The Future of Manufacturing Starts Today

The Future of Manufacturing Starts Today

[MUSIC] Jobs at mills like this helped
shape the American dream and created the modern American middle class. And in their heyday, Pittsburgh steel and Pittsburgh steel workers
were the envy of the world. Today’s groundbreaking is a sign that
a new heyday is coming for Pittsburgh and for America. One that will transform and revive the American economy in
every corner of our great nation. By bringing together large
scale academic research and industrial development under one roof, Mill 19 will become a true differentiator
for Pittsburgh and for the region. When complete,
it will be the first manufacturing hub of its kind in the nation,
in the world for that matter. Researchers and practitioners at ARM and MFI are quietly reshaping what goes
on inside factories and warehouses. The technologies that
emerge from this building will have the power to make things in
a whole new way, to trigger a significant resurgence of major economic
sector in the United States, and to assert our global leadership
in advanced manufacturing.>>I believe that robotics is key to the
US competitiveness in manufacturing and one of the major factors in the economic
prosperity of the United States.>>Through cooperation and
coordination of our industry partners and Carnegie Mellon, which is truly one
of Pennsylvania’s greatest assets and a global pillar of research and
development. Our investment will help transform
an entire sector of the economy. We are here today because government,
federal, state and local recognize the potential
of this site of the region and of these partners to usher in a game
changing manufacturing renaissance.>>This site is envisioned as
a place where people will thrive, ideals will be forged. And this entire ecological condition of
the site will be regenerated over time.>>I would like to acknowledge
Pittsburgh’s foundations. Especially Richard King Mellon Foundation,
the Heinz Endowments, and the Claude Worthington
Benedum Foundation. They had a vision and
a determination to pursue it for more than 15 years in
the face of many challenges. Carnegie Mellon University
owes an additional debt of gratitude to the RK Mellon Foundation. RK Mellon’s gift to the university, helped catalyze ARM, helped launch our
manufacturing futures initiative, and helps support our participation
in this facility.>>Today we celebrate not only the future
of manufacturing, we celebrate the rebirth of a great community,
the historic community of Hazelwood. And we understand that what
will happen in this building, just like it happened 100 years ago,
will forever change this world. [MUSIC]

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  1. A new "Hay-day" is awesome…Manufacturing is going digital as we look to the future in technical education and automation engineering. A great innovation for America.

    T J (Tom) Vanderloop, CMfgE, LSME & AWS member

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