SUV Santa Fe 2019 Выбери меня !!! Почему именно Hyundai???

SUV Santa Fe 2019 Выбери меня !!! Почему именно Hyundai???

Hello everyone today I have an unusual
video I will not do the exhaust system
do create a gun race today I’m on
to plunge into the sea and breathe this
mountain air we drove more than 4000
miles and I never thought that I
I will make such a journey by car
the brand I know myself
driving Japanese cars
production, American cars are familiar
firsthand. it could even be a German.
but this is hyundai.
I wonder who some of the owners
hyundai called my car the Hand or
it is more habitual to hear on the Russian Hyundai.
write its opinion about how should
to be called this car in oral speech
subscribers of my channel know how much
any work I spend with machines
for me it was always Hyundai
it’s like a dumpster for mitsubishi Japanese
make new technology and old merge
rather, it turns hyundai with this
opinion I lived until this year I even not
imagined that kia and hyundai
it’s the same company but so
it turned out that we decided to buy
new family car before
our cars were toyota rav4
ninth year and nissan murano 14 years
this cars for family it carries children
carry products building materials to the country
although this is not about me and we often
liked to dump somewhere like that
a thousand miles from home
we perfectly represent what family
the car we need it should be
unkillable crossover like toyota rav4 but
more comfortable and modern such as
nissan murano
but at least the Lama whose and without CVT
the variable I in General never in life
not buy
even if aliens make it yet
one problem with this car is diesel
now, while traveling in Europe, u
I was under the impression that absolutely
all cars here drive diesel
and gasoline prices are now comparable to
gold prices and I have wells
oil and the tax on diesel
is obtained in and a half-two times less under
compare power who does not understand this
comparison look at the second
the scale characteristic of the machines is
the torque of the diesel it just
one and a half-two times more than we have
charged with horsepower
in General we went to Toyota and met
nothing but a wooden fortuner
the impression was that the engineers
Toyota returned to the past so 20 years
when designing this machine down they
of course is worth a new murano
here the situation is absolutely the opposite and
the feeling is that the engineers went
on turnover in the future and have made super
fancy interior but at the same time
they brought their shit engine and
of course the CVT then we went to the
look cx-9 all of course with steeply but
gasoline only
next we went to no in mitsubishi we
didn’t even come in
a survey on their eclipse cross forgive
me for your text messages for this
the combination of likely this outlander
cross review them this review this review
I already did on my channel it was mine
the first experience in the role of reviewers passed
by Appel once about 5 years ago when we
bought murano
we already went to opel but popular rumor
says that any machine over time
turns to dust and looking at them
models we once again convinced of this
so a path in this firm we forgotten
we went to Kia there is no prime not
the prime! and sorento Prime
the list of options is certainly impressive in it
have made perhaps all that until today’s
invented in the automotive industry.
cute but not Ah but the salon honestly
speaking sucks it feels like she
chopped with an axe and then came to me
to go to the salon Hyundai I don’t know why
salons and are located with all the rest
salons in the same area but the cabins
located somewhere on the outskirts of the city
spend a lot of time while we found in
available in Moscow
the machine we need a complete set and
the desired color so meet this
Hyundai Santa Fe
we bought and a week before our trip
in Europe because of our CVT
nissan murano began to serve the first
death literally since
ended his warranty we are behind
4 thousand kilometers from home and it’s not
review santa fe
I don’t do car reviews.
my personal impression from personal
I watched some video reviews
santa fe
before you start recording your
a story and I won’t tell you about
as plastic in the cabin or about what
honda differs from other cars
we drove more than seven thousand kilometers
was mountain passes
city traffic jams sandy beaches and
expressways I’ll tell you what
I learned about this machine my impression about
nah what I liked about this car huh
most importantly the that there is no greater part of
of emotions gained from owning this machine
for 1 day skirmishes this mileage I recorded
on video in the form of two anti reviews
the story turned out great
in the first part I will tell you that
disappointed and pleased santa fe in the outside
the more memorable the work of the motor and
his electronic computer as much as nicknames what
transmission modes
I used and how much fuel and and
could she cope with our
off-road needs and what I think
about her four-wheel drive
and the second part is devoted to lotions
interior and trunk
electronic security system
maintenance and even repair
new restored ahead for you two
long and hopefully informative
story this is my anti santa fe review
and to watch was more interesting and excitement
here’s my competition for you.
of the story, I’m going to put likes and
dislikes this car and the one who guesses
or count the exact number of these
he will receive a cash prize from you
numbers in comments and availability
Bank card for transfer well and
of course signature on my canal write
see and do not forget to put yourself
likes dislikes my work all
good luck to all bye

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  1. Ё, Hola comrade, что то я это ужо видел, либо это дежавю….=D делал ставку 8-10. помню помню =)

  2. Да ну! Вы первый блогер кто правильно произносит название марки- Хёндэ! Не ожидал, рад.

  3. петровац, красота, отель этот недостроенный до сих пор…отличная картинка, отдельный жирный лайк за красавицу на мойке.

  4. Почему же Вы не пошли смотреть Mitsubishi Pajero Sport ? Дизель есть, гидро АКПП, честный полный привод и блокировки. По горам и по песку куда бы лучше ехал этот MPS.

  5. Хёндэ. Дочь летом приезжала,сразу поправила ).
    С другом. Хёнг Гэн зовут. Живут в Корее. В Пусане. Типа зять 😑

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