SAAB – Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed

SAAB – Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed

(Engine roaring)
– It’s the handsome Swede that
took the car world by storm.
And no, I’m not talking
about Alexander Skarsgard.
Its older brother is a freakin’ jet.
They were always the
underdog but they made cars
that revolutionized the entire industry.
And if you drive one,
you’re either a dentist,
an architect, or Jesse.
(Tires squealing)
This is everything you need to know
to get up to speed on Saab.
– Sob? What the hell is that?
– It’s Swedish, it’s sporty,
it’s got a key in the middle.
(upbeat retro music)
– Saab had been making
planes in Trollhättan, Sweden
since the 1930s.
But after WW2 ended, nobody
needed anymore planes.
So, Saab was all,
No one is buying any of our
planes, what are we gonna do?
What if we made planes for the road?
You mean cars?
Saab’s head designer,
Sixten Sason got to work,
and the whole thing was thrown
together in only six months.
The result was an aerodynamic family sedan
with a two-stroke engine
and suicide doors.
You could get the 92
in any color you liked,
as long as it was green.
In World War 2, the Swedish
military bought a lot
of green paint to
camouflage their vehicles,
but, it was the wrong shade,
and Saab bought it all
at discount and used it on the 92.
A little green airplane, without wings,
with a dirt bike engine sounds insane,
but against the odds, Saab
had successfully transformed
into a real car brand.
Over the years, Saab
updated the 92 to the 93.
– [Announcer] Arthur Band in number 14,
is also making a gallant try.
– [James] As sales grew, the
expanded into other models.
Like, the Sonett sports
car, which we will cover
in another episode,
because it is legit tight.
But it was the release
of the Saab 99 in 1968
that launched the company
onto the world stage.
The 99 was Sixten Sason’s
final project with Saab.
He used it to pass the torch
to a new, young designer
named Björn Envall.
Together, they created an
awesome-looking compact sedan
that was comfortable,
affordable and dependable.
Just like my son, Nolan.
And true to its badge, not
without its own quirks.
For one thing, the ignition
was moved from the side
of the steering wheel,
down by the handbrake.
Because they don’t want
you to damage your knee
on the key during a crash.
In addition, Saab installed
the engine backwards.
This saved room in the cabin because
the clutch is now towards
the front of the car.
It’s something that no other car company
would even think of, but
Saab didn’t think like
a car company, because
they were a plane company.
In 1978 Saab made an even
better 99, called the 99 Turbo.
This was the first time
a car company committed
to putting a turbo charger in their car.
Ya, I know, before you comment,
a lot of other companies
did it first, but for them,
it was more of an experiment.
Saab was the first company to be like,
“From here on out, we’re
puttin’ turbos in our cars.”
In 1979, Saab released their
most iconic car of all.
The 900.
It was a continuation of the
99, but better in every way.
The body was restyled to
make it more aerodynamic,
the engine was updated with more power,
it had new safety features,
like a steering column
that collapsed in a crash.
And you can’t forget the turbo.
The 1900 redefined what
an everyman’s could be.
Finally, you could seat five,
keep your knees safe from the keys,
and have a frickin’ turbo.
The result was a sensation.
The Saab 900 went on to become
the company’s best-selling car.
Today, almost every OEM
offers a turbo-charged model,
and it’s all because of Saab.
So, Saab is making jet
fighters for the road
just like they were for the military.
And with the 900 taking off,
business had never been better.
In 1989, General Motors
purchased a fifty-percent share
of Saab for six hundred million dollars.
Sales of the 900 remain strong,
and in 1997, the new Saab 9-5
was presented to the world.
And the three-millionth Saab
was produced that summer.
Until recently, three different insurers
listed the 9-5 as the safest
car in the (bleep) world.
Saab rolled out the 9-3 in 1998.
The 9-3 becomes something of an icon,
particularly, for Seinfeld fans.
– Black Saab rules.
– Like the 900 before it, Saab offered
an even better version of their new ride.
A car so cool, it shared a name with
a frickin’ combat jet.
(Jet engine)
The 9-3 Viggen.
Swedish for thunderbolt.
252 pounds of torque,
and 20 pounds of boost.
The Viggen was a front wheel drive monster
aimed at the BMW M3.
It was Saab’s version of
the European sport sedan,
but it was still uniquely Saab.
The ignition was still between the seats,
and the dash still
looked like it was ripped
out of an airplane.
Try as they might, Saab
could never quite get out
from under the shadow of other
“preferred” European cars.
So, the Swedes were forced to sell
the remaining stake in the company to GM.
And with the Americans in full control,
the suites in Detroit
decided that it was time
for the big ideas at Saab to end.
Sorry Saab, no more big ideas.
GM shoved Saab’s operation
together with Opel,
and pretty much everything
they put out after that
was just a rebadged version
of an Opel or a Chevy,
and at one point, even a Subaru.
The Saab 92x Aero, affectionately
known as, the “Saabaru”,
it was basically a WRX
wagon with a different face.
Jesse owns one of those, too
(tires screeching)
And his insurance is cheaper than a WRX.
Sales fell
way off.
And GM went into bankruptcy in 2008.
They sold Saab to a new company called
National Electric Vehicle Sweden,
which hopes to electric
versions of the 9-3
for sale in China, but
they won’t be called Saabs.
The original aircraft
company has reclaimed
the rights to that name.
At least for now, we will
never see another Saab car
The story of Saab is the story
of an independent spirit.
A bunch of Swedish aeronautical engineers
who decided to make a jet for the road.
(engine roaring)
There’s not great way to
say what makes a Saab great,
except that, they were Saabs.
This is everything you need to know
to get up to speed on Saab,
the second best Swedish car company ever.
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100 Replies to “SAAB – Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed”

  1. "No one is buying any of our planes what are we gonna do?"
    "Why don't we make planes for the road?"
    "You mean cars?"

  2. I still have dreams about driving my old 900S. There was nothing fast about it, but there was something about taking it on winding roads through the woods at night that excited me in a way that no other car has since. In 2015 I pulled out on a country road and got T-boned at 50 mph by a Ford Explorer with tow hooks on the front. The airbags didn't deploy and the driver door was caved in, but I walked away without a scratch. Saabs are some of the best cars ever made.

  3. Ze år dü laåt.., ah i dunno, but i wish i can speak Swedish because the writing looks so cool and own a Saab and a volvo. Coming from an Indonesian, i hate it here, i want to move to Scandinavian country and learn rally driving.., im poor please help me to get full rally driving scholarships

  4. Amazing car company is bought by another company and gets turned to crap. What a real Saab sorry. (Badum ching!)

  5. What if Saab 9000 V8 would gone to production? secretly designed in Finland and almost "ready to production" 4.0L V8 out of 2xSaab 2.0 4cyl engine. GM did buy Saab and project was cancelled… (video is finnish language but they drive a Saab 9000 V8)

  6. i am a lucky owner of a Saab 900 S (1992) there is nothing to compare, even modern saab´s. to be honest, all saabs are great, but my 900 is special, like all other saabs in there way aswell!

  7. Something VERY SPECIAL for Saab was one of there Engines. Have you ever heared about the Saab SVC Engine? what the Japanese are doing and planing now, saab was making it at 2001. the first steps to a self Ignition Benzin Engine….Ok it was a Engine with variable Compression. A ratio from 14:1 to 8:1 by angling the Cylinder Head up to 4 degrees. 5 Cylinders 1,6l and over 300 Nm with 225 HP with the same fuel consuption as a normal 1,6l engine. and that in 2001. GM those Money Cunts striked the project down, cause of too much money (what a surprise).
    saab had it, the engine was working, they used it in a 9-5 wagon. Imagine Saab would still exist or the engine was build in as a special Edition for 9-5 and 9-3. I love Saab so much for that!

    I and we all should hate GM for that. The main inventor of the planned obsolescence, the shame as a car company, ruiner of so much beautiful in the car world (beside ecologicals)

    GM SHOULD GO TO HELL FOREVER!!! (and tell the devil that for sure more Companies follow)

  8. I love GM cars but I fucking hate there management and this is one of many examples of their shitty big wig corporate management

  9. Well that's what happens when something great lands in the hands of American engineers. Prepare for the suck!

  10. You omitted the part about GM selling the company to Spyker who tried to make a go of it by bringing out the new 9-5 as a 2010 model. The company went officially defunct in 2011. NEVS had NOTHING to do with GM.

  11. Good video, but you forgot their best…the 96 two stroke! All SAAB owners are cool, but the REALLY cool kids, the kids who are SO cool we don't let the other cool kids eat at our table in the lunch room drove or drive the SAAB 96 2 stroke (or Shrike if it was a '68).

  12. Second best?! Dude, shots fired 😎 – Saab for Life over here. My dad raced a factory V4, and 99. I grew up in V4’s, 900’s and have owned both 900, 9000 and 9-5 my self. Are they querkey? Yes – Are they also awsome? Definitely 🤘

  13. I bought Saab 9-3 convertible Monday. As it is an old car now, it's in maintenance but I am looking forward to drive it, summer or not. And I'm not an architect or a dentist. 🙂

  14. Here in Finland, we got one of the rare Saab 9000 with 4 litre v8, never ended up into the official market since it was a secret project ^^ less than 5 were build, so there aint many saab v8's 😉 Worth insane money if you find one

  15. +yes being the youngest saab master tect in the us i know what you mean .i have owed many and i still love them. now i am down to owing only four but the 9-5 kills.have fun every day crushing on a daily. 3rd gear pull.

  16. And GM's British Vauxhall, aarrrrh! He forgot to mention the gearbox lock. It's quite easy to break a steering lock but not so a gearbox lock. Unless that is you leave the keys in and run into a shop to get some rolling tobacco! I only left my 96 estate for 3 minutes but that's all it took. Then 3 days later I saw it on the news (in Brighton UK). It had been rammed into a Lebanese restaurant by a disgruntled employee (the one who stole it from me). It had smashed all the way through the brickwork but when I picked it up from the police it only had a small dent on the left fender and still drove fine. They don't make em that anymore!!

  17. No mention of the fact Saab technically didn't need roll cages in their rally cars because the pillars were so strong or that when GM wanted a rebadged vectra from Saab and Saab basically redesigned the whole car. You could drop a bmw 3 series onto a saab's roof from 30ft and still open the doors

  18. What if we made planes for the road?
    You mean cars?
    No i mean planes for the road -_-/
    queue editors grandfather. (Legend)

  19. Damn i hate GM. Any time they get involved things go instantly to money grubbing soulless cars. They just buy these companies as new outlets to sell the same crappy cars. And STILL needed a huge bailout from the taxpayers. We should have let them die for all the good companies they killed.

  20. Dude!!!! You forgot Saab 9000!!! The best Saab ever! I have one 😀 Also you talk about Viggen and show a Gripen. Just sayin'.. AND you forgot to say that Koenigsegg wanted to buy Saab just before the end! That would have been way cool….

  21. Got our brand new SAAB 9-3 red convertible anniversary model in 2002, absolutely still love it, looks like new, fun to drive, will never get rid of it. Love SAAB.

  22. I love the 1990 900 SPG Turbo. My dad had one. Btw THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!

    Edit: did you guys know how safe they were?

  23. My grandma has an 04 9-5 aero fwd that is in rougher shape than my aunt's monte carlo ss that actually sat for 1 year

  24. Great video! We grew up with SAABs. from the 60's thru 2006. We had 'em all (except the sonnet). I would love a 5 spd 9-5 wagon, but whatcha gonna do when it breaks!!! Sad. Love SAAB!

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