Shimano STEPS E7000 Motor System | EMBN First Look

Shimano STEPS E7000 Motor System | EMBN First Look

– With four motors in their range, two for mountain biking
and two for city trekking, Shimano are really building momentum as an e-mountain bike force. And it’s no surprise this new E7000 motor is compact, sleek, and integrated. The perfect tool for getting
to places just like this. (intense guitar music) Shimano say it’s stablemate, the E8000, is aimed more at rugged,
technical terrain, whereas the E7000 is aimed
at more recreational use. Extreme mountain biking
versus off-road adventures. Well, Shimano have invited us down here to the South of France to
the Roc d’Azur festival to see what the E7000 is all about. And I couldn’t help myself,
I’ve dived straight in. They say adventure, right? Well, I think this is adventure. The new motor incorporates
all the technologies used in the highly
successful E8000 system, which is now used by over
160 brands worldwide. It really has become
popular, a real favorite. Similar then maybe to the
Tour de France Peloton, where last year over 80% of
the riders were Shimano driven. Get easy, easy, easy.
(electronic music) Easy, easy. Now if you’re beginning to think, well, maybe the E7000 is
a little bit underpowered, well, think again. We’ve just ridden the most
technical, downhill stage of the Enduroc. This is the enduro race at
the Roc d’Azur festival. And we’ve ridden it
backwards, up the hill. This motor has a ton of support. It is more than enough
support in the E7000. I actually think the softer
delivery is a good thing. Shimano say the E7000 behaves and rides like a normal mountain bike. And that’s exactly what we need, right? A mountain bike, provides support up to
25 kilometers an hour, is low profile and has
durable, protective covers. The motor itself weighs
in at 2.8 kilograms. And like I said, it’s slim enough to clear all those rocks
and roots on the trail. And power-wise, like I mentioned
earlier, it’s got plenty. The E7000 drive unit then comes with all the great
characteristics of the E8000, and it pumps out 500 watts of peak power. The cool thing with the 7000
is it’s super neat and compact, which means that frame design is not compromised by a bulky motor. Which means that they can make bikes with great geometry,
steering, and handling. And remember those 2.8 kilograms, that motor is still one of
the lightest on the market. In terms of drivetrain, again there’s more proven Shimano durability on display. And the cranks come in
either, 165, 170, or 175. 34 or 32 tooth chainring,
and 10 or 11 speed. And finally, let’s not forget that it’s two decibels quieter. Not much, you say, well it’s
actually quite significant. Now look at the battery on this bike, it’s 504 watt hours and
it’s super neat and compact. It’s not actually much
bigger than my hand. This is the external version,
there’s also an internal one. If you think about it, you
can actually fit one of those as a spare into your backpack, should you go on a super big day out. And if you think about
the weight comparison, to say a 700 watt hour battery, which you’ll find on lots of other bikes, then you can actually
get two Shimano batteries for pretty much a similar weight. And you’re looking at over a thousand watt hours of range there, to ensure it’s durable
and it’s long-lasting, and it can take over a thousand charges with no significant loss in power. Now that is a lot of miles. Yes, fingertip shifting!
This is what we want! On the left of the handlebar,
you will see a really neat switch where you can scroll between eco, trail, and boost mode. Obviously walk should you need to. Action on this switch is really
positive and easy to use, even with gloves. And the great thing is
you can actually mount a dropper post remote on the left hand side of the handlebar as well. There are three support
modes to give you different levels of assistance depending
on the riding conditions. For example, eco gives
you light assistance for the lowest battery consumption. Trail gives you a great balance between responsive support and
battery consumption. And boost gives you powerful
support and rapid acceleration. The display on the E7000
is very, very neat, and very easy to understand. So Shimano have gone for the minimalist approach
with their display, and a lot of people will really like this. All the measurements come
in from the drive unit, the battery, and Di2,
should you be using it, will be visible on the new display. Such things as battery level, speed, gear indicator for Di2,
support, eco, trail, and boost, battery range, total mileage, cadence, it’s all in there. – So, we’ve got the E-Tube Project app, and the E-Tube Ride app. The project app is designed for customizing your bike
before you start riding. So you can change your
shifting characteristics, and you can change your
drive unit characteristics. So, you can change between dynamic mode to an explorer mode, or custom mode. And they give you the best options between battery conservation
or highest motor assistance. – Now remember, you can
see all the information on your display, using third party devices such as a Garmin, or your telephone, by way of this really super
dinky little device here. Now for those of you who want to go for a crazy, minimalist set-up,
then this little device actually lets you shift
between your modes. Between eco, trail, and boost. You can also monitor your battery level. So, a green light shows
you’ve got more than 20%, and the red light shows
you’ve got less than 20%. Lightweight, low profile, and wireless. Brilliant. The E7000 from Shimano
then, how does it ride? Well first up, it’s pretty quiet. Actually, Shimano say
it’s two decibels quieter than the E8000. What I really like about it, it’s a really good, tight motor. It’s really well made, so that means it’s a really
good direct drive off the crank. Out on the trail, it’s intuitive, it’s responsive, and in
tune with your peddling. And, what I really like
about the Shimano system, is actually all about the ride, rather than about monitoring
the displays on the handlebar. But all the information is
there, should you need it. Out on the trail, the E7000
is really easy to use, and it doesn’t matter
what setting you’re using, it’s always smooth,
controllable, and dynamic. And, as I proved earlier, it’s
certainly not underpowered when it comes to those
crazy technical climbs. Meanwhile, out on the road, if you’re riding above the support level, above 25 kilometers an hour, because there’s no internal
drag in this motor, it means you can peddle really freely. There’s no resistance in the system. (electronic music) So, what’s the bottom line? Well, I think the E7000 is neat, it’s durable, and it’s dead easy to use. And you know what, I’ve
read a lot of marketing hype over the years, but listen
to this one from Shimano. They say that not only will you be inspired to take the long way home, you’ll be wanting to ride those
trails the next day as well. That’s not hype, that’s reality. So that’s it from the
hills in southern France above the Roc d’Azur festival,
riding the E7000 system. If you want to see some
more Shimano stuff, then we did an amazing
five day Shimano experience in the Dolomites earlier this year. Check that out down here. Let’s hear your comments
and thoughts about E7000. Give a thumbs-up if you like the video, and yes subscribe to
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33 Replies to “Shimano STEPS E7000 Motor System | EMBN First Look”

  1. From my Wrangler to my ATVs to my Ebikes, the techy uphill climbs are the most gratifying… Forever young on that Ebike Steve.

  2. So I have a question?? What is the best full suspension ebike with 750 watts in the USA for under $4,000.00? Does this even exist??

  3. I personally prefer Bosch as I can run it with a belt. Something I haven’t seen yet with Shimano or Yamaha. I don’t know about Brose.

    But anyway, this competition can only push ebiking as a whole forward at breakneck speed. So it’s even more exciting times ahead for the industry.

  4. The Shimano site isn't that helpful in trying to find which MTB are using the E7000, as it seems that most are commuters, not MTB.
    Is there a better list?
    Thanks for the great videos!

  5. Is this an advertorial? What didn't you like about it? Or is it just a perfect motor? Looks like one giant advert to von maggot. Need some unbiased independent stuff, we are savvy about how this stuff works 😉

  6. Hey Steve another informative video. Looks like Shimano gave you a XS sized bike to ride ? LOL Keep up the video's. Cheers

  7. Which model is that?? (: Seems to be an eOne-Twenty. As far as I know, only the eOne-Twenty 500 and 600 come with the E7000. None of them have grey frames and Fox Factory suspension. Is this just a bike built for the E7000 demo?

    I really like the E7000 btw, pretty silent, and Boost mode is a great compromise between power and control.

  8. great video but would really appreciate a E7000 vs. E8000 video to explain the differences more clearly and for who which system is for. Cheers steve

  9. Boy, as good as this system may be, I just can't see this bike over the completely integrated look and engineering of the 2019 Specialized Levo's. This just looks too cobbled together still.

  10. I'll swap out my left hand E8000 switch unit for the E7000 when they become available, this will allow for more dropper post lever usage as I'm running that old push button Rock Shock one now that I don't really care for. I'd also love to see a comparison between the E7000 and E8000 including a noise test where both bikes ride past at the same speed and distance from the camera to get an idea of what 2dB difference sounds like.

  11. Don't normally have any issues with your videos but knowing this was a paid promotion is just can't help but not believe all you said. Also a lot of the video sounded like a cheesy advert. Shame really would love a full honest opinion in this new motor. I have the e8000 and love it but think less power is still less and why would I want less when I can have more?

  12. I loved the e8000 on aesthetics alone, let alone function and weight. Not claiming they're the best out there, but they're definitely a company who understands a mountain bike and its existing standards/trends perhaps a little bit more than the competition. Can't wait to try one of these at some point too.

  13. Fantastic camera work and editing – well done EMBN. On a different subject, there seem to be lots of questions online re the Shimano switches and how these work with under the bar dropper post levers. I've ordered an E8000 equipped bike and want to know which (E6000 or E7000) switch to use with a PNW/One Up/Brand X/Wolf Tooth dropper lever – any thoughts? Thanks.

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