed driving this.
Thank you guys for watching if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

100 Replies to “The Kia Stinger GT Is An Ego Check For Car Guys”

  1. You should do reviews more often; I find it refreshing to hear an engineering-minded person doing reviews… 😉

  2. Wait wait wait… 3series, but not M right? cause when you see (or even hear) an M3 you gotta snap that neck buddy…

  3. The interior is really nice. I took a close look at one, and I wish my WRX was half as decent. By the way, Subaru better up their game with the next gen STI or they will end up going the way of the Evo.

  4. Now that Kia has figured out the performance aspect, they need more attractive designs. This car looks like two different cars, cut in half and welded together like a frankencar

  5. Kia Performance is like prius luxury it just doesnt make sense.. whats wrong with it?? it will always be a kia..

  6. What options are in the custom, and can you make a better preset than comfort with it? I would be interest in seeing that.

  7. Nothing to do with Ego. 55k for kia is absurd. I'll pick up a used one for 22k in 3 years though 😀 😀 😀

  8. More like a logic check for egomaniacs. A rational person would see that regardless of the badge or manufacturer, if it’s a great drivers car, it shouldn’t matter where it’s coming from. My worry is aftermarket support. I really hope we see aftermarket support for cars like these hopped up Kia’s and cars like the Newer Genesis line that has the smaller G60 I believe? I could be horribly wrong in the Genesis name but I know they release a smaller sedan, slightly smaller than the Stinger even and it has the same 3.3 TT V6 out of the Stinger GT. Imagine how fun these cars could be with some aftermarket support. Do a tune and open up the potential and you could probably gain a hundred HP and 100 lb ft of torque too just with a tune over the oem configuration. It’s still to be seen if they’re going to get some aftermarket love for tuning and ecu support. Also there are the new Veloster N with the 2.0 Turbo 4 and if that thing gets aftermarket support for tuning it could be making some serious horsepower just with intake exhaust and a nice tune and/or all that and E85 support. Then there’s the Elantra Sport which could do with some serious tuning support to make a really fun little economy turbo car, it’s not the 2.0 T but the 1.6 T could probably still come to life pretty nicely with some massaging, there’s also the Elantra GT Sport, unfortunately no Elantra GT-N. Nope Europe gets he i30N and we just get a frumpy Elantra GT Sport iteration with the lazily tuned 1.6 T where the same hatch in the i30N has the larger (better) 2.0 T (from the Sonata and Kia twin) making about a 3rd more hp and torque. Why is America always getting short handed with the performance additions? I want the N line of Hyundai’s to come to America, and whatever Kia’s version of N is would be cool too since Hyundai is the parent company anyway and they share a ton of configurations anyway.

  9. When you have doubts about your sexuality, then you drive the Kia Stinger have a blast and smile then realize you're in a Kia and having fun… Yep you still gay

  10. do we think its design is based off an Audi RS7, inside and out? Smaller body but same shape. Wheel, dash, UI, seats, popup screen

  11. Why did I buy the 50k RWD Stinger GT2? Limited slip differential, napa leather, all led lights, advanced electronics, weighs less than the AWD, is faster than the AWD, handles corners better than the AWD, looks awesome, drives great, beats comparable BMWs and Mercs and Audis hands down. I bought the car not the brand. You can hold your nose all you want, the Stinger is a better car.

  12. To get an Audi/BMW that can compare to KIA stinger you just have to pay way too much just for the brand really. I don't think they're worth it.

  13. Man o man that is a fantastic car lady’s and gentleman for the first car like that from them I think they have done a fantastic job great car

  14. In this episode… Jason complains about the sportiness of the Sport mode of the Kia Stinger..
    Jason… the gearbox speeds up shifts in sports mode and that's why it is rougher… it is supposed to be that way.
    That's like complaining that the loud exhaust mode is louder…!

    I would have complained that the Steering wheel was round… that proves they copied… "someone"…
    Even the wheels are round… just like every other car… Kia are just copy cats, just copy cats.

  15. I love engineering explained… but can anyone "engineering explained" tell me what he's using for video and audio recording? The video appears to be gopros, but I'm really impressed by the sound isolation on the recording. I don't see the recording device or even a lavalier microphone on his shirt or face.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  16. Only thing I could never get past in a Kia is the big logo on the steering wheel reminding you what it is (or isn’t). Otherwise great car!

  17. what Kia needs to do now is upstage the nissan gtr, meaning putting a 4.3 v8 twin turbo 650hp in it and calling it the Stinger GTR AWD, that will blow some minds away

  18. I like that KIA is doing this but in the END you can get a BMW 340i , infiniti q60 3.0t or 400 for similar price, maybe even less and they have very similar specs, about the same HP, same features. The difference in horsepower can be easily fixed with a tune. Once you can control boost and tune you will get about the same horsepower out of all these turbo cars. The BMW has DCT which will easily make up for any HP difference by shifting much faster. The infinti has the 400hp version. TLDR: these cars are very similar , even in price. Why get a KIA when I can get BMW or Infinity for same price? This car needs to be priced like a KIA to make sense.

  19. I recently got one. Forget the badge, and the significant amount more the euros are and you'll definitely enjoy the ride. its a great car.

  20. So the Taurus SHO has been putting down 365 hp from its twin turbo 3.5 w/AWD for 10 years now but this is supposed to be the ego check? 😂

  21. The car seems amazing but the rear window visability might be a deal breaker. That thing is tiny, maybe worse than a camaro

  22. Biggest issue with this is the price. In Norway it's about the same as the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV. Even the diesel version is too pricey, costing about the same as a nice spec'en E-class

  23. KIA, I wouldn't drive one.
    BMW's, meh, nothing special, they are everywhere, vast majority used. My next car will be an EV.

  24. The Stinger is on my short list once my existing lease is up. The one thing I wish Kia would do is redesign that badge. I find it rather hideous.

  25. Hearing about the rear window not being very easy to look out and the tranny needing to be updated sounds like a Lambo, lol Lambo complaints in a Kia XD never thought it would happen!

  26. Sadly in italy this thing is priced against Audi A5s and apples to apples it won't hold any value thus is an hard buy. I've tried a 200hp diesel around Monza track and I was surprised. The only thing me and the instructor didn't figured out is how in hell you can force the shifter into manual sequential. Even if you override it using the paddles, after a few seconds it gets back in D and won't let you use it manually; we couldn't find anything to stop the behavior even in Sport+ mode.

  27. Hi! I know it is an Stinger review but, do you recommend the kia optima (2018/2019) top of the line trim? I know it is in price compared to the base stinger but, would you recommend it?

  28. Maybe they should just go with Stinger instead of KIA, like Hyundai did with Genesis.
    Thoughts? With a Scorpion badge/logo, perhaps.

  29. Obviously here in Australia, we are a country that doesn't have the " Badge Snobbery " that is so evident in America and Europe.Kia's and Hyndai's are popular over here because Aussies take a car at " face value " and not the badge it wears.If a car is reliable, you get ' bang for your buck ', good warranty and aftercare support that's what most people are after.Instead you see comments time after time knocking the badge .Well for the uneducated you can change the badges and modify the look if you find the need.

  30. Great video! Did you break in the engine as per the manual recommendations or is it not needed? They say it comes broken in from the factory. Is this true for kia?

  31. For the price of that thing,, you can buy a top of line premium Mustang GT with 460 ponies.  In the review, you forgot to mention the fake plastic hood vents glued to the hood.

  32. And it's got adaptive cruise control. I've had it for 5 years, I don't think my lazy butt could live without it anymore. lol.

  33. Let's be real here kia is the talk of the town in the car scene atm, and for me they seem to have upped there game , only if i wasnt a poor bastrd id buy one, looks great, all reviews iv seen say similar things and best of all its a kia ! So your being different , if this car goes past you , you will look and say oh whats that (if you didn't know) or say oh wow a kia! I think its great, i used to have a kia picanto before absolutely shocking car and now they made this, side note why all reviews of this car in red?

  34. No it isn't. The ego check is the question everyone asks me when I stop Bulma (my Stinger's name) for fuel:

    "is it the 2.0 or the 3.3?"

  35. I have a red GT2 and I live in Miami. Here everyone and they mom drives a BMW, Merc, or Audi and I have gotten quite a few thumbs ups from other drivers. All the comparable cars from those brands where a good $15k + more than my Stinger. Not to mention that I got it for $5k under MSRP and a 0.9% finance.

  36. A mechanic from my home town has ten KIAs in his parking lot waiting on new engines because originals are total trash. He said that most of them have no more than 75,000 miles on the odometers. Any time a foreign car company starts selling in the U.S., it takes a few years for them to get their reliability up to par with other companies. America is a large country. American drivers put many more miles on a car in a years time than the drivers of the country in which the company is based. Korea is a tiny country, therefore it will take much more time for the cars to start wearing out. Maybe in 20 years, one out of every three Americans will be driving KIAs, but for now KIA has a learning curve to go through. Back in the late 60's, Toyotas were considered a horrible car, and anyone who drove one was laughed at. Today Toyota makes the most reliable cars on Earth.

  37. Way off topic here, but I notice you are holding the wheel at 3/9, although the grips on the wheel are the more conventional 10/2. Something to do with airbag deployment?

  38. gonna buy me that v6 probably this summer or after, then after a while change exhaust and switch the badge with idk bmw or just the ''stinger'' badge u can get online haha

  39. "Pretty impressive numbers"

    *365 hp and 376 lb torque in a TWIN TURBO V6. For 50,000 dollars.


  40. owned my Stinger for just over a year now, still very much in love with it. A year ago, the haters and badge whores laughed and said the car wouldn't sell. It sold more in just the US, than any single BMW M-car worldwide.

  41. Maybe Kia should create an offshoot "luxury brand" like what Honda, Toyota and Nissan did with Acura, Lexus and Infinity.

  42. My hat's off to Kia for actually putting their own "boring" name on this, showing who they are and that they can be cool, wearing their name with pride, rather than hiding behind a new "upmarket" badge to sell this under, as Toyota, Honda, and Nissan did with Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti, respectively. I always thought that was silly, like they thought their own base brand wasn't good enough or something, or they wanted to separate these snob's cars from what they sell to peasants. Wish it had a manual, like everyone does – my opinion is that for any car to be fun, if there are gears to shift (in other words not electric, or maybe that Koenigsegg One:1) I better be shifting them myself. But this car was designed as a "grand tourer," comfortable for long but fast drives, maybe this is "less fatiguing," and though they give drivers less control automatics these days typically perform better – though they're still not as fun. Rear visibility – that's just the way all cars are these days, I don't know why everyone does that.

  43. Yeah it made it around the track 480 times, but the doors fell off, the radio went out and ya couldn’t tell how fast you were going cuz the cluster died.

  44. I bought one and I love it. But then I have the Kia pro_cee’d GT 1.6 turbo manual in the garage next to it too…both great cars…

  45. If you show us more of the car than you the whole video is on your face we want to hear you and see the car not see you and hear you

  46. Kia has out WRX'd the WRX. Subaru should plagiarize Kia. It's a shame that Kia is thinking about cancelling it due to low sales.

  47. GT2 or GTS in the UK has 360 camera and you can have the rear view camera on all the time on the MMI. Rear visibility more or less taken care of. But I confess "analogue" rear viewing is quite nice to have.

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