The ARKON Lineup! || Wheel Comparison

The ARKON Lineup! || Wheel Comparison

– Hey, what’s goin’ on guys?
It’s Fuller here from Custom Offsets,
Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube.
Today we’re bringing you the Arkon lineups
so you can see these things
side by side, sort of.
Anyway, we’re startin’
off with the Arkon Lincoln
which is obviously this wheel here,
that’s why I’m talkin’ about it.
So, this wheel we’ve seen used
on a ton different applications
and that’s kinda the purpose of this video
is just to explain to you guys
the differences between
each of these wheels.
They have a ton of similarities
which you’re gonna see but they also have
some unique style differences
that make them unique.
So, the Arkon Lincoln
is obviously this big,
chunky, thick-spoked wheel
that has a really huge lip.
The finish goes all the
way back to the back,
Jarred’s are really dirty
’cause he’s got an old truck that makes
a lotta brake dust so his get dirty,
but the front, obviously you can see,
this chrome finish and then
it does go all the way back,
so there’s no ridge, so it
looks like the thing basically
has like a 12 inch lip.
But it’s also concave.
So these spokes dive
back to hub of the wheel.
Now obviously on the
front of Jarred’s truck
he’s got manual locking
hubs so he doesn’t have
the center cap on here.
We’ll probably get you
a shot of the center cap
but on the back wheels.
But just a note to mention there.
So these things, I’ve seen on anywhere
from a 25 year old Bronco
to brand new Super Duties
and just anything in between.
It really does work on
a lotta different stuff
and then obviously the big point
that Arkon wants you to know
is that these are proper directional,
meaning on one side you have
a left side and a right side
so you can be digging or swooping,
whatever your preference is,
but all the way around.
You don’t have one side going one way
and one side going the other way.
They’re proper directional.
All of them also have exposed lug nuts.
So you can run the spikes on them.
Nothin’ on the rim of the wheel,
it’s clean other than the logo,
so there’s no rivets
or anything like that.
And overall just a really
simple, really clean wheel.
Lots of space here so if you got, like,
a big brake kit or a brake caliper covers
or you got your brake calipers painted,
it looks really nice there.
So, we’ll then move on to the next wheel.
This is the Alexander and as you can see,
this wheel’s a lot more busy.
There’s a lot more going on here.
It’s still gonna be that
proper directional wheel,
meaning, again, you have a left side
and a right side, and
then the difference here,
obviously this one’s black and milled,
and you can just see that
there’s a lot of spokes going on.
I’m not gonna count them
’cause there’s just too many for that.
But, same kinda thing here,
really clean, small center cap,
as small as we could get
’em, exposed lug nuts,
a clean rim, nothing on
the rim of the wheel,
just the logo milled in there.
And then again, same kinda thing,
this one does have a ridge
just ’cause it has so many spokes
and they all come out to it.
But there’s still some concavity.
These spokes start at the
edge of the wheel here
and then they come, I’m gonna go this way,
so you can see it, but they come out
and then dive back.
So there’s a little bit of
concavity to the wheel as well,
the center of this hub is
pushed back a little bit.
So, again, just a different style
thing you got goin’ on there.
And then we completely change
it up with the next one.
This is the Arkon Cleopatra and we’ve seen
this on a lot more of the, like,
off road kinda styled trucks.
Now, this is still a 20 inch wheel on here
but it’s wrapped in 37 so
there’s a lot more rubber on here
and that’s kinda what we’re
seein’ people do with these,
especially in the smaller sizes
like the 20 by 10s an whatnot.
This wheel also does come
in a 24 by 14, however,
and then in those sizes,
we’re seein’ people use ’em
on show builds but in general,
this wheel with the spokes,
just how they’re designed,
we’re seein’ used
on a lot more of these off
road kinda looking set ups
so that’s, like, what
people are doing with these.
It’s really windy, so I’m
probably gonna blow over
at some point, but I think
we’re doin’ okay for now.
Also forgot to mention on the Alexander
which we can just point at this one.
The most popular build for
these is gonna be your Rams.
A lotta, a lotta fourth gen,
couple of fifth gen people
running these on the Rams.
Back over here.
I really don’t have a ton
more to say about this one.
Just other than four style.
You do again have a finish
that goes all the way back
so this nice black finish
goes all the way to the back.
So that, it kinda gives
that look of a deeper lip
even though there’s not a ton on here,
and, again, proper
directional, exposed lug nuts,
minimalistic center cap, and
it has some concavity to it
where the spokes dive back
towards the hub of the wheel.
Now, to show you the
next one, the Victory,
we actually have to go inside,
because if you didn’t
catch the tug of war video,
I snapped the drive
shaft on the Power Stroke
so we’ll go check that one out.
(upbeat electronic music)
So this is gonna be the
Arkon Crown Series Victory
which, as you can see,
this one is in a red finish
and this is a standard finish
that you can just pick
up right off the website.
Again, center caps are pulled outta here,
’cause I had to manually lock the hubs
when I put this thing in four low
and then broke the front drive shaft.
So, the main different
here as far as style
is gonna be that this
actually has removable pieces
so we are gonna call
it a multi-piece wheel
but not in the true sense of a front half,
back half, face, et cetera, all that.
So you can actually take this chrome ring
and pull it right outta
here. You undo this hardware.
It’s real metal hardware.
It’s not plastic.
And then you can have that
painted any color you want
or run it the, like, chrome that it comes.
But we’re seein’ a lotta
people do custom finish options
and we really designed this
wheel so that you could do that.
If you think about it, if you wanted
to paint the outside black
and the inside lime green,
say, if you pop off this ring,
you don’t have to worry so
much about your tape line
because then you just
put that ring back on
and it’s gonna hide it.
So it makes this wheel
really easy to customize
and do custom finishes on it.
Again, when you do look at the center cap,
minimalistic, as small as can be,
even on the eight lug trucks,
exposed lug nuts still
and I think that pretty
much rounds it out.
Again, big lip, also a
little bit of concavity
where it dies back just a smidge.
This big twisted pattern.
A little more busy but kinda gives
that high end luxury feel
and these are mostly gonna be seen
on your big show trucks in the big sizes.
So, that’s the Arkon line up.
If you have any questions on ’em,
check ’em out on the website.
I guarantee ya the link’s
in the description.
And that’s all I got, peace.
(upbeat electronic music)

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