Shawn presents – Move #LikeABosch – COUP eScooter Sharing

Shawn presents – Move #LikeABosch – COUP eScooter Sharing

Are you fed up with traffic jams as well? Losing your time, wasting energy?
Traffic and mobility are among the biggest challenges of our time!
But things are about to change!
Bosch has developed fascinating approaches to sustainable transportation.
Like COUP – eScooter sharing.
With just one tap on the app, you can find the closest e-scooter.
No keys, no card, no nonsense – the app is your key!
After your ride you can just leave the scooter anyplace in the city.
Put the helmet in the trunk, check out, and pay with the app.
COUP is already available in three European capitals.
The traffic of tomorrow is gonna be flexible and eco-friendly.
eScooter-sharing is one of the first big steps!

5 Replies to “Shawn presents – Move #LikeABosch – COUP eScooter Sharing”

  1. Shawn needs more camera time dancing… okay, while explaining. 🙂

    I immediately see two foreseeable problems with this sharing: vandalism and hygiene.
    Vandalism can be just mischievous behaviour up to sabotage intention.
    Vandalism probably can be solved by some sort of reporting system in the app.
    Hygiene can be a coincidental flu virus transfer or ugh, human hair lice.
    Hygiene probably can be solved by providing on-bike antiseptic products.

  2. Im interested if Bosch has a solution for the eScooter garbage that crowds the sidewalk when you can leave it anywhere. Road legal scooters seems like a better solution than the Bird/Lime.

  3. Kuuuhl, eine App, die die Straßenverkehrsordnung außer Kraft setzt,… bitte unbedingt auch für PKW veröffentlichen! Gibt es bei Bosch eigentlich eine Compliance-Abteilung?

  4. So what was your actual solution against traffic jams?
    By the way "anyplace in the city" <> "nahezu überall in der Stadt". Mind the traffic rules… oh, was that reminder Germanic?

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