Subletting a Giant Robot

Subletting a Giant Robot

– Well gang, looks like I’m
about to head out on vacation. You sure you’ll be okay without me? – Oh yeah, we have
nothing to worry about now that we’ve defeated Frogoad! – Oh God, that half toad,
half frog monstrosity will be haunting my nightmares. – Cool, Well, I’ll be back in a week. Don’t touch my stuff! (beaming siren) (Car Honking) (Birds Chirping) ♪ Ultramechatron Team Go! ♪ ♪ It’s a giant automatic
punching robot of war ♪ ♪ But it can only be
controlled by the chosen four ♪ ♪ So now they’re working
fast and live together ♪ ♪ In the Ultramechatron ♪ ♪ Ultramechatron Team Go! ♪ – It feels so empty in here. – Yeah, totally. We should sublet her room. – Rent money! – She’s only gone for a week. – Yeah, but rent money. Rent money! – Rent money! Rent money! Rent Money! Rent Money! Rent… ( Upbeat Guitar Cords) – So, we hope it’s not too small – No, no, dude are your kidding? This is tight. Like, I’m a part of the
Ultramechatron Team now. Like, What? – Um, I wouldn’t go that far your, your more of a, like a guest. – Yeah! Oh! (laser zaps) Here you go! Here you go! Take that! – That’s very dangerous. Stop pressing the buttons. (lasers zapping) – [Subletter] Take that count Dracula! (Drum roll) – You know our last
subletter didn’t work out but I feel like we can trust you. – Yes, you can. I care not one wit for the
secrets of the Ultramechatron nor how it shall soon be mine. – So comforting to hear that. – As the worm eats aware
at the fruit from the core and the termite gnaws at the
foundations of a structure. I too shall not behave in that way . – Okay, well it sounds like got it. Just don’t touch the controls. – Yeah, well cash your rent check and you’ll be good to go. – Uh, Okay one thing…
that should be fine but don’t cash it today. – But you do have the money? – How about this, can we
do a prorated thing because I’m probably only going
to be here for the day to download the secrets of
the Ultramechatron, I mean! ( Upbeat Guitar Cords) – So, the last tenant was
kind of a deadbeat but you look like your good for it. – That’s right I’m a
consultant Acrodyne Services. I’ve got the cash ready to go. – Do you think you can respect our space? – Oh, absolutely, yes, yes. I don’t plan on spending any time here. – Oh, so then why are
you subletting the space? – Oh, I intend to establish
this as my primary residence since the Ultramechatron
is technically it’s own Sovereign entity and
tend to exploit that so I can avoid paying taxes
on my massive fortune. So, do we have a deal? – Hey, do you mind pulling
that lever to your right? – Oh, yeah. (Alarm sounds) (intense heavy metal music) – We have to stop trying
to find subletters. – Oh, come on. The new guys great. – He’s subletting the sublet
to a bunch of roommates. – Shhh, No! No, it’s just me in here! – See, everything’s school, he’s fine. – Woops, sorry wrong room. – I think Trish is right. – Oh, woops, sorry. – Ugh, we didn’t make any money – Did I leave my phone in here? – No! – Okay Sorry. – It’s up! The head is up! – Wow, Looks like the Ultramechatron
is still in one piece. That separate into other
pieces as is its design. – We’re responsible, yeah. – Tell us about your trip. – Give me one sec guys I just need to use the bathroom first. – Bathroom! (yelling) [Team Member Four] What did
you guys do to my bathroom!? – AHHHHH!

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  1. I dont understand why they didn't like the guy at 2:43? He was intelligent and all he was doing was making the system work for him. Is hating on that a liberal thing or what? I dont get it.

  2. That girl that keeps wandering between different rooms. She was in the fake battery review video, why can't she come back more often?

  3. Want this series to boom?

    Make Brennan the diabolical/permanent enemy of the chosen 4 and integrate him to the series every episode: done.

  4. I CAN NOT HANDLE BRENNAN'S CHARACTER AND MANNER OF SPEECH. 2 seconds into his lines and I was squirmy uncomfortably with glee.

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