100 Replies to “Roll Cage + 37’S on the Totaled Tacoma”

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  2. One of my favorite channels for sure. Video and work quality is awesome. I already have a car project, but i have to start another, this time an offroad car, inspired by you😍

  3. When the he'll is stillblu going to finish an album, all that time, better use it before your mom sell the house and gamble it all away

  4. you shouldn't of welded the flat bed to the frame of the truck. if you didnt weld it to the frame of the truck then it would flex more when going through divots or up hills.

  5. Yo guys maybe throw an electronic fuel injection kit on the barbie car? Boostedboiz on youtu e just did that with their shopping kart they plan on turboing.

  6. Holy sh*t, where has this channel been all this time? Doesn't YouTube know me by now? This is epic! The fabrication, the angles of the bed and the frame, just.. man, it's so damn good. Those wheels are incredible, too.

  7. This is great. What are you plans are far as gears? Dual transfer case set up? I think you add dual cases and a SAS and this thing is a beast.

  8. What actually had to happen to get the 37s to fit? There’s mention of spacers and saw some wheel well bashing but what else? Stock springs still? Body lift? Please elaborate

  9. No way could you do this in England. You could have it for purely off road and rock climbing but there is no way you could have it registered and road legal. It would never pass an mot for a million reasons but mainly because of the chassis rust, lighting incorrect, wing mirrors etc etc. Also you couldn't get it registered because of the body damage and would be written off as unrepairable from the Insurance company and the DVLA. Just the fact that you can make this and then get it on the road makes me feel so pissed off that I don't live in America. Its hard enough to keep any car over about 15 years old on the road here because the EU and government are trying to make the yearly MOT so strict on emissions and any modifications so we all scrap the old cars and go and get massive debt to buy a new car that's boring as fuck, tiny engine with no emissions. You lot over there can just make crazy cars and use them on and off the road and you don't know how lucky you are for that

  10. Man I love Idaho! The local government is awesome! They actually trust it's citizens unlike California, Oregon, Washington. California you need a background check just to buy ammo. If you move to Idaho leave your politics behind!

  11. Brothers you all are Artists for sure. I love watching you work, it's amazing how easy you make it all look. Thank you for sharing.

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