Scotty Kilmer is a Hater

Scotty Kilmer is a Hater

rev up your engines,
sinisa Gallup says my family has three
Chrysler products and I bought my first,
why does scotty hate on Chrysler’s all
three have been fined, and mine has been
perfect so far just a hater, no I’m not
hater I’m a mechanic, hey I’ve been
working a cause for 51 years and I see
all the junk that Chrysler puts out and
over time and how they fall apart
my grandfather was also a mechanic, he
didn’t like Chrysler’s even way back in
the days in the nineteen fifties and
sixties he knew that they were junk
they’re cheaply made, I had a customer
once with a Chrysler said the same thing
oh well I’m happy with mine, I’ll say
look you only got 40,000 miles on the
car that’s not much, call me back when
it cars either 10 years old or has 90
100,000 something miles, I work on all kinds
I have no self interest in any car
companies, I don’t own any of their stock
they don’t pay me money to say their
cars are great, I work on cars so I tell
people from my experience, here’s the
cars that don’t break much, here’s the
cars that break all the time, and
Chrysler’s they break all the time and
quality is even worse, they’re putting fiat
engines in Chrysler’s and they just
fall apart, horrendous CVT transmissions
that burn out, I’m not a hater although I
have to admit maybe I am a hater
I hate companies that make bad products
that people buy and then they’re
disappointed, so whenever I can warn
people about it I will, and no one’s
gonna stop me, Fitz says scotty
what’s your opinion on red lines sl1
fuel system cleaner, red line is a very
good company they make excellent
products, here’s the thing about fuel
systems, most fuel especially sold in the
United States is perfectly good fuel, has
by law additives to keep build up from
engines and to keep from burning oil and
stuff, so if you buy a car and take care
of it,
you generally don’t need to put any kind
of cleaner in it that’s just cars are
well made these days, and the fuel is well
made that goes into them, but let’s say
you bought an old junker that somebody
didn’t take care of, then dirty oil can’t
getting in and then clogging up the valves
and stuff, that’s a good cleaner there’s
it’s a very good cleaner, just don’t think
oh I got to put a cleaner in my car
three four times a year to make it run
they don’t, cars don’t really need it
much anymore, if there’s a
problem and engine hasn’t been taken
care of
yeah that can help clean it out, but don’t
do it as an everyday thing it’s just a
waste your money, the epic savage says is
it worth replacing a leaking oil head
gasket on a 2004 Dodge Stratus with 81
thousand miles, that’s one of the worst
engines Chrysler ever made, their garbage
engines I would not go through the
trouble of attempting to take one apart
it could be the head is warped, could be
other problems and to do that job
correctly, it’s gonna cost you a
reasonable amount of money, most guys will
charge well over a couple grand for
doing it, I personally would and
especially if it’s just an oil leak, if it
runs okay and the is leaking, oil is cheap
I would just keep driving and then if it
finally went out I’d just junk the car, I
wouldn’t go there any trouble doing all
that work on that old thing, Sada says Scotty
my 09 Toyota Camry makes a squeaky
noise when I turn the steering wheel, depends
where the squeaky noise is
coming from, it’s coming from under the
hood it can be the power steering belt
it can be all kinds of things that are
worn like ball joints, but I’m assuming
you mean inside the car cuz I’ve seen
that a million times on camrys, and what
it is is, it’s just old age, you turn the
wheel there’s all that plastic stuff
there, and as they age the stuff gets a
little bit off and then it’ll squeak and
make a little noise, I mean if you want
to go in there and look closely maybe
you can see where it’s rubbing you get a
nice thin flat file and file the plastic
down so it doesn’t rub any more, but I’ve
seen a lot of bunch of them you know
some guys
wd-40 doesn’t hurt electronics, some guys
will spray wd-40 around and it will stop
cuz it doesn’t hurt electronics or
anything, and sometimes it’ll stop the
squeaking, I’ve seen it a lot on them as they
age, high five five Hut says Scotty
what kind of alarm system should I get
for my Honda SUV, a late-model one it
should happen a nice alarm system on it
anyway, the more expensive ones are more
sophisticated like if you want to get
one of those so you can track people get
a LoJack, the lo Jack’s are excellent
systems if you don’t mind spending that
kind of money, put a LoJack system in it
but really one of the best anti theft things
for a car just put your car
somewhere it’s hard to steal, inside a
behind a locked fence, make sure that you
always keep it locked with an alarm that
hoots, and your car already comes with a hooting
alarm it should, so somebody
opens the door it’s gonna start hooting
anyways, and if you really want to keep
people from stealing it, you can put a
hidden toggle switch inside the dash
where when you shut the car off at night,
you reach up and you turn the toggle
switch off, so even if somebody tries
stealing it’ll never start and they’ll giv
up and go away sometimes, the simplest
things are the best, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. So true, and so do Gm's .. but I'll always love the 3rd gen Firebirds and Trans Am's, even though you work on them constantly, but that's part of the fun!

  3. Hi Scotty. I bought a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 slt 5.3L. Had it for two months and I only put 700 miles on it. But why does the steering wheel shake and has a wobble underneath

  4. I had a 2006 Charger rt loved the car but replaced the front suspension twice as well as the alternator and a few fuses. Only had 158k miles I only buy Ford now

  5. "Simplest things are the best" shows picture of an oe 40 lmaooo my boy Scotty is old school gangster, I can already imagine him w a mechanic jumpsuit back in 89 with a Toyota copping a cold 40s after work .

  6. Could agree more, Scotty. I've owned three Chrysler Corp. vehicles. They're junk, even right out of the factory.

  7. I understand where you're coming from on Chrysler products, Scotty, but I still don't think today's Chrysler products are as bad as the days of the Plymouth horizon, dodge omni, dodge Aries, Plymouth reliant and the dodge "K" car…all of those vehicles were complete and total garbage.

  8. Every company made poor designs models , Mopar rules what about Christine or a 96 3500 van are they junk ? Lol this man should have been a comedian ,!

  9. I've had my 1977 Dodge b200 van since 2001, it's always been reliable no matter what, there's nothing poorly made about my vehicle especially when it comes to the 727 torqueflite automatic transmission… lol

  10. My grandpa was a master mechanic for forty years after WWII, he wouldn't work on FORD, have nothing to do with them, bring him a Ford he recommend another guy.

  11. I hated trying to work on them. They’re so hard to access stuff and just bad designs and all kinds of issues

  12. I guess my 03 dodge Dakota with 230k miles is just another unreliable Chrysler product? Last as long as any Toyota

  13. never had a bit or trouble with my Mercedes had 5 still have one 2008 never get rid of it. love ya scotty but stop raggin on mercs.

  14. how many here are gonna watch this channel until we get to say "i remember WAY BACK when Scotty was a mechanic for only fifty ONE years"?

  15. Scotty Kilmer is the most accomplished master mechanic in history. None of his advice is anecdotal. He provides cold hard tangible evidence for all of his claims. He would never make fraudulent claims for the purpose of pleasing a fan base or monetary gain on YouTube.

  16. I drove a 1976 Dodge Aspen that was one of the best and most reliable vehicles I ever owned. I loved that car and i still miss it to this day. Nothing ever went wrong with it and I just drove it right into the ground.

  17. The other anti-theft device for when the car is parked out in public — a standard transmission :))

  18. Scotty is the mechanic I wash my dad had become my daddy is seriously stuck in the past when it comes to car technology

  19. Your grandfather? Huh? Chrysler built the first decent, reliable automatic transmission, and the Slant Six was the stuff of legend!

  20. Scotty gonna hate hate hate, I had three K cars, all had over 140k miles, my New Yorker and my Imperial were awesome, into my third Grand Caravan, love them, Hate hate hate. Gave my 99 Stratus to my niece for college, it had 99k miles, she drove it another seven years.

  21. I had one of those Dodge Strautuses and had a head gasket leak. Then I found that Chrysler has a secret warranty (service bulletin) to dealers that if anyone with that car came in with a head gasket leak, to fix it for free. That saved me $850 that a local mechanic wanted. By the way, it was a great car with great acceleration. But I know other Stratus owners whose cars fell apart too. Guess I was just lucky.

  22. Thanks for the warning, anytime I think of Chrysler all I do is watch this video and remember what a piece of junk they are. I have owned many new Fords too, they were such junk that it helped with breaking up my marriage.

  23. I can't for the life of me figure out what our boy Scotty's been doing for the past fifty one years. I'm a graduate of the DickTracy Detective School, and am unable figure this one out. Please don't tell me he's been working on Chrysler's Jeep assembly line in Toledo.

  24. Theme of the channel…. if it isn’t made by Toyota it’s junk, lol.
    Cars I’ve owned with no major problems
    1. 2005 Chevy Tahoe z71
    2. 2013 Buick LaCrosse e-assit (wife)
    3. 1998 ford crown Vic
    4. 1994 caprice lt1
    5. 1996 impala SS
    Did I get lucky Scotty??

  25. Hahhh who would say scotty is a hater because he spoke the truth about those lemon cars? Chryslers are the worst

  26. People are so stupid..that guy says.."scotty said to take everything off the engine to pull it out…he did it in 2 minutes..thats too fast" had me laughing…people are dumb.

  27. Verry verry smart man indeed wish you was my mechanic Scott..bit far away from me but nevertheless ..cheers fella..

  28. You forgot to mention that Manual Transmissions are a good way to keep your car from getting stolen! The other day I went in my old 2001 F-150 to get tires and the guy at the shop asked me to drive the truck up to the bay lift because he didn't know how to drive a manual. Nowadays all the younger kids have never even seen manuals!

  29. The problem is Scotty uses anecdotal evidence to bash cars and car brands. He'll say things like, "Oh, I had a customer once where he brought in a 2004 Subaru WRX and it had a head gasket issue, which is why I hate all Subarus and I'll say that every Subaru, new or old, has systematic head gasket issues, so don't buy a Subaru."

    So even if Subaru fixed the head gasket issue and it's no longer a systematic problem, especially in brand new ones, Scotty is going to continue to tell people that it's a large problem and to never buy one, even if brand new. Scotty relies on anecdotal evidence, from years and even decades ago, without researching whether the company has fixed the issue in question to determine if it's actually still a problem.

  30. Scotty, I bought new an 01 pt cruiser used for work carrying so much equipment there was only the driver seat open. I had that car for 17 years and put 327000 miles on it. The trans was replaced at 125k, original motor no major work on it. I hated getting rid of it but there were too many small things going bad. Ball joints and brake lines were the deciding factors. So, I guess Chrysler can make a lasting car.

  31. The car make I do not like is Buick.I had a 92 buick skylark that I had the driver window regulator gear on a windup window strip out.When I went to fix the window regulator,I found it was welded to the door frame and you had to buy the whole door to fix it.What a gip.The car was 10 years old and I could not find a door in the junk yards.Sold the car for 500 bucks.Let me tell you Car companies want cars to break down so the dealer mechanics have a paycheck every week.And the car companies make a huge profit on Parts and labour.

  32. Crysler sucks my gpa has a 2011 Jeep compass needed a new transmission with 75000 miles on Jeep a new sub frame with 76000 miles what a joke I'll stick to Chevy trucks

  33. Would agree with Scotty, not sure what the fascination is with hemi engines. Guess I'd have to be a Mopar fanboy to understand…

  34. Hey Scotty I’m looking at a new(er) Lexus IS but can’t decide what model to get. There’s a 4clylinder rwd which would be great but it’s turbo. Then there’s a n/a 6 cylinder but it’s awd. Which would be cheaper to run and be more reliable. Saw both your videos of why not to buy a turbo and not to buy an awd

  35. Uhm, yeah, Scotty is right about Chryslers. Anybody want a 2005 Chrysler T & C Stow and Go? Oops, too late. I literally gave it… gave it to a stranger this week 93K miles. "What a piece of junk." Couldn't wait to get the pos off my driveway.

  36. "Sometimes the simplest things are the best"
    Say that to anyone who's tried to steel a car with a South African flame thrower

  37. Scotty Kilmer… You are the cheese on my pizza !!! You are such a huge help with all things auto. I love your videos and can't say thank you enough for all your entertainment and information…. and I agree that Chrysler suh-suh-suh-sucks !!! Thanks Dude !!!

  38. Scotty you not a hater just an older – it goes with the, i dunno what it goes with, just seen ppl upto what they do

  39. I love Chrysler products. I will put my Ram 2500 and ‘12 Challenger up against all you Chrysler haters and you won’t be smiling afterwards.

  40. I bought brand new1980 Dodge van with a straight 6 and I finally got rid of the truck still running over 225,000 miles 25 years later that must have been one of the good trucks

  41. I don't own and have no interest in Chrysler products, but have known a number of people that have had excellent service from them. Love Scotty's videos, but like most blanket statements, saying that Chryslers always break is not very useful, and in my opinion not accurate. Chrysler is certainly not up there with Honda and Toyota in reliability, but they are probably somewhere in the middle of the pack (lower middle??). Scotty's analysis is a bit harsh, lol.

  42. My 2016 Chrysler T&C is a POS. Random plastic parts fall off, windshield wipers randomly stop working, transmission slips. 70K. 💩

  43. I buy the junkers. Work out solutions for their short comings. Gotta love an eight year old car for under a thousand. Make it roll. Sometimes a win.

  44. 1997 LHS, 96k original miles, no complaints. To each his own. Opinions are like a-holes. Everybody's got one, and they all stink.

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