Sushi Robot and Patisserie Robot : DigInfo

Sushi Robot and Patisserie Robot : DigInfo

At FOOMA JAPAN 2009, the international food machinery and technology exhibition, people’s attention was caught by robots that handle food with hands just like human ones. Here, sushi is being carried by a sushi robot using a robot arm (M-430iA) manufactured by FANUC. The hand, which has a silicone skin just like a person’s, moves the sushi between chopping boards. Here, baumkuchen is being carried by a patisserie robot, using a robot arm (V Series) from Denso Wave. Both the robots use robot hands from SQUSE. By moving artificial muscles using air pressure, soft foods such as sushi and baumkuchen can be carried without losing their shape or being dropped. The arm is controlled by air pressure, and it can grasp
objects with various shapes using the same control. We have developed pneumatic
actuators called artificial muscles. The main feature of these is that even when air is injected, the pressure is released in accordance
with the form of an object. By sending air to a pressure-driven actuator, the actuator
can be contracted, in a way that resembles a pantograph. The pneumatic actuator has an interior pouch made of inflatable plastic and rubber, and an outer pouch woven from textile material. Tendons are connected to each side of the exterior pouch. This actuator weighs only about one gram, but its tensile force, which is proportional to the supply pressure and the surface area of the inner pouch, exceeds 10 N. Ultimately, we aim to achieve a functional prosthetic hand. Also, as many tasks on assembly lines are still
not automated, and require human hands, we think our robot hands could be
used to do such manual tasks. The prototypes demonstrated here are not intended for actual factory use. But there is expected to be a need for such robot hands, in food processing and other plants that require hygienic operations.

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  1. I'm afraid that hand, is like that all ….. real! , Already!, Ripped off someone's hand to make that second hand so real!!!!

  2. @Corbin2908 : Did you actually watch the vid? The Sushi and Strawberries are merely demonstrations objects, meant to show that robo hand is gentle enough to pick them up without crushing them.

  3. Japan: Manual labour is fucking stupid, let's make robots.
    Europe: Let's see if we can find more answers about the universe by colliding these particles.

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  5. @SkyeFische Yep. Our body is also made of metal you know. Actually, I dunno whether silicon is a metal or a gas. Meh.

  6. 今このとき日本の企業や研究者が利害を超えて結集すれば本当にいいものがすぐできるのに…

  7. nope, i was addressing your categorization of silicon which is a metalloid (which can also be a gas or liquid at the right temp/pressure).. human hands are obviously not metal, like the video mentions, that error is probably due to a language/translation problem, silly japanese

  8. They probably took a mould of a real person's hand, and it would be useless to go to the effort of getting rid of the fingernails…


  10. haha right, cause americans are retarded completely, their government abuse that. Let the people believe intheir shitty beliefs and well ruin the country to 🙂

  11. That generally depends on whether you're trying to make a machine that can do a well defined task very quickly and efficiently, or a machine that can adapt to undertaking a range of different tasks relatively slowly. You won't find any humanoids in manufacturing plants just yet, but that might well change in the era of 'mass customisation'.

  12. Japan: (start Terminator music) show field full of skulls
    Europe: (start "Flight of the Valkyries ") Show huge gaping crater
    USA: (start "God Bless America") Show fat people praying for japan and Europe.

  13. care with it can be used wit bad motive like mafia in the politics can put a robot like president and control all of us mai be kill the real president then reamplace with this robot and  lie people robot is progrmable and can not have soul  it dousen quetion his own self what os good robot progrmable manipulable human no can question can change to refomles any priciples robot not and this is perfecto for the oligaky. care if putin there should a law thats have to take care putin i felling this is to tentation some trasnacional or mafia will want to try it

  14. Why would I want it to look like a hand, instead of something more sanitary?
    I see nothing impressive about a robot hand moving objects from one place to another. This has nothing to do with a sushi robot. It's just a robot that moves objects.

  15. "The hand which has a silicon skin, just like a persons, moves the sushi between cutting boards." 0:27  Persons do not have a silicon skin.

  16. Think its looks so creepy because they made it look like a human hand attached to an robot arm. Rather they just made it be a robot hand and not make it look more human.

  17. Still…a rather amazing feat of robotics to shuttle around something as delicate as sushi [actually sashimi in this case], without damaging it!  But the title of this video is misleading — I expected a robot that could PREPARE sushi!  Now that would be an INCREDIBLE feat!

  18. Innovators will tell you that robots are for carrying out repetitive laborious tasks so that humans can do more constructive things.  Unfortunately for the myriad of production-line workers replaced by robots, being unemployed is not particularly constructive.

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  20. The hand is racist! It has no skin color! Kinda looks like a white guys hand! White privilege rules again…………. Yep, I`m a white guy… Fuck you Libtards, snowflakes, millennial dumbasses, BLM and, Trump protestors… I am proud of my heritage too. Get over it!

  21. By the time that picks things up a person with arms or artificial limbs could have picked up 20 by then.

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