SYNC® 3 Navigation: Advanced Features | Ford How-To | Ford

SYNC® 3 Navigation: Advanced Features | Ford How-To | Ford

Your SYNC 3 navigation system
delivers audible directions,
travel information and
maps to any destination you desire.
But there may be a few things you’re still
not familiar with that can help make using
it a little simpler.
Let me tell you about them.
To cancel a route that you’ve
set from the navigation screen
touch the Controls button
on the bottom left corner.
Menu, Cancel Route,
then Yes in the pop-up.
To view a turn by turn list,
touch Controls,
Menu, Screen View and then Turn List.
To return to full-screen map view,
simply touch anywhere on the map.
If you’d like to change
the map orientation,
press the navigation arrow
in the top right corner.
Here, you can view it by the current
direction your vehicle is traveling,
3D view or true north.
To add a favorite destination,
again, touch Controls, Destination,
Favorites, then Add a Favorite.
Next, type in a destination address and
hit Save.
The address will be saved in
the favorites list for easy access.
If you prefer not to
have audible directions,
you can always mute the system by
simply pressing the speaker icon.
To unmute, press it again.
And finally, to zoom in or
out on the map, you can either press the
plus to zoom in and the minus to zoom out.
Or press the aerial distance next
to the plus and minus buttons.
You can also pinch and
zoom directly on the touch screen.
Any questions?
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  1. thats a new nav icon from 3.0, when is the update coming out? more importantly when is the first nav map update coming?

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