SOLVED – How To Fix Check Engine Light Code P0400 on Mercedes ML500 | W164

SOLVED – How To Fix Check Engine Light Code P0400 on Mercedes ML500 | W164

hello everyone welcome to easy steps
today I’m going to be showing you my
Mercedes ML class w164 chassis I’ve
gotten sadly the check engine light I’ve
had it for a while now
the code is p0400 which pertains to the
EGR valve under the engine covers the
EGR valve is in the passenger back
there’s a lot of causes that can be
doing it but the main two are clogged
pipes or broken rubber and pipes that
are going bad so we’re going to work on
this and let’s see we can get this fixed
today so I’ve taken out the EGR valve as
you can see here it is we’re going to be
cleaning up the carbon buildup inside
you can use any throttle body cleaner so
you are going to want to spray this
thoroughly to get all the carbon out
make sure you have something under
because it’s going to get real dirty
and messy so here’s after results it’s
much more cleaner now we’re going to put
this back in also you are going to want
to clean out the EGR valve pipe since
it’s hard to take it off just spray
inside is it so here’s two of the pipes
that were connected to the EGR valve as
you can see this is one of the things I
can trigger your check engine light the
heat does crack it up it’s just wear & tear
and it starts going bad over time you
want to replace these what’s with the
new piping so after reinstalling the EGR
valve putting everything back we’re
going to go take it for spin
and let’s see if the check engine light
comes back on after it’s cleaned out
just by turning on the car I can notice
a big difference between the sound I was
having before versus what I’m having
right now I erase the P0400 code it
was 2 codes showing so let’s see what
we get now I’ve one code which is
P0400 it’s still coming but PD
so as you can see the check engine light
is gone this code just means that P0400
the problem was there before
hasn’t came back yet it hasn’t
reappeared so just keep driving it
around and try it again after you drive
50 60 miles plug your scanner back in or
get it scanned and if that PD if that
code is gone that means you’re all ready
to go so that’s how simple it was to fix
your P0400 check engine light code
I have driven the car about 50 miles
already I’m going to drive another 50
more just to make sure but I think most
likely it is gone so if you’ve enjoyed
my video or did learn something on
correcting your EGR valve please give
the video a like and please subscribe to my channel thank you

16 Replies to “SOLVED – How To Fix Check Engine Light Code P0400 on Mercedes ML500 | W164”

  1. I had a code to replace the purge valve on a 2010 e350. How long do I need to drive the car to remove code so it can pass inspection?

  2. Hi,I have a c230. The transmisson doesn switch al all.After i scan it it gives me two error codes P0400 and P0341. Do you this codes have something to do with the issue.

  3. my 2001 s430 has this problem now .i just had a new kat put on cause the code was an ABS code anybody know what might be the issue

  4. you are so wrong the code shouldn't be there if you think you did fix the car you should know to((( clear the code))) before you test drive the car

  5. Hey guy…. many thanks… I will not do this myself but am so much better informed when I take the car to my mechanic!

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