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Tag - Technology

Munish | Sep 14 2008
bikes at goodwood image 2jpg
Following are the pictures of some of the bikes that showcased at the Goodwood festival of Speed 2007. From vintage to the latest ones it was a delight for every bike lovers' eyes. It was a good blend of bikes and bikers abilities. Only thing I...
Parul | Sep 10 2008
hypabusa image
The Suzuki GSX 1300R, also known as the Hayabusa, is a hypersport motorcycle introduced in 1999. The name Hayabusa is the Japanese term for the Peregrine Falcon, known for its speed, and perhaps a joke at the expense of the Honda CBR1100XX Super...
Harshpaul | Sep 10 2008
aita helmets
The Aita network of stores has added new helmets for autumn-winter 2007-2008 period. The new models look trendy and cool, and ofcourse, work well towards safety, the first priority for helmets. This new collection features 25 new designs for...
Vishal | Sep 10 2008
Panasonic's Cycle Web Studio has launched an electric bike that features a nickel metal hydride battery that can take you 20 miles on a single charge. And for rest of the distance you can always rely on your leg muscles. The bike is available in...
Naveen | Sep 10 2008
hydrocell bike
If your bank account is restraining you to get a fuel cell-powered Honda FCX or Chevy Sequel car, you can still honor your eco-friendly values with the Hydrocell bike. Developed by a British company dubbed Valeswood Technology Development , this bike.
Harshpaul | Sep 10 2008
yamaha tesseract
Yamaha's new motorcycle, the Tesseract is very different from what you would expect a motorbike to be, simply because this one has four wheels. An additional pair of rims provide extra stability, but still the driver is able to lean the bike around...
Harshpaul | Sep 10 2008
What makes the Victory Vision special? The bike is as good as it gets with sleek looks and a powerful 106 c.i. V-Twin with a six-speed transmission. It's fuel tank can take in six gallons of fuel that ensures you go a long distance before you get your..
Parul | Sep 9 2008
votronic bluebike system
Votronic is offering BlueBike system which is a Modular Communication System. The system allows the rider to be in touch with the outside world whilst riding. The helmets have Bluetooth and can be tuned as per the necessities. The two basic helmet..
Munish | Sep 9 2008
brp can am spyder
Here is some more good news for all you adrenaline junkies trying to catch every bit of exhilaration whenever possible; Can-Am Spyder Roadster from BRP is set to get you all on the road with a style statement. This raging speedster carries a Rotax.
Munish | Sep 9 2008
die moto image 1
Michael Sturtz along with his team of environmentally conscious vehicle enthusiasts has developed a custom built performance diesel motorcycle at the Crucible, an innovative industrial arts education facility at Oakland, California. The motorcycle is...

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