Greetings to all of you, my friends. I promised you I would make a video at the weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do this weekend due to adverse weather conditions. There was a heavy wind and rain in Izmir as well. Weekdays, wednesday and thursday I received permission from the workplace to take this video to you. Because my channel is really important for me. I care a lot about this channel. I am using my own annual leave for those works for you. I hope that we will carry this channel to very good places all together. Our car has been in the project for a long time as you know. The car was uncovered on due to the Headlight Washer and Fog Lamp project. Engine bay and other components were highly dusted As you already know the parking lot is also sandy. Not having a concrete floor. So the inside of our engine bay was filled with sand and dust. Now you can find out how to perform this detailed cleaning process. Let’s see how we clean the engine and how to protect this cleaning for a long time. Yes, dear friends, let me show you the current status of our engine bay.. Sun is both an advantage and disadvantage. Advantage, we see stains better. The disadvantage is that make reflections and take our eyes. Yeah.. As you know, I’ve cleaned the engine before. But this sand and dust is such a bad thing. It’s everywhere, reaching everywhere. There’s little dust in those areas. We will see how we will overcome them. I’m being asked questions about engine washing. There are two different ideas on engine washing. According to an opinion, it is best to wash with diesel. In one view, it is best to wash with water. As for how I did it, when I bought the car, I washed my engine with lukewarm water and engine cleaner. In doing so, I cover the distributor. Then I started the engine and let it dry. Then I parked my car in a place and dry everywhere with a towel. Thus, we prevented the possible traces of lime. I’ve always used this method so far and I’m extremely satisfied. Some people say that this method is harmful, the diesel is more useful. But my idea is to wash your car’s engine with water using a pressure washer. But then start the engine and let it dry. Then park in a suitable area and rinse all wet areas with towel. Of course, after this washing, your engine doesn’t glitter immediately, folks. You need to take a wet wipes and reach each area, even the smallest points, and clean it one by one. The reason I choose a wet wipe is that it is a thin material and it can be easily reach at narrow places. For very difficult dirt, I prefer cellulosic thinner. But don’t forget it, except for the painted surfaces. You can use cellulosic thinner to remove heavy dirt, rust and oil stains. Another issue is our manifold cover. It was also quite dusty and dirty. I want to repaint that too. Three bolts hold this cover on manifold. But since it is very close to the radiator, it may be necessary to remove the radiator and fans to remove it. Therefore, I can choose the masking method to paint the manifold cover. Because I already painted it before. I can clean the dust on it and make a refreshing paint with heat-resistant paint. Let’s start with these steps and see what we’re going to do, folks. This will be a long video. Yes, my friends. Our work continues at full speed. I took a break because my camera was discharged. Also It was full of memory. I took a break to clear him. We’re running out of time. It’s getting dark again. We have about an hour. I’ve been working on engine cleaning for about four hours. We have done a detail cleaning work with wet wipes. But now we’re going into the real detail work. We’il start soon. First of all, let’s loosen our exhaust manifold cover from its bolts and masking it then paint it. So the paint dries up tomorrow. Then let us do other detail work. We won’t be able to remove our complete manifold cap. This is because the radiator and air conditioning fan prevent us from removing the manifold cover. For this operation, you should remove the complete radiator unit including hoses. I don’t need this type of treatment right now, because I’ve painted this before. You can already paint as above diagonally. Now let me show you these things. Yes, my friends. This is the area I told you about. The distance between our manifold cover and the radiator fan is too narrow. Below you see the O2 sensor output. But if we do not remove this cover completely, we can loosen the screws and make it masking. Thus, we can make the paint more comfortable. Let’s do this works now. Let’s try to paint our manifold cap before it gets dark. Yes, my friends. three 12mm bolts holds our manifold cover. Now let’s loosen them up. Here are three bolts. They’re a little rusty. Before reinstalling, we clean them with WD40. Yes, our manifold cover can now come out as you can see. The compressor protection panel next to it is holding it. My aim was to get this cover forward. We will not remove the following O2 sensor completely. Because it’s an old sensor. I can’t risk any break or twist in the O2 sensor. It’s just enough for me to get our manifold cover a little forward. Thus, we can do the masking process from this range and we can do the painting process. I can loosen and pull that protection bracket. This will make the manifold cover move more easily. I’ve seen the bolt of this 12. Let him loosen it up. It’s 10. Let’s get a 10-header. Let’s loosen this up. Yeah.. Because these areas are narrow areas, work slowly and carefully. Because the bolts are old. When any bolt breaks, this time there will be a bigger problem. You’il have to go to the turner. Yes, this process is also complete. Let’s check it. How much is moving. It gives us the workspace we need. Yes it’s okay. I’ve got the cover of the manifold on the front, friends. This will give me enough work space. Thats good. Now I’m going to clean up the dust on the upper part, and then we’re going to paint. Yeah, folks. I have just made a new discovery. Now I want to tell you this. I told you, it’s extremely difficult to get the manifold cover out of here before the radiator and fans are removed. But I found a method. Let me show you this right away. There’s an O2 sensor in there. They’ve made a wide opening on our cover. Here we gently pass the cable of the O2 sensor. When you remove the cable from the inside out, you are freeing it from the cover. The next step is to pull the manifold cover upwards by gently stretching the air conditioning hose to the front. I’il show you this right now. We stretch it slightly like this and remove the manifold cap without damaging it. As you can see, we removed our cover without damaging any place. This is the case under our cover. As you can see, it wants some paint. Let me lightly paint this area with heat-resistant paint. Then I’m gonna paint this manifold cover. Its get ready till tomorrow. Get ready and clean. Since we’re cleaning the engine. Let’s do it exactly. See you, fellas. Greetings to all of you, my friends. Today we are working on engine cleaning again. We’re on our second work day. We continue to detailed works. We painted our manifold cover yesterday. it is now dried up and waiting to be mounted. I have a few details before I put it on. I’il do them. I have a product. A product that you can easily find in the markets again. First of all, I’d like to point out, friends. You don’t need branded and very expensixe products for this type of detailed cleaning works. In the groups on Facebook or other social platforms, there is always an introduction, work and praise of expensive products. When you look at the product, they are very expensive like 200 – 250 – 300 TL. (25 – 50 USD) Yes, you should use some materials with good quality. But the products you use for cleaning purposes do not need to be too expensive ones. I’m using a material called Asprin. It is referred to as Mintax in Şok markets. I use two cleaning products. One is cellulosic thinner and the other is Asprin general cleaner. It is used as general cleaner. You can use rely on these materials. But I warn you about cellulosic thinner again. Please do not use on painted surfaces and soft plastic surfaces. If you are using it, then clean it immediately. As I said, never use on painted surfaces. But you can use the general cleansing agent called as aspirin at everywhere. These products are sold in red bottles in markets. This is a general cleaning material. You can also use it for seat cleaning, as in the engine. You can use it without problems. The important thing is to apply in a best way and enter into details. Clean every point. They ask me, “How is the car so clean? How is the engine so clean?” That’s how it happens. I worked on about five hours yesterday. I cleaned everything with a wet wipes. Moreover, this was a previously washed engine. I did this because it was dusted. Now I’m going into detail processing with Mintax (Asprin) and Cellulosic Thinner. This will take about two hours. After this process, I will renew the tapes of the cable harnesses. We’re gonna use that pair. We dont need very expensive products for this work. Of course they have quality products. For example, after all the processes are finished, I will apply the last coat of protection polish to the engine. I prefer this polish from the Würth brand. I’ve used it before and I was very pleased. I will use this product again. This product will delay dusting and contamination. We’il use it this way. Our labor is not going to be wasted. Now let me begin the detailed cleaning process. I’il clear out all the rest points. Then I’m going to complete the missing tapes in harness. Since these studies take too long (about 4-5 hours), I pass them at 50x speed. My 5-hour work will see you as about 2-3 minutes. The goal is not to annoy you. Because it’s not interesting to watch a person constantly cleaning. I want you to see the result and I wanted you to know how much time this work took. Now let’s start with this process. See you. Yes, dear friends. Detailed cleaning operations are in progress. I can say 80% is over. Now, let’s try to install our manifold cover. Let’s go to this work together. Here’s our manifold cover. It was extremely nice. Painted with heat-resistant paint. Really amazing. Now let’s install it instead. Yeah, folks, we put our manifold cover and now we’re going to bolt it in. I’m gonna put this bolt back on, folks. Because there are cable bands that need to be renewed. First, let’s do the harness renovation. Then we’il put the bolt back together. Yeah, folks, as you can see, we’ve installed our exhaust manifold cover. Bolts are also installed. It was extremely nice. Looks so good. Now the rest of the other detail operations came. First of all, let’s refresh the harness tapes. Let’s do a nice detail work here. Likewise in this region there are stripped bands. Let’s clear these areas and make a general check. Then lets continue our work. Yeah, folks. We have completed all our cleaning works. I did the final checks. I don’t see any problems. I can’t see any dusty spots. I have a suggestion before the polish application. Every place should be clean and free of dust before polishing. Because the polish we use is a sticky material. It adheres onto the surfaces and forms a layer of protection. If the bottom surface is dusty, the wax adheres to it and you need to use cellulosic thinner to remove the bad appearance. This polish is not an easily removed material. Therefore, please make sure that the surface is extremely clean before application. As far as I can see, there is no problem. We are now ready to polish. Let’s start polishing. Yes, dear friends. I will introduce the product we will use. Würth engine polish I’ve used before. Its really a quality product. A nice product. The property of the product is to form a layer on the surface on which it is applied, then keeping the dust, dirt and moisture away from it. I want to give you a warning. Cover up a portion of the windscreen with masking tape. Because when the product adheres to the glass, it is extremely difficult to clean. You need to use cellulosic thinner. This is a pretty tiring and dirty job. So please mask the windshield to a certain point so that you do not experience any problems later. Now let’s start to our application. Yeah, folks. As you can see, we apply a complete can material to our engine. Now let’s wait for this polish to dry. Then let’s look at the result together. Yeah, folks. Our polish is dry enough. Now open the hood and look at the result. I wonder how Its been look. About half an hour passed. During this time, polish was dried. Now let’s open the hood and see how it’s been together. Open the hood and see together. Waooww Here are the results I want to see my friends. Our cars deserve this cleaning. Really Perfect. Now I’m going to get you a close-up shot. Let’s live this beauty together. Yeah, folks. Here’s our two-day effort. It’s really amazing. As I said, we had a lot of project work with this car. We’ve done long projects. As a result of this process, the car was dusted. But now it’s back in her old days. I Hope this has been a video you have enjoyed, friends. Because I really enjoy to make this works. For these works, I used the two-day annual leave. Because I promise you. I told you I was gonna shoot video for the weekend, but I couldn’t. Due to adverse weather conditions. But I made this promise during the week. If you want to support me, please subscribe to my channel. Share the videos, and like them. Because I really care about this channel. I hope we will come to much better places together. See you, my dear friends.
Take care of yourself. Goodbye.


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