Rookie Mistakes Owning A Project Car

Rookie Mistakes Owning A Project Car

– Oh, that is way too slow.
Oh my gosh.
That is like the speed of molasses.
Do you know what molasses is, Max?
– [Max] I have an idea, yes.
I’m just kind of out of
it today but, yeah, I do.
– Oh, yeah!
We’re back in front of the
original OG wheel wall,
I will tell you what,
this was terrible to actually put up.
Let’s talk about project cars,
which were those cool things
where we keep all of our
aspirations and dreams.
And we tell all of our friends that yes,
that 19 by 12 square wide-wheel set up
and the LS7 in the engine bay
will totally be the next Jalopnik article.
Is it considered a white lie
if you truly believe it though?
You don’t,
you don’t know.
But either way,
it’s what we tell ourselves
to get through the pain
of owning a project car.
Whether you’re looking to jump
into an actual project car,
or you’re looking to buy
somebody else’s, bless your soul,
there’s a few rookie mistakes
you could probably avoid
if somebody that has no facial hair
and is gonna plug wheels,
tires, and suspension
could probably tell you
through a YouTube video.
Hey, it’s me, on Instagram,
and today, we’re gonna be talking about
rookie mistakes when buying a project car,
and/or owning a project car.
(intense music)
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Rookie mistakes happen literally every day
when owning a project car.
But by far,
the biggest mistake people make
is biting off way too much
than they can actually chew
with these project cars.
Now here’s the thing, bud, okay.
Projects come in all
different shapes and sizes.
We don’t judge.
But there are some chonky ones
that are gonna require a
little bit of expertise
to work around.
It should be obvious that the more wrong,
the harder it is to work on.
But once you realize
if you bought a roller
out of a wheat field,
you’re probably gonna end up doing
some complete rust repair, re-welding,
a complete disassembly if
anything that’s in there.
You’re probably just gonna
have to redo all the wiring
’cause mice just really
enjoy that sort of thing.
You’re gonna have to POR the entire inside
once you get it all taken care of.
And about a million other things
that you have absolutely no idea about.
If this is the first time that
you’re buying a project car,
it’s gonna be best to just start light.
Probably with a car that already runs,
has four wheels, and
an electrical harness.
Because if you want to hate your life,
electrical harness and assemblies,
they’re the way to go.
If you bite off too much,
you may never be able to finish it.
And then you’ll either A, keep it forever,
or B, sell it and lose your tushy.
I’d say another word,
but YouTube don’t like
swear words no more.
After getting the old
project car in your garage
ready to rock and roll,
it’s a wee bit more than just
replacing stuff in the car.
The biggest thing you can do to prevent
wanting to tear what
little hair you have left
out of your head,
is going to be organizing your (bleep).
Just put it in a box, organize
it, leave it, color code it,
whatever you got to do.
Make it like the first day of school
when you’re stoked to be back
and you organize your notebook.
You’ve done it.
That what your gonna want to
do with all of your stuff.
It doesn’t matter how
many nuts, bolts, screws,
nails, widgets, gaskets,
and components you’re
gonna pull off the car
if you can’t find any
of it to put it back on.
It’s gonna be a bit mind blowing too
at the amount of stuff you will
rip off of your project car.
If you don’t keep these good old goodies
organized in baggies and labeled,
you’re gonna hate your life.
I made that mistake the
first time rebuilding my Z.
And I still have about 14 pounds
of leftover nuts and bolts,
and I’m still too scared
to throw any of it away,
’cause you just,
you never know.
Keeping it organized will
help keep your life in check.
Plus, if you’ve got a significant other,
they won’t want to end you
because your garage looks
like a bomb went off in it.
For those that are a little bit older,
maybe you have a significant other.
Maybe getting a project
car was hard enough.
Don’t give them an excuse
to want to tip over
the little fireplace that
you got at home depot
into the garage because you
just don’t take care of anything
or keep it organized.
The biggest problem with project cars
is even when you buy
an appropriate car based
on your skill level
and you do have everything organized,
that doesn’t mean the build
is gonna be as simple as,
(clears throat) list time.
Buy parts, install parts, drive car.
There are an atrocious amount
of skills you’re gonna have to learn
or tools you’ll need to
buy to make it all happen.
These are just part of
the building process.
Borrowing your buddy’s jack or
tap set is not going to work.
Spoiler alert;
you’re probably just
gonna have to go buy one.
If I can make
maybe a slight indifferent
and unbiased opinion,
go to Harbor Freight, pray
no one catches you there,
and buy all the stuff you need.
And truth be told, if
you’re not an expert,
those cheaper tools are
probably better for you
because you’re probably gonna break them.
And I’m sure Harbor has a warranty on
pretty much everything that they carry.
Judge it, but it works.
And when you’re on a budget
when you’re doing a project car,
we’ve all been there.
Just saying.
Not entirely sure Harbor
Freight is everywhere,
but I feel like it should be.
Now once it’s all together
and you’re stoked because
it turned over, damn.
Video captured.
IG famous.
And you’re pretty sure your brakes work,
you’re gonna want to go and send it.
Now don’t, don’t, don’t do that.
Here’s why.
Your initial test run with the project car
should be done slowly,
repeatedly, smoothly.
For a few weeks before you
even consider it completed,
you’re gonna want to be nice to it.
Usually once the — process is completed
is when you’ll start tackling
some of the more annoying,
minute issues of your build.
Leaks, compression
issues, timing, cooling,
and all that stuff
which really only start
to present themselves
after the car hits the road,
can be a doozie to deal with.
And you just are gonna
have to be ready for it.
But if you don’t get your hopes up,
if you just leave them realistically here,
you’ll never be disappointed.
And you can live that way your whole life
and you may find yourself
living a lot happier.
Because if you just keep
the expectations low,
how can you be disappointed?
The final rookie mistake
on the project car
is establishing any sort of deadlines.
I’m not sure why we do that to ourselves,
but we know those timetables are just
a big old bowl of Texas toast
that’s just two days too old.
Don’t tell your friends the timeline.
Don’t tell your significant
other the timeline.
Don’t tell yourself the timeline.
Just work on the car when you can.
Rushing through a project
build is asking for trouble.
And if you post photos up or talk smack
about how your build is going to be
the garlic bread of the
community car scene,
you’re gonna have an unnecessary
high amount of pressure
to deliver said expectations.
And unfortunately,
when your car rolls up and it feels more
like a reheated up biscuit
from the local pizza store,
you may have to backtrack
on some of the smack talk.
So what are some rookie mistakes
that you guys have dealt
with with your project cars?
Let us know in the comment
section below of course.
And don’t forget, if you’re
looking for wheels, tires,
or suspension,
If you’ve made it this far
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Apparently, that’s what you say now,
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If you guys are looking to pick up a tee,
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I’m Alex from Fitment Industries.
We hope you guys enjoyed this video,
and we will see you later.
(hip hop beat)

100 Replies to “Rookie Mistakes Owning A Project Car”

  1. Don'f forget we are giving away a set of BBS WHEELS! Details on how to enter can be found here!

  2. Rookie mistake is me telling myself I’m gonna have it done by summer! And here I am four summers later still finding rusted floor pans on the 68 bug lol

  3. My first learned mistake is using the torque wrench to torque a cam bolt. I used a low end 20ftlb-180ftlb wrench and snap the bolt in the head. The machine shop got it out, np but I should have used a wrench that went from 1ftlb to 20ftlb. The right tool for the right job is what I say now

  4. Pro tip: Unless you have money don't get a project car annnnd modify your daily. Every month you'll be sitting there deciding which car gets parts this time around. It's like choosing between your children…

  5. Rookie mistake number 1,buying a z32 project car when you have a newborn and hearing your wife complain about it everytime she walks outside.

  6. You'd be surprised at the amount of bolts you can re-use from a scrapped 2005 Dodge Ram on your mk4 GTI after your gf throws all of your labeled bolt baggies away…or should I say ex gf! 👍🏻

  7. I've never made a mistake owning a project car. Never. Ignore my mk3 jetta with no reverse and a blown head gasket. And that 79 T bird with a garbage carb that doesn't idal. And that 72 f250 that needs a trans. And that civic that needs a motor. And that fact that I can't afford to insure or register any of them

    Oh…. maybe you're right Alex…

  8. Those aren't even swear words lol! I was taught to say shit and ass etc when I was 10 so that I wouldn't ACTUALLY swear!

  9. My rookie mistake was turning my daily 17’ WRX into a project car. It’s a miracle that some elderly lady hasn’t been pegged by a rod rocketing out of the block at mach speed.

    Those FA20 blocks are very impressive

  10. I told everyone the JZX100 project car will be rolling in a month and now am happy to say its been 4 months and still far from rolling. next week hopefully?

  11. Bro why you gotta hit me so hard here? You're giving me SOME hope that it might actually be worth it. This nugget it my profile picture has been on jack stands more than its been on the road in the year and a half that I've owned it. Granted its 22 years old with 260k on it, but it will be perfect! maybe.

  12. A big mistake is removing the door latch or some shit and closing the door and then having to reattach the cable in the closed door then realize the door has been locked all along and was easily openable once the cable was back on. But hey, who’s counting?

  13. I'm gonna say i am just now getting my car going with my 1988 supra and between the harness, dizzy and MAF(the last being the reason I can't get power to the ECM or start it) I have had it since last year with hundreds of dollars spent just to get to this point…..yay…

  14. For my first project car i bought a very rusty Volvo 240 1983 model. Only for 350$. Right now im gutting the interior while I'm waiting for my really wide fender flares. Then I'm going to do rust repairs, new axles, new brakes and rotors, big wheels and tires, bc racing coilovers, some sort of a aftermarket front splinter and rear defuser, rattle can paint job (flat paint so it doesn't look disgusting) then doing a massive engine service (the engine runs but it's very ugly and unhealthy looking) just looking everything that needs to be replaced to the engine like new mounts, timing belt, oil, so on and so on. Then making some custom exhaust, louvers, wing, defuser.

    Its going to be a journey so wish me luck!

    (Sorry for bad English)

  15. Bought a 65 F100 with a crate 300 inline 6. I do daily drive it. It can be a bit much but worth it. Cheap for parts and decent gas mileage

  16. Hahahahaha. Were was this vid b4 a baught my coupe e30 shell… It was supposed to be "running" add said it needs a battery.. Hahah i found it needs evrything and a new floor and fire wall and engine and gearbox and diff and suspension and interior and, and, and, and. But its a coupe e30 😁

  17. I've been watching you guys since I was working at warehouse fulfilling some of the fitment ind. wheel/tire orders, and I gotta say your video quality has improved so much! Love the videos, keep up the great work guys!

  18. You started off with mistake no 1: make sure you know how to wrench the project car, or have the time and effort to learn.

    Definitely does not disappoint.

    The other part about tools. Yes. Tools are expensive

  19. I bought a project car thinking I would just have to fix some rust on it and it'd be done.

    Ended up replacing the front fenders, rear quarter panels, all doors, hood, trunk lid, all windows, the entire interior, all springs and dampers, the entire rear end, brake disks, brake calipers and pads, brake lines, fuel lines, fuel tank, fuel pumps, injectors, new paint, wheels, tires and a bunch more.
    The only thing untouched is the roof basically, lol.

  20. My project car is a 97 gmc safari van, slammed and doing a shaved bay, making a custom wide body after it starts and drives, but having to spend so much money and random things like hose clamps wiring just gets annoying

  21. Put up the windows ! Make sure you can park a donor car legally! Dont buy rims first or even second! Last touch even if it is your "big money move" on the car or truck stock rims and tires arent hurting anything so leave that for last or you may end up trying to sell the whole car trying to recoup 3 grand in rims and tires with 0 miles on them and it wont happen!

  22. I know after upgrading my turbo on my mk4 golf. I had coolant leak, oil leak, changed spark plugs and changed about 7-8 sensors. But it's been more than a month and it's all good. Next in the list clutch and timing belt wooo (-_-)

  23. Damn, the introduction is way tooooooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong on your videos

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