The Big Problem with GDI Car Engines

The Big Problem with GDI Car Engines

rev up your engines, shoeshine boy says
what’s up with oil dilution with direct
injection engines, okay direct injection has
to spray fuel
directly into the cylinders, you take a
regular injection car, that thing might
have a fuel pump that puts out 56 pounds
per square inch pressure, those direct
injectors some of those things are 500
psi pressure that they spray into the engines,
it’s a
lot more pressure, you put all that extra
pressure in, of course it’s gonna strain
the piston rings and it’s gonna blow
some by and it will be diluted gasoline
will get into the engine oil, especially
as they age and especially with people
that don’t maintain their cars perfectly,
it will
get the oil too dirty, the piston rings
wear and then all that extra pressure
is gonna throw gasoline into the oil and
it’ll dilute it, especially when a
lot of them are turbocharged too, which
puts even more pressure into it, denton
says Scotty what are your thoughts on the
GM plants closing, well don’t say I
didn’t warn people about it, I told people
years don’t buy Chevy Cruzes, don’t buy a
Impalas their junk and now it’s come back
to bite them in the rear end, you know they
took the government money and then what
do they do, they screw the American
workers over by shutting their factories
down and keeping all the other
world ones on,
realize the GM last year sold more cars
in China than they did in the United States
they’re all made in China in their
factories there, just trying to move
the stuff over there, and the Impala and the
Cruze their not gonna make any more
their some of the worst cars they ever
made, especially the Cruze that was an
absolute piece of junk,
I’ve had customers sue them under the lemon
law and win, I got one costumer with a Cruze
and he has a picture of Mickey Mouse
in the back window and I said, what’s
that for, he said this car is so Mickey
Mouse I decided to show everybody by
putting a Mickey Mouse picture in the
back of the car, they made junk and it’s
biting them in the butt, that’s just the
way that it goes, David says Scotty what
do you think about an 06 Marque with 64
thousand miles for 4,500 bucks, it’s
perfect on the interior and exterior, if it
can really be proven that it’s only got
64,000 miles go ahead and buy it, those things
last two hundred thousand, two
hundred sixty four thousand miles they
can last a really long time, you’re never
gonna find another one
with that low little mileage, but first get
proof that it’s actually the real mileage
because a lot of people lie cheat and
steal, you can go to a junkyard buy a dash
60 bucks, put it in the car and it looks
like that’s the mileage, so you want some
proof of car inspections, the mileage, you
know you want some solid proof that
that’s the real knowledge, don’t go by
what people say, people lie a lot, DW says
hey Scotty
my trailblazer makes a rattling noise
when you take off, it stops until it gets
up to speed and I could smell oil but I
don’t see any leaks what’s your thoughts
first thing is you got to figure out
where that’s rattling is coming from, it
could easily be the substrate inside
your catalytic converter is breaking and
that’s the catalytic converter rattling,
because when you take an off it can
rattle, but once you get going fast
there’s all this pressure of the exhaust
gas flowing through and it’ll push it
against the side and it won’t rattle anymore
and if that’s the case, you can live
with it as long as it runs okay, if it’s
the engine rattling as you take off,
that generally means the timing chain is
worn or you got a problem the cams are
worn, and that’s real expensive and you’ll
probably would want to put that kind of
money into an older vehicle like that, you
to pinpoint the noise first and catalytic
convertible they’re pretty easy when
they’re rattling, crawl under it and get a
mallet and whack the catalytic converter
if you hear it rattle you know that it’s coming
inside, Mr. hulk abs says what’s with GM
actuators going bad, cheap design, it’s all
plastic junk, I’ve had more people, like
they’ll come to me and say, oh it’s
driving me nuts, the air conditioning on
my side the driver is hot but on a
passenger side it’s freezing cold it
works great, well that’s cuz the actuator
on the driver’s side is broken, they
used this plastic junk, hide it in the
dash and then when it breaks you got to
go out, take the entire dash apart which
costs a fortune if you’re gonna pay
somebody to do it, and they gotta buy the
new actuator and put it in and then
reprogram the computer, it’s just
ridiculous they’re making them that way
and that’s one reason that their
shutting their factories down, people are
sick of buying a cheaply made product
that cost a fortune to fix and their
wining that people don’t want to buy
their cars anymore, they did it
themselves, they made their own garbage
and then they try to blame it on market
forces, yeah it is a
market force that people that are buying
the stuff are smarting up and
not buying the junk that they’re trying
to sell to them, Ohare says hey
Scotty love your videos, I have a few
questions to ask, first I want to change my
brakes, how do I figure out
what size I need and where do I get the
Akebono pads, okay well you can buy them
online or buy them anywhere, go to a good
parts store, I’m not talking about chain
auto parts stores, discount ones, go to an
actual one like I use one around here
that’s called Bap Geon, I
say I want Akebono pads and they get
them for me, they cost more but they’re
great pads
you tell them the year, the make, and the
model and they’ll get you the right ones
and they’re very easy to replace on that
vehicle, changing brake pads Scotty
Kilmer and my video will pop up, show you
how easy it is to change them, that’s one
of the easiest cars to do and you can do
it yourself, you know there’s a lot of
stuff like that, that you can do it yourself,
the only thing is, you want quality
parts and you’re doing a smart idea, buy
the Akebono pads, their quality parts
they’re gonna last longer you’ll be
happy, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. An actuator went out on my 4 year old GMC Terrain with 19k miles. The hvac is stuck on the bottom vents, can't defrost or send air through front dash vents. The part cost me $26 – I plan to install it myself when I have about 4 free hours and warm temps outside. What a piece of crap. BTW, the original OEM part is made in China and so is the replacement OEM part.

  3. Agree about GM.. Garbage. Agree about Akebono. I have them on my car right now and they've been there for 2 years. Still working fabulous.

  4. GM is junk I can confirm. I bought a 2017 camaro ss new. It is an excellent car, performance wise. Reliability is another story.

    Before I got to 16k miles I've had to take it back to the dealer multiple times. I've had to get the rack and pinion replaced, the engine had 2 oil leaks, and a busted front sway bar.

    It has a GDI system too so I'm now looking forward to the future carbon build up issue. Really excited about that one 😑

  5. GDI tech came from diesel engines. Where we've been doing it for decades. The problem is when you apply it to cheap manufacturing like Honda, Hyundai and Toyota employs to reach a price point. Or VW.

    There just cheap materials because good materials to make a good engine are expensive. Mercedes and BMW have been doing Direct Injection for decades, no problems.

  6. Your German translations are wrong, unnecessary and frankly just suck. Please for the love of god stop it. Since I'm in Germany I couldn't enjoy any of your videos anymore because of it

  7. Scotty whats your opinion of the Acura RDXs 2014 up to current models (after the faulty auto transmissions 2013 and before) are they good rides?

  8. I don't hear anybody going like, "hey check out my new chevy Cruze" or "im thinking of getting a Buick as my next car." I hope GM suffers so that they can learn their lesson.

  9. Howdy from Austin, TX! What are your thoughts on the Lexus CT200h, and are they reliable? I found a 2011 with a little over 33,000 miles at a Lexus dealer and I'm hoping that it will be a dependable daily driver for me and my family. P.S. I appreciate you making these videos, I've learned a lot from watching!

  10. Direct injection is more like 2000lbs of pressure.and GM is not making cars in the U.S. for the same reason Ford isn't making car's in the U.S. anymore.people are buying SUV,s.

  11. I’m tired of hearing how the bailout means GM owes anybody a job. It’s overworked, irrelevant, and wrong, especially irritating as it comes from a guy who should stick to being a mechanic.

  12. well crap. i just bought a 2019 Kia Optima S. but i get 2 free years of oil changes and i will change the oil every 3-4 months and keep the car in good clean and working conditions. it’s just for commute and won’t be revving the the engine. i traded my 2005 Altima with 108,000 miles that i bought brand new in March of 2005. served me well. was time for an upgrade. great video and love the content Scotty!

  13. Whats absolutely astonishing is how many of these cars STILL keep the mileage in the cluster. Change the cluster, change the mileage. Stupidly simple

  14. No longer buying “bankruptcy GM “vehicles after 25-30 mostly trucks and SUV’s since 1981. But I could never buy a foreign manufacturer either. I’m American and I will stand by my country and the companies who support her. GM closing factories and moving more work out of country after being bailed out is the last straw. Time for a F150

  15. Scotty, I have a 2002 Cadillac Escalade with 195,000 miles on it. Its still in perfect shape inside and out and runs as good as if it were brand new. During the summer however, I noticed that when the engine is still warm from the last time it was driven, it blows a little blue smoke when I first start it up. I've done some research online and I believe it is a valve seal going bad. I check the oil regularly and it only burns about a quart of oil between oil changes.  Is this something to worry about or can I continue to drive it this way?

  16. Scotty, Is GDI causing the problem with the new Honda engines ?Fuel getting into the oil because of the high pressure blowing it past the rings ?

  17. As a master certified mechanic wtf are you talking about? The fuel pressure has nothing to do with fuel in the oil. Think about it, a diesel has far greater 10,000 psi line pressure. And the fuel pressure has nothing to do with break mean effective pressure during the combustion event. Something else is the problem.

  18. Scotty you are exactly right! My Dad tried to buy American made cars in the late 1980's to support American made products. Brand new cars broke down after 2 years.
    He started to research good quality cars and went with Toyotas and Hondas and never looked back. His cars lasts over 10 years.

  19. The 2014 the 2019 Impalas are excellent cars, I don't know what the hell Scotty is talking about that they're absolute pieces of junk, they are pretty much a Cadillac STS with less features. Very powerful good gas mileage and very spacious oh, get off the Toyota bias for once

  20. My granddad worked for GM started after he came home home from WWII til 1983. Even then he said vehicles were a bad investment , cars parted out don't cost 70k most expensive parts are the engine/ tranny. What makes them expensive is all the computer crap they put in them today……I miss the 1980's when vehicles could be fixed with a screwdriver , hammer and pliers.

  21. Am looking to get a used pickup….find that the fords with turbos are DI engines and a lot of complaints, so I start looking at the Silverados and now I find they are DI……what is a person to do?…….now ford has come out in 2018 with a port and DI to supposedly overcome the problem….but all the trucks are so dang expensive

  22. Scottie, do you have any verified stats from engine testing to support the claim that fuel injection pressure affects combustion chamber pressure? If so, don't Ya think the designers offset that with stronger construction as is done with similar high pressure diesel injection. My gut feeling is that you have this one wrong. But carry on and what do I know???

  23. GM also took Australian tax dollars to upgrade their Holden Auto factories, but ended up taking the money and closing the factories. Supposedly that money was used here in the USA

  24. disagree but respect your opinion on the chevy cruze… I have a 2013 LS Model with a 1.8 4 cylinder, and the only problem i've had is a thermostat housing… other than that it's great and it's my favorite car i've ever owned!!

  25. Hey Scotty, love your videos up watching from Saskatoon, Canada! I recently got a great deal on a 2014 Santa Fe limited with 74,000 kms and the 2.0L turbo engine, (17,000CAD) and I am a bit worried about the reliability of the turbo engine, what can I do to extend the life of the engine? I've already switched to full synthetic oil and higher quality oil filter? Thanks

  26. I have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata gls. I bought it with 40k miles on it for 3,000. All I had to replace was radiator, condenser, couple hoses and top radiator support. I just want to know what maintenance I should stay on top of, it runs good and everything . Just wondering how long this car can last…

  27. With Honda having gas in crankcase, maybe a little raw gas in the crankcase would find it way through the PCV valve and help prevent carbon buildup on the intake valves?

  28. thanks for the video regarding this issue it has been an eye opener for me, which toyota cars/engines have the Dual injectors? i want to look for them.

  29. Had a 2011 Kia Optima, engine blew at 93k and was still having problems at 97k with direct injection, even Kia couldn't fix it lol. Got rid of that POS. Got me a Toyota.

  30. Grand Marquis – One of the Best vehicles I have ever owned! Drove and rode like a dream. My only issue with that car was the Electronic Display Instrument Cluster (EDIC). It went bad, and when it did, it wouldn't let the cars engine run at all. I regretfully had to take it to a Stealership for replacement, and computer reprogramming. It was expensive, and the EDIC was from a donator vehicle, as they were very hard to find. I'd buy another Grand Marquis in a minute, if I every found a clean one! Without the EDIC though…Lesson learned!

  31. GDI engines=install a catch can. Simple. Tracy Lewis performance in Fla makes high quality cans. I installed one my Sorrento. Easy to do. Love it.

  32. I worked for GM for 17 years. I got laid off in Texas and will never buy a GM product again. I will still to Kias. I lyft and my 2011 kia optima sx has 212k miles on it and never had an issue with it. CHANGE THE OIL when needed and youre good

  33. GM made the choice to take taxpayer money.
    Then the choice to make piss poor products.
    Now GM cries that no one is buying their cars, and have to close factories.
    Well GM, you were given a chance, and you blew it.

  34. Scotty, I have a 2018 Honda Fit, automatic trans. Does this car have Direct Injection? Is there a place where I can find out this information? The dealer told me it has port injection but online research led me to think it has direct injection. Where can I get accurate information on this and other cars for which I am interested?

  35. Let's elaborate further than the first 10 seconds of this video about GDI engines. That will need work sooner or later with Walnut blasting. What is it?

    If you own a car with "Direct Injection" there will come a time when you car feels like it has lost performance. It could be in the form of terrible gas mileage, hesitation, poor acceleration, or all three.

    The cause is simple, the explanation a bit longer, so I will keep this short.

    Since "Direct Injection" fires directly into the combustion chamber there is no fuel to clean the back side of your intake valves or your intact tract. The residue left over is oil and other contaminants from your cars PCV system (to be discussed later).

    Normal fuel injection has a fuel injector aimed right down the intact tract and not directly into the combustion chamber. Therefore the intake tract is kept much cleaner thanks to the fuel.

  36. Does anyone know what was the last year that GM made a V6 engine that did not have direct injection or GDI?

  37. Kia’s are the most reliable vehicles because they steal the best intellectual properties from Americans to build them.

  38. @ScottyKilmer You have me convinced that Toyota makes the most reliable cars, but their Sienna van now has a GDI engine, as does the Kia van. FCA is out of the picture for me. What about Honda Odyssey, if I can get one with the 6-speed auto and not the ZF 9-speed they share with FCA?

  39. My dad's used Chevy Cruze smells like gas and it makes me sick. He doesn't know where it's coming from bc he just checked it for gas leaks.But since I dont have my own car I have to ride it 🤢.Thank-you for your informative videos.

  40. Hyundai did long term testing to 300k on 1.6 1.8 and 2.0 liter engines…dome 1.8 engines have 1 million miles


  42. Ive owned several chevy Impalas and they are great runners, never failed to start, only average
    maintenance parts like bearings and such…

  43. @scottykilmer what’s a good way to keep up the maintenance on a gdi engine so it won’t have issues. I have a 2015 Kia Soul base with gdi engine.

  44. I bought a 2015 Kia Optima gdi the paperwork says 64,000, everything looks and sounds good any advice on keeping up with it?

  45. I read that using full synthetic oil, complete fuel induction every 1-2 years, and gunning the hell out of the gdi engine would help against carbon buildup. I am looking at getting a Kia Rio so gotta be prepared. lol

  46. Maybe I missed something, I watched this video start to finish and there was absolutely nothing to stress about GDI engines. What a waste of data!

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