The Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer

The Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer

Introducing the Fluke 438 Power Quality
and Motor Analyzer. The Fluke 438-II is a multi-purpose test tool, designed to
improve troubleshooting on electric motors and minimize downtime. Whether
you’re in a process plant or discrete manufacturing, electric motors are
critical to your operation’s success. The Fluke 438 lets you quickly gauge
electrical performance, power quality and mechanical performance of industrial
motors. Using three-phase electrical measurements on the input and motor
rating plate data, the 438 calculates torque, the most critical mechanical
performance variable, speed, load on the motor shaft and overall efficiency,
without the need to install mechanical sensors. All this with a single tool and
all while the motor is running so you don’t sacrifice uptime. Power quality
issues, such as unbalance and harmonics, can cause motors to run hot,
eventually stressing windings and accelerating failures. Motor failures
lead to costly downtime and the cost of waste associated with inefficient motors
adds up. When testing direct online motors with the new Fluke 438, you get
both power quality information and mechanical performance data in the same test with a single tool. With an intuitive user interface, optimized
current probes, and at a glance motor status screens, the Fluke 438 gives you
the motor troubleshooting information you need to make better maintenance
decisions and keep your plant up and running. Contact your local Fluke
representative to learn more.

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  1. I service boats, many of which are powered with 3-phase 400v generators, and service a number of inductive loads such as computers, wifi routers, etc. We suspect noise/interference issues in a 3-phase cable may be interfering with the sensitive radio equipment used for navigation. Can a Fluke 438-II be used to diagnose interference/noise? We have purchased some EMI filters, but would like to see for ourselves if they work before committing to their use!

  2. Hi Sir, i am shah from Malaysia, i would really appreciate if you can share with me a comprehensive manual of fluke 438, because i checked in fluke malaysia website the manual does not show how the connection diagram and to use motor analyzer features.

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