The Best Work Light in the World and Why

The Best Work Light in the World and Why

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about light, you need light to see when
you’re working on cars there’s no
arguing that, now over the years I’ve
either bought scores of different types
of lights, or companies would send them
to me and hope that I’d use them on my
videos, I have scores of different
devices that make lights, and today I’m
gonna show you some good ones and some
bad ones, know when I started out as a
we had these drop lights, they plug into
a hundred and twenty volts electricity
and of course they work fine, but they
have drawbacks one you got to be near
120 volt supply of electricity, if it’s
raining or wet and damp and they’re
old you can get quite a shock if they short
one of these
old-fashioned drop light on top of that it’s
big and it doesn’t fit in the small
spaces, a lot of guys aren’t gonna use one
of those, people like going portable like
this mechanic light, comes with this
thing that looks like a hockey puck but
it’s got a concave piece in it so you
can put the light anywhere, and since its
magnetic, hey you can stick it up here and
can turn it to wherever you want to see
so it’s not a bad idea, though it’s relatively
expensive for the amount of light that
it gives out, its kind of a custom thing,
now over the years I’ve had billions of
different flashlights this is an
energizer, and I used them for years their
pretty good flashlight, but you got to
put in double-a batteries all the time
and over time my experience with these
things are, the switch assemblies break
down then you go buy another flashlight,
and they’re not super cheap because
they’re made out of metal they’re not
that cheap plastic stuff, but the one I use
all the time now is called sofirm
and it’s got the LEDs which don’t burn
out, but it’s got a really big advantage
check out the inside, we unscrew it, huge
battery and it’s a rechargeable battery,
I’ve had this one for years and it still
works fine, this is the 2800 milliamp
battery it’s a pretty strong battery
guys use it in some of those vapes that put
on a lot of heat for vaping they use the
same type of battery, so this thing can
last a really long time and it’s super
bright, plus it’s made out of metal and has
these little o-ring so it’s relatively
waterproof, I’ve run over this thing with
cars and didn’t do any damage at all
it’s still working really strong, now here’s
a bigger version of one of these but
I don’t like this one at all and I’ll tell
you why, it has all these different
buttons on it, and they all serve
different purposes, but it’s hard as heck
to figure out which you have to push to
turn the side on, or the front on see
it’s very confusing, hey I want a light I
want something that I push a button it
goes on, not having to figure out
which button does what, yeah let’s save
the complexity for people who want to
drive around in Mercedes Benzes, now of
course flashlights doing a disadvantage
you have to hold them in a position or
put them on something they’re gonna roll
off, so I’ll tell you one of my all-time
favorite work lights it’s not even a
work light at all, it’s this thing one of
my lights for filming on a camera tripod,
these things are dirt cheap just get a
plastic one, it’s made in China an
advantage is if you need a little light
you can have a little light, if you need
more light you get more light, you just
turn it on wherever you want it, totally
adjustable it does have a
rechargeable battery pack and the cool
thing is, they got a monitor here I just
charged this so it shows all charged, so
when it gets lower you know it’s time to
put another battery in and recharge yours,
have a spare battery pack so one’s
always charged, and hey sometimes this
thing will last a good eight hours
you don’t have to worry about running out
in the middle of a job, the best thing is
this thing was like twenty dollars and
this cheapo tripod was like 9.95 and you
can point it wherever you want,
their totally adjustable you can twirl
them around, they’re quite handy
I use this all the time when I’m working
on cars, but they’re not as
indestructible as the flashlights made
out of metal it’s all plastic, you can
see here there’s polyurethane sealer
I glued it back on cuz I broke the
Mounting part but hey what the heck it
still works fine and polyurethane sealer
is pretty strong, if it breaks again I’ll
just get it out and
just seal it back on, they’re great for
filming YouTube videos too if you want
to give yourself a hand at that and maybe
you’ll get lucky like me, when I’m
working on my old house and dark things
I just set it up and stick it in there
Hey these are really handy little
lights for the peanut amount of money
that they cost, now the next light I’m
talking about it’s a tiny light
it’s a borescope light, because it
doesn’t matter how bright your light is
if it’s in a tiny spot that you can’t
get into to see, the borescope you can
stick it down in there, this is a test
long borescope and I’ve used it for
years it’s fantastic, you can even check
for cavities if you want, but they’re
very handy for looking in nooks and
crannies for oil leaks, coolant leaks
problems that your car has, wiring that
has shaved off and the bare metal is
touching, these little borescopes are
really handy and they’ve really come
down in price lately, when I was a
younger mechanic they had borescopes
that they used on airplanes and stuff,
man those things are like five six seven
thousand dollars, these things you can
easily get really good ones for less
than 100 and you can actually get super
cheap ones for like $13 that you can
actually hook up to your cell phone
that work okay, now the last light that I’m
gonna talk about is this Lux, it’s a
safety device that you know you can
smash your window with, cut seatbelts, but
it’s got a cool light in it, now the
light in here is for people who forget
to keep things charged, there is a
battery inside and when I got it I tried
it out, and when I turn the light on it
ran for about 29 hours with the light on
full blast, and I didn’t turn it off kept
checking it took about 29 hours for it
to go to zero, but it’s got this cool
hand crank on it,
and that charges up the light but
it’s not like those old cranks these are
LEDs, LEDs don’t use the kind of power
that the old incandescent bulbs did, you
know the old ones would be warm you put
your hand on this it’s not warm it’s an
LED, so yes if you were a bad boy or girl
and you let the battery go dead or use
it for 20-something hours and it finally
went dead, if you crank this thing for
one minute it’s not that hard to crank
it will give you light for a hundred and
twenty minutes, so that’s not bad you sit
there for a minute cranking it and you
got 120 minutes of light, and you could
go on forever with that, now if I were
shipwrecked on an abandoned Island hey
this would be the light I’d want, you crank
it for one minute you get a hundred and
twenty minutes of light you can’t argue
that, and I guess you could use the
window cracker to open up coconuts too
if it was a tropical island, so now you
know how to light your car when you’re
working on it, and since this is a
mechanic monday, I’m gonna be giving
away one of these Chinese LEDs and a
little stand for filming or for fixing,
to have a chance to win just place a
clean non offensive comment on the YouTube
comments below, and a winner will be
chosen randomly by computer to get some
serious lighting for car repair, so if
you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

100 Replies to “The Best Work Light in the World and Why”

  1. That’s a great upgrade to my old led flood lamps that I connect to the car battery when I work that I have to deal with long wires but hey, I can use it any where.

  2. Back in the day, up under the dash looking to mend a wire, hot 60 watt bulb in the drop light next to the ear and a sudden bump & the bulb goes dark.

  3. I like the headlights from Coast that have a dimmer and are adjustable from spot to flood. Simple on/off switch and it’s hands free!! Batteries last Very long while dim, and you can turn it up with a lever when needed.

  4. Rev up your Mercedes SUV sinking in quicksand @the beach! I wonder if they got it out in usable condition?

  5. Finding a good light that lasts has always been a problem. I've been using the blue LED light Harbor Freight gives away. They are hard to point in the right direction though.

  6. did you say no differences using high octane fuel in vehicles. I bought 105 octane for my moto guzzi Le mans 850cc and this bike FLEW LIKE A BAT OUT OF HECK. so what’s the story, Glory?

  7. did you say no differences using high octane fuel in vehicles. I bought 105 octane for my moto guzzi Le mans 850cc and this bike FLEW LIKE A BAT OUT OF HECK. so what’s the story, Glory?

  8. Love your channel and your good natured attitude. Perhaps you can help drain the swamp. Think about it. Common sense is in short supply.

  9. I am surprised that you can get so much light time on just a 1 minute crank. My POS RadioShack emergency light requires a 2 minute crank for 2 minutes of light. What a pain.

  10. Scotty Kilmer is worth 7million dollars but when his light stand breaks he fixes it knowing it’s still perfectly good instead of buying a new one and throwing it away true humble man

  11. Thanks Scotty. I need a bore light. I presume you can get it at a parts store. I am going tomorrow. By the way Scotty, I am 60 years old, and decrepit, and I need one because I cannot get down if i do i cannot get back up unless I have a chair or something like that sitting around and hopefully i can get up with out it not turning over with me. That is why i need one. To old not to be with out one. Cheers my friend. Dr. Joe

  12. Rechargeable LED or LED light with rechargeable batteries all the way.
    Just make sure you get Samsung, Eneloop, Sanyo, LG, or any other trusted brand name batteries. Anything claiming 10,000 mAH is taking you for a ride. (Surefire is the worst lithium battery brand I've ever been tricked by.)
    You live you learn.

  13. Trouble lights is what they were called because they were trouble. Have a FREE Harbor Freight that is worth every cent I paid for it. Actually it not bad. May spend real money on a bigger one.

  14. Lots and lots of information plus very entertaining to watch. Your a man on a mission with a sense of humor. Thats awesome keep up the videos and please enter me in your give aways. Thanks a bunch.

  15. Indeed the try pod lights are awesome my buddy has one and he let me use when I was pulling the engine out of my truck was a life saver there!

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