Snake Robot Climbs a Tree

Snake Robot Climbs a Tree

the bio robotics lab at carnegie mellon
university are creating snake robots these snake robots can use their many internal
degrees freedom to thread through tightly packed volumes accessing locations people and machinery otherwise cannot use these highly articulate devices can coordinate
their internal degrees of freedom to perform a variety of locomotion capabilities these devices are versatile not limited to climbing crawling and swimming

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  1. @cmurobotics I hope they improve it soon. If someone is trapped under a giant beam, it would suck if all it would do is stare at the person until help came.

  2. @Tomtheflyboy Seeing as it climbs a tree makes me more worried (in combination with its camera eye) that it could be misused 2 spy.

  3. Robot snakes.. Do we WANT to make it harder for us in the coming war between man and the brotherhood of machine??

  4. dude! you could have one of those in camouflage ride on top of a rc car while it charges and when its ready, it can get off and climb a tree for spying! :0

  5. "The researchers working to design, build and program these robots still have much work to do to get these bots to climb taller trees of various sizes and to navigate over branches and wires."


  6. Why is it so big could not be smaller lighter would it be then more agile
    and make it wireless man put in some high voltage bateries and a wirless connection to send the data over.

  7. I think this bot is having more than one actuator/motors. Is it possible to build a worm or a snake bot with only a single actuator?

  8. but it couldn't go any further because the first branch stopped it. the method of locomotion is limiting. i want to see one go right to the top of a tall tree with lots of branches

  9. hiii…i am akash from ahmednagar..
    i doing engineering..
    i want to make this robot as my final year engineering project…
    so can i get every deatails of this project?

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