[TEST] PSVR PlayStation VR : Mini Motor Racing X de Binary Mill, un challenger pour Touring Karts ?

[TEST] PSVR PlayStation VR : Mini Motor Racing X de Binary Mill, un challenger pour Touring Karts ?

Hello friends of PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR
Virtual Reality is Laurent from VR4player. Last week Majaw introduced you to
Touring Karts in test on our channel. We warned you, the MarioKart like
are on the rise right now and others games of this style will arrive in the next few days
weeks. Today we offer you the Mini test
Motor Racing X from the Australian studio The Binary Mill… So better or worse than Touring
Karts of Ivanovich Games? The Australian development studio The
Binary Mill offers us today its next game VR: Mini Motor Racing X We know
already this studio on PlayStation VR, we’re must Gun Club VR and Rush VR. Before setting foot in the VR, the studio
specialized in the design of games for mobile phones and Mini Motor
Racing X is a VR adaptation of one of their Mobile licenses (as was the case
Gun Club by the way). So there’s no need to worry about
this studio, we’re not at all in the process to talk here about a mobile VR port
but rather a derivative game designed to the VR. Mini Motor Racing X is out for the first time
times on iOS in 2011 and it can be said that it was a hit on the App Store. The title that will most closely resemble Mini
Motor Racing X is clearly Tiny Trax from FuturLab studio. The concept is closer to the management of
small cars on a remote-controlled circuit. Players guide the small cars around
a runway in view from above (bird flight). And now I can already hear you say: But this
has NOTHING to do with Touring Karts! The answer is no, not at all… to do
the reconciliation, you have to switch to VR view in the first person…. Mini Motor Racing X is a racing game type
ARCADE, so don’t look for a lot of settings in all kinds to refine your time….
Like any racing game, well, there’s no of scenario… We’re going to invent a quick one
! You are qualified to participate in the world championship of small cars….
it’s up to you to win the prize! No note so on the script, he has a nice zero,
but don’t worry, this note is not recorded on the final score! There you go. There you go.
It’s over! It’s over! We’re moving on to Mini’s hard core. Motor Racing X! The Gameplay! On paper, Mini Motor Racing X offers
a list of characteristics that do not will not leave you indifferent!
Mini Motor Racing X will offer a Career mode with dozens of cars to unlock.
and to improve, four championships: Beginners, Normal, Difficult and Expert. The icing on the cake, a multiplayer mode
online is also available to face 3 friends on one of the 52 available environments. Mini Motor Racing X also being compatible
in non-VR on PS4, you will be able to play in 1vs1 locally, one on the console
and the other with the PlayStation VR on the head. You can play Mini Motor Racing X from
full in different ways. The vast majority of views will allow you to
to see small cars as a circuit in front of you… But it’s not
clearly not what a player is looking for in VR! What he wants is a MarioKart
in an VR sitting in the car with a view to the first person! And it’s a good thing
since Mini Motor Racing X allows you to to immerse yourself in these mini tours! So it’s on the point of pure piloting
and hard that all our attention will be focused on now!
We’re in the super-assisted mega arcade…. Cars stick to the ground like a rail,
and you won’t really need to measure it out. your braking or acceleration… and
this is the main flaw of Mini Motor Racing X. You start your race with the joysticks on.
without ever having to brake. However, this problem is less troublesome on
top views (circuit views). Another negative point to be specified, your car
will hang on to the road in the same way whether you are on a snow circuit, on a snow circuit, on a
mud or dry bitumen! We would also have appreciated more differences
in the characteristics of the vehicles. Mini Motor Racing X is not a disaster
either in terms of gameplay… he deserves just to be improved. Concerning the Racing X mode, it includes in
in addition to the classic mode, a few weapons. Here the developers were not inspired by
of tablets present on the circuit for the to deliver you a weapon by passing over it,
you will be entitled to one weapon per turn: A research missile, a mechanical key
that will go all over the place like a boomerang and who can come back to you, a shield
that will protect you from an attack and that will will send a tornado on your opponents and
finally, the traditional mines to be placed or whatever you want! On this particular point,
Mini Motor Racing X is rather poor…. Finally, the game is played at DualShock
4 but it is also compatible with flying and PS Move… About PS
Move, we’re still looking at how to tour with these last ones, it doesn’t seem completely
finished on that side! Regarding the graphics, we are clearly
on one of the game’s strong points. As much as Touring Karts could sting the eyes
with an omnipresent aliasing, animations and rather naughty textures, both in
Mini Motor Racing X, you will be satisfied. The game is clean, optimized PS4 Pro day One,
no aliasing, the lighting is very bright beautiful. From a Graphic Design point of view, Mini Motor
Racing X totally atomizes Touring Karts !
In view from above, the circuits are splendid. It’s in the first person VR mode
that we can note some textures coarser. Not very advanced modeling camouflaged
with more elaborate textures but it’s Overall a success! The Mini Motor Racing X sound track is only
not exceptional but it does however his work. Each level will have its own music….
that we may or may not like, but the variety is on the agenda. The music in the main menu, on the other hand, becomes
very quickly force-feeding to loop! In the first person VR view, we
would have liked very different sounds for each vehicle and maybe some noise
of the engine more marked. So there would be little things to review
on the soundtrack but nothing really alarming. There are not many games of this type
in the PlayStation VR catalogue. And on all MarioKart like (we’re going to
so called even if Mini Motor Racing X is closer to FuturLab’s Tiny Trax in
its approach, the game of The binary Mill is probably one of those who will propose you
the best VR immersion. We take the time to look at the scenery,
we take pleasure in fighting to finish first, it’s imperfect but enough to become
an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Immersion is a must! Mini Motor Racing X is complete… If you
like races like this, you’re going to to have a thousand reasons to come back to this game! Your
first challenge will be to win all the stroke of the first cut in easy mode….
and then, after just finding it too much easy, you’re going to continue on to the cut
normal… then the difficult and expert mode. But it won’t be over! You will be able to
also win all races in mode unarmed classic, play online with
friends, break records… Replayability is there and if you like games
of very arcade-type karting, so it’s a very good choice! The ratio Quality / Price / duration is only
not that ridiculous when you see the content that the game offers. The quality is imperfect but largely
above average, the price may seem like high but given its content, the ratio remains
however very interesting. The game’s lifespan for a real fan of
genre is spread over several ten hours and more to finish it… If there are people
on the servers, Mini Motor Racing X can be a must have! To conclude,
Mini Motor Racing X is not strictly speaking talk about a real MarioKart VR, he gets closer
more than tiny Trax, so a circuit game of small cars. But the developers proposed a version
VR with first person view, a view from above the roof of the cars, as well as
than weapons in the Racing X version. The I was therefore adapted and not thought of
the basis for getting closer to a MarioKart Like. The whole is solid despite some shortcomings
of a gameplay far too arcade, we would have liked a little more basic driving, like
the ability to slide, brake, accelerate or more difference between vehicles….
it would have made the title more interesting online. Despite this, the developers are getting by
pretty well. The game is really very nice, clean, not aliased
(and it feels good when compared to other games). The title is patched PS4 Pro Day one and offers
a frame rate at 120 fps! Yes, ma’am! Yes, ma’am! Mini Motor Racing X (just like Touring karts)
will not be the long-awaited MarioKart Like but he’s not that far from it….
and remains a very good one despite its shortcomings game like this on PlayStation VR! Here you go, folks, it’s over for this
Quick Test of Mini Motor Racing X. We count on you for the high thumbs (We
reminds you that it is our channel that you judge with your thumbs high and not the
game presented! ), share the video as soon as that you have the opportunity, it helps us
a lot! Don’t forget to subscribe and check the little bell for nothing
miss our next videos. See you later, friends, bye bye!

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  1. J'ai testé le jeu il est très beau il fait donc penser beaucoup comme tu le dis en vidéo a- tiny trax par contre je n'ai pas réussi à jouer en mode première personne en vr

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