Stepper Motor – Simple, DIY

Stepper Motor – Simple, DIY

Here’s something I thought you might find
amusing This is a stepper motor circuit
Stepping motors are used in things like printers to position the paper exactly, to move it
forward and backwards. They are also used in laser printers, fax
machines… This came out of a old printer
It’s a crude one, I think it turns 1/24 of a turn at a step
You can get them in steps of 48 and something like that
They come in finer and finer motions This is a rather crude one.
The circuit board over here has only 8 parts on it
These down here are nothing more than to tell this part how fast to move the motor
You can switch out the capacitor and this potentiometer
to make it move faster and slower This switch makes it go.
There’s another switch back there that reverses it. That’s pretty much it. They are very useful.
I was going to use this one to position a turntable while photographing it so it could
be turned remotely. It could be turned left or right exactly as
I needed it. It can be used for positioning just about
anything. That’s it. Hope you find it interesting. And perhaps useful.

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  1. Sir, If you will where can I get a circuit board like that, or if you are viable, can i use any circuit borad or it has to be the correct one?

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