SOLVED – How To Fix Mercedes Key FOB Not Working | Smart KeyFob Not Working

SOLVED – How To Fix Mercedes Key FOB Not Working | Smart KeyFob Not Working

hello and welcome everyone to easy steps
I’m going to be sharing a problem I’ve
been having with my Mercedes currently
my key fob does not work anymore it
doesn’t lock or unlock the car the panic
button doesn’t work the trunk doesn’t
open but as you can see I’ve replaced
the batteries and everything and as you
can see when I hit any button the light
does flash which means the batteries are
perfectly all right so I’m going to be
showing you how to fix this issue you
want to pop open your trunk and locate
your trunk fuse box which is right here
and it’s the number-8 fuse the 7.5 amp
fuse and as you can see right here the
fuse has gone out it is a bad fuse going
to be replacing it with the new 7.5 amp
fuse as you can see this is the new fuse
and it’s perfectly connected make sure
you replace it with the same Amp the
number 8 fuse slot I’m going to put it
straight into the number a fuse slot once
it’s in I’m going to close everything
back up and now as you can see and here
my car is locking and unlocking from my
key fob for panic alarm is also working
and the trunk also opens
the button so I hope you enjoyed this
video on how to fix this key fob issue
you can have on any Mercedes and if this
videos helped y’all please don’t forget
to hit the like and subscribe button
thank you

100 Replies to “SOLVED – How To Fix Mercedes Key FOB Not Working | Smart KeyFob Not Working”

  1. now i have the ssame car and same problem but when your in the car did were you able to turn the key or start the car because nothing happens when i put the key in

  2. I have a C220 2002 model, has the same problem it works some time . if go near the car sensor near the handle

  3. Today May 20, i have E 320, 2000 , I'm going to start the car and the key does not move for any side is totally blocked. How do I get her to work again . Thank you

  4. Wow! Thankyou so much i thought i needed a new key. My fuse "looked" fine but when i tested it i found it was blown. Now it works great!!

  5. Nice video but I have a problem that my mechanic also could not figure out. My MB E350 4Matic 2008 operates with FOB remote i.e. lock unlock panic etc. The only problem is that trunk would not open with the FOB key.
    If I use the manual key and open the trunk, it opens. Now comes the weird thing. I shut the trunk lid with manually unlocked position, the remote does work opens the truck and button on the driver side door also works. If I close the lock with manual key, FOB stops working on trunk. Anyone with any working suggestion?


  6. my spare won't unlock the car but will start it. changed the batteries to no avail. (2006 r500)
    ever deal with smth like that?

  7. Please help where can I get a replacement fuse?? I'm 3 states away on work and can't drive myself to work or get home until I can fix this

  8. Thank you, I'll check that. I also put a new battery and it did not work. I bought a new key fob from Mercedes two months before it stopped working, it also does not work now. Who knew it could be something so simple.

  9. Tried using this guy's method. Checked everything as noted. Now my FOD DOESN'T WORK! It was working prior to reset where only one door lock wasn't locking.

  10. I got the same issue the buttons light up when I press them but the car won’t open up on me pls help me out this is my contact number 562 210 7946

  11. I’m glad I came across your video, first I thought it was the fob’s battery but you guided to the right solution. Gracias

  12. Hey, all my buttons work except for the lock button. the red light does not blink either. What might be the issue here? Thank you!

  13. my 2002 c230 kompressor is not unlocking or locking by key, and won't turn over, does the fuse give the same issue with the turning over?

  14. Hello I have a problem on the sign of the Mercedes 350 ML The sign does not open or closes the vehicle. Thank you

  15. Hey, quick question. So my brother's slk 280 is kinda broken. We get an error that says that the retractable roof is being opened and to fix that, we have to close the trunk. The trunk won't open or close. So in the smart key, I took the key out and tried opening it with the key, but no luck. The key doesn't work on the car. The only two buttons that work on the smart key are the unlock and lock, the panic and close/open trunk won't work, so I can't open or close the trunk. Why does the key not work on the car? Am I missing something?

  16. Does anyone know how to solve the non-chirping sound on a Mercedes C320? The doors lock/open and light flashing when the fob is pushed, but the chirp no longer sounds.

  17. "ok so you can't open your car, the doors or the trunk so this is all you gota do.. just pop open the trunk and.. " – no .. I CAN'T pop open the trunk because the fkn key doesn't work! -_-'

  18. Help my key won’t lock my doors it flashes red for everything but the lock button. Can you help me please? I have 2006 E-350 Benz I appreciate your help if you can. Ty🌸

  19. Thank you so much. Everytime we went to Mercedes they told us that we needed to change the battery every few months. SMH

  20. So hope I'm not to late to the party but just looked at my 99 slk230 kompressor had the issue since I bought it while back but I looked in 2 fuse boxes no antenna module. I've replaced the batteries and even got a new job and swapped the guts from one to another but nada. Any ideas? I had zero fuses blown fyi

  21. This worked on w209 CLK350 cabriolet also. Funny, the MB fuse chart makes no mention. It was the 9th slot down in the trunk 7.5 fuse was blown.

  22. Soft top works.. at certain stages .. I know there is a screw to release pressure.. I know if it’s tight you can’t manually pull up the soft top out the trunk area.. i think there might be a certain position it needs to be in at all times unless you’re manually opening and closing it.. is there a way to set it ??

  23. I have a 2003 W211 E320. Remote won't work. Batteries changed, light flashes (Did before also) Doors locked so have to use the key. When I do that the alarm goes off for reasons only Mercedes can explain . Have had 5 Mercedes in my life dating back to 66 and they now have problems that our 5 Lexus have never had.

  24. I have a slightly different issue in my 2012 GL550 with Keyless Go. Have 2 fobs, both work great with the push button start, but if I pop the push button out and insert the fobs into the ignition, then nothing…no warning lights on the dash and the engine doesn’t crank either. Fobs do turn all the way to position 3 (crank) but nothing !!!
    Then when I pop the start button back in and use the start/stop button, everything starts working with both the fobs.
    I just don’t want to get stranded somewhere on the road if the push button fails.
    Any suggestions ? I am in Canada, please advise. Would highly appreciate that !!!

  25. I love to subscribe and change my dislikes are like if you could include which fuse it is for a 2005 ML350. I went to the dealer and when I asked them to replace the fuse and they looked at me like I was from a different planet

  26. I have a 2011 ML 350 with keyless go. The fobs locks and unblock the doors and will start the SUV. The push to start will not start the SUV. Plus the door locks won’t work. Help. Bro!

  27. I have two fobs. One I lost 3-4 years ago and just recently found it. Replaced battery but it doesn't work since another one still working. How to fix it? Thanks

  28. Same problem, key won’t turn/work neither the locks and alarm. Replaced key battery same problem. Someone say change the fuse that’s in the trunk, BUT my trunk won’t open none ughhh

  29. Man you are a saver.
    I replaced the batteries of the key fob and nothing.
    Then I came across your video and you made the miracle for my 04 E55 AMG. Lol
    Was that exact fuse # 8. I replaced it and voila.
    Thanks again.

  30. did your car not start either when you put the key in? i replaced my key not even a month ago key still flashes but wont start car could it still be the same thing?

  31. Hey Easy Fix, thanks for this video, I will try it tomorrow. Can you tell me where I can find a diagrahm for each fuse box, what each fuse represents? I have a R 350, I have the manual, but didn't see it in there. Please let me know if you can. Great video, I have subscribed, hit the bell, and I gave you a thumbs up. You deserve it. Again thanks.

  32. I have a 2001 E320 and neither key fob is working to lock or unlock the doors or open the trunk. They do, however, turn on the alarm. I have 3 fuse boxes, which are not labeled ( I didn’t find one in the trunk) so I don’t know which fuse goes to what and my manuel doesn’t say which fuse is goes where. Any suggestions, please?

  33. Omg I’m so glad I found this video, this literally just happened to my key fob and I was sweating it. Hopefully this does the trick.

  34. I got the C250, the key FOB works it’s the keyless Go tricks that doesn’t work.
    ie: when opening or lock the door without using the Key FOB.

  35. I have a Mercedes CLS 550 2011 the car was driving fine till I turn it off . And try to start it back on . Crank a little bit . Won’t start after 2 key turn . I just hear a click . And then now I do t hear any sound . Light radio work fine . It keep drain my battery out

  36. Hey are you able to help me, when i try to use the function of opening all windows and closing all windows by holding down the unlock button it only works sometimes, do you think if i follow this reset step it will fix my problem? My battery is working as it flashes when i press any of the 3 buttons on it.

  37. Hi .. I have 2006-C280 4matic. Both my key fobs looks good. Battery changed & even I synchronized keys. Issue is both Infra red key fobs sometimes work sometimes don't. Yeah bit strange but it acts funny. If it doesn't open door in first attempt then even if I try hard & multiple angles it will not start. Any idea what's issue?

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  39. Thanks for the tip! I'm having trouble with my 2011 C350 Mercedes only starting sometimes, I thought it was battery called AAA not battery. 🙁 any advise?

  40. Hello I have a 2010 c300 and the key lights up but doesn’t lock doors or anything. I cannot seem to find the actual fuse number to change. Any help? Tried 8 and it wasn’t blown

  41. What fuse is it? My 8 fuse is located in the hood not the trunk. I am so lost. What name is associated with that fuse?

  42. I have a 2004 sl500. The key fob works on doors and trunk but won't open the retractable hardtop (you're supposed to be able to do this by holding the unlock button down). Could this just be a weak battery in the fob?


  44. I am now stuck at school in HOT temperatures. Thank you so much!!! I really hopes this works! Sadly I don’t have any extra fussers with me haha and I am now waiting for a ride. Thank you so much for uploading this video!!

  45. My 2001 C 240 fuse was blown replaced it and the audible alarms goes off and I can’t shut it off, so I pulled the fuse, any suggestions?

  46. A few days ago I dropped my key in a cup of coffee while I was grabbing stuff in my car. Now my key has stopped working. I was able to start my car yesterday, however this morning my key just won't turn the ignition. Additionally, when I remove and reinsert the batterys, my key does not flash red on it's little sensor flash. Which led me to believe its the key at fault, as unfortunately my car battery is also dead/low on charge (but I was able to start my car yesterday and drive around to charge my battery up). Any ideas on how to fix my key battery without going through the pain in the ass of getting a key replacement?

  47. Hello, I have similar problem on my S550 however in my case, I can't open the trunk to have access to the fuse in the trunk. How you help? Thanks

  48. hello..on my w204 the key fob only works when I'm standing next to the door. it no longer works if i take a few steps away from the car. any idea why?

  49. Thank you for bringing it to my attention about the fuse box !! I have a 2014 Mercedes ML350 and recently I had the car serviced at a Mercedes main dealer, then about a week later the engine management light came on and I took it back to the main dealer which is close to my house, they said that it was a new part for the turbo needing fitted and new seals too, this cost me £1200.00 to repair, but two days later after getting it fixed the engine management light came back on, so I returned it to them and they said it was coinsidence but now I need another new part for a different part of the car, again with a huge repair bill this time for just under £1400.00, but a few days after this was fixed another enginge management light came on and by now I'm feeling lighter in my wallet and feeling not very happy another engine management light has come back on and again just a few days after the last repair.

    The thing is Mercedes don't give a stuff about your car, they just want your money and they think that you should do repairs immediately irrespective of costs or whether you can afford it or not, so anyway I am now reluctant to take it back to them so they can dream up another huge repair bill and for them to get it wrong a third time, but just before I got it serviced and repaired so many times the message came up on my screen saying "Change battery in keyfob" but they have never once said anything about it to me. I have changed it myself but to no avail it still doesn't work properly and then I bought a packet of two small Mercedes Benz keyfob batteries and neither of them make any difference either, but I never thought about the fusebox ?? so after watching your video I now think that I will be looking at my fusebox too to see if this is where the problem originates from, to be honest I am a little dissapointed in Mercedes for finding all these expensive faults and for all the cost this has given me, especially if my warning lights come on just for a fuse, it might be like this…….you know in your house if you have a bulb blown and you don't change it, then the all start to blow because the circuit is broken, well it might be the same in my car except that it is my battery or my fuse.

    Sir thank you for your help….I will have it checked straight away (fingers crossed)

    Thank you

    Glen in Edinburgh, UK

  50. I am having the same problem key fob stopped working replace the batteries now the key fob does nothing at all it lights up but it does nothing to the car I have checked the fuses that everybody’s been talking about and still nothing please anybody have any other ideas my daughter is pregnant and has a dead car stuck in the street I really appreciate all your help

  51. my problem is the opposite my remote works it opens everything but except does not start my vehicle what now.   also I just put new batteries on it was working fine for 2 years and all the sudden stop.

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