Robotic Dongeun carrying 33kg of briquettes without being tired [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.09]

Robotic Dongeun carrying 33kg of briquettes without being tired [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.09]

(Boss Yang and muscle crew on the move) Isn’t it nice to go on a trip? Yes, it’s great. This year, we’re going on a special trip. I like special trips even more. Good. Where are we going? We’ll work as volunteers to deliver coal briquettes. That’s meaningful. (Wow!) (Spreading warmth to neighbors) (By delivering coal briquettes in winter) Didn’t you volunteer too, Sook? Yes, I did too. – Wasn’t it yesterday? / – Yes. – With Sandara Park. / – Yes. I volunteered with Sandara Park. It’s physically tough work. – It is. / – However… It’s meaningful. Yes, it is. You feel touched when you get home. That’s right. (Muscle crew in Baeksa Village) There are still places like this? Incredible. – Hello. / – Hello. They’re waiting. We’ll start by giving you volunteer gear over here. (They must change before volunteering) Let me introduce myself. I’m Kim Jaehyeon from Seoul Coal Briquette Bank. – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. Today you’ve arrived at Baeksa Village, Junggye-dong. Baeksa Village was founded in 1967 when government redevelopment plans led to the forced relocation of families. Some 1,200 families had to relocate to this village. As of now, some 400 families remain in residence. Unfortunately, this village will be redeveloped next year, so they’ll be forced to relocate again. It’s a place of sorrow. So today’s coal briquette delivery might be the last one made to the elders of Baeksa Village. Today’s delivery will be very meaningful. – The singer Sean… / – Yes. The largest A-frame here is meant to carry 8 coal briquettes. But the singer Sean carries 15 coal briquettes when he volunteers. What’s more… – He carries another two in both hands… / – In his hands. To make his deliveries. Boss Yang, will you be carrying 3 in each hand? Today? – Of course. / – Well… (Flustered) He’ll probably carry more. More than that? I’ll look forward to it. Of course. He’s a fitness instructor. – A fitness trainer. / – Indeed. You said Sean volunteers here, right? Yes, very often. When he volunteers, how many people come with him? Mostly 50 volunteers but sometimes 100. How many briquettes do they deliver? Mostly 3,000 to 4,000. Delivering 3,000 to 4,000 with 100 people. – Yes. / – If you do the math… 1,000 briquettes are delivered… By 20 to 30 people. It’s game over. We win. (Suddenly, it’s a game?) We’ll beat them with six people. – 1,000 briquettes? / – Yes. (Muscle crew will deliver 1,000) We’ll beat them, no matter what. It’s like battling for a title. (Battling for a title while volunteering?) Why does it have to be a battle? We shouldn’t deliver the same amount as other ordinary volunteers. That’s a meaningful battle. But for six people to deliver 1,000, that’s really incredible. We’ll crush Sean’s record! (Not the production crew’s intention) Cheers! (Sudden battle mode) Cheers! He’s really competitive. I doubled down and worked hard. You’ll deliver 1,000 briquettes, 200 each to five families for your volunteer delivery today. Yes. I’ll load this much. Women usually carry three to four at a time. Three briquettes weigh over 10kg. As for the men, the ones who carry a lot load up to 10 or even 12. That’s the normal load. May I load up to eight? – Yes. / – I’ll load eight. Just a moment. How is the weight? – It’s heavy. / – Are you alright? It’s all loaded. – It feels alright. / – You can go now. – Here I go! / – Go! (Female employees carry 6 each, nearly 21kg) Load twice as many. Should I load twice as many? No, that’s alright. This will be a warm-up. They’re carrying a lot. (Loading 8, plus 2 in secret) I’ve loaded eight. It feels like ten. (Muscle crew carrying 46 total) – Let’s go. / – Off we go. Please show them the way. (Unpaved road with uphills) (My muscles trained for this day) (Muscle crew starts donating their talent) I’m worried they might fall off. – Right. / – I’m nervous. I’m glad I only got eight. More would’ve been tough. How can Sean carry 16? How many was it? He carries 19. He carries 19 at a time. Carrying 19, that’s amazing. We’ll start climbing uphill. (Slope appears) Please climb up the left. – It’s heavier… / – Than you expected, right? Right. We can skip our lower body workout tomorrow. (Volunteer work serving as a workout) (Two birds with one stone) It’s quite a steep slope. We should go up in a line. Go straight ahead. Hello. They’ll finish in no time. (Delivery of 46 briquettes complete) (Piled up) I’ll carry ten. (Practice is over, adding more) I’ll carry ten. You can load more. We usually don’t load as many. This is the maximum. Will he carry 15? I’ll go like this. (Ordinary people carry 3 to 4) They usually load 3 to 4. This is no joke. (10 briquettes, 36.5kg) Director Dongeun has eight. (8 briquettes, nearly 30kg) I’m feeling the burn in my thighs. They’re carrying twice as many. It’s surprisingly tough. The road isn’t level. Right. It goes uphill. The road is bumpy. The load starts shaking if you aren’t steady. I feared it’d fall and break, so I couldn’t go fast. There are places without stairs. You have to climb steep slopes. (Heavier breathing) (They’re out of breath already) (Right then) (Robot Dongeun arrives) She’s carrying so many. – Here’s the A.I. robot. / – How many are those? She has 9. – Nine? / – Yes. She never looks tired even while doing such work. Step aside, will you? Sure. How many are you carrying? I have 15. Wow, he’s strong. (I’ll get going…) Aren’t you tired? I’m fine. You look the same as on TV. Yes, since it’s me on TV. I’m carrying nine. Wow. – Let’s finish fast and go eat. / – Okay. Sounds good. (Robot Dongeun doesn’t get short of breath) She’s amazing. She’s carrying ten. She’s incredible. (Perfect form that doesn’t waver) (Muscle crew spreading warmth as volunteers) They work as much as they eat. (600 briquettes to go) They’ll finish soon. They delivered 400 to two houses in 30 minutes. When stored for a year, the briquettes… – Burn strongly… / – Yes. Don’t break easily, and don’t smell as much. When brand new briquettes are burned right away, they smell of gas, they’re heavy, they don’t burn as well or as strongly. So that’s why people used to store 100 or 200 briquettes at a time. That’s why they’re piled up. (That’s why it’s piled up in storage) (Panting) (Boss Yang looking exhausted…) Oh, there are stairs… (Fitness trainer who doesn’t like tough work…) There are stairs… It’s not feeling any lighter. Are you unloading them one at a time? (Why does he dislike physical labor?) Boss Yang, you have a visitor. – A visitor? / – Yes. I’m not expecting anyone. – Boss Yang? / – What is it? The person you’re battling showed up. – Who is it? / – Which person? Go take a look. I’m not battling anyone. – Hello. / – Hello. Oh, my. It’s Sean! (Sean, singer) The singer Sean drew attention by donating $51,500 in total. (Angel of donations, Sean, arrives) I heard six people were delivering 1,000. We can handle it just fine. Then I can leave. Good-bye. (Just kidding) The master of coal briquette delivery, what a surprise to see you. It was amazing. I’ve seen TV reports and news articles about his frequent volunteer activities. It was amazing to see him in person. He is amazing. Sean’s winter schedule revolves around… – Regular volunteer days. / – Right. He invites fellow celebrities and other people to join by sharing his schedule. So many celebrities have joined him as volunteers. Sean volunteers there all the time. He was incredible. Since it’s tough for six people to deliver 1,000 briquettes, they called him for help. He came right away really fast. He might be in better shape. He runs marathons regularly. He probably exercises more than Boss Yang. Two year’s worth of workouts in a day… (His specialty, working out verbally) – Come this way. / – Yes. I’ll load it right away. You don’t have to do it yourself. Boss Yang, you said… – You can beat Sean. / – Who said that? You did, Boss Yang. Who can beat that man… You should carry 19 briquettes. No one can beat him. You said you’d crush him. What do you mean, crush? We’ll crush Sean’s record! He said, “We’ll crush Sean.” You should carry 19 briquettes. I’ll get going. But why does this feel heavier than 15 briquettes? It’s strange. (Off with 15 briquettes, nearly 55kg) Do you come often? Today is my 108th time. Right. He’s a regular volunteer. – I’ll start loading. / – Yes. (Sean starts his delivery) I loaded 15 on the frame. I’ll give you two for each hand. I’m glad to see the “angel of donations.” (Now let’s go) He goes like that. He’s amazing. (Sean taking big steps) He’s really fast too. (Steady form with 19 briquettes, nearly 70kg) (I’ll go first) – Look at his speed. / – Great speed. As an athlete, he’s different. He’s not an athlete. He’s a singer. – He’s a singer. / – A singer? A singer who volunteers often. (Professional singer, volunteers a lot) He’s the athlete. (I’m the athlete… Indeed…) You’re here already? (Boss Yang left 3 minutes sooner) Why did you arrive so soon? It must be heavy. Gosh, that man… (There’s a waiting line) (Jeongtae works faster) You said you’d crush him. (Sean runs back) He’s running. Wow. (Moving almost magically fast) Why are you running? Just walk back. You should learn to wait. Running is dangerous here. I’m used to it. Don’t run. You should walk. You might hurt yourself. (Robot Sean on the move again) He always goes like that. (Going straight forward) (Moving with ease without swerving) He’s amazing. He’s getting exercise too. (Robot Sean running) Good. Run back. – A battle of pride. / – Right. (Robot Sean’s amazing stamina) Incredible. He moved so fluently. The know-how seemed ingrained in his body. The footage isn’t sped up. – He’s actually running. / – Right. (Only robot Dongeun can compete against him…) (Thanks to Sean) (They finish deliveries to the third house) (Piled up)

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  1. Is there a website or app where I can watch boss in the mirror? I really like this show and want to watch the full episodes.

  2. something people don't realize is the boss yang gang train with heavy weights in short training sessions….they are building muscle mass and becoming cut thus they have low cardio/stamina. singer sean trains cardio for marathons and doesn't worry about muscle mass and goes for stamina. when a person has shit tons of muscle any aerobic exercise their body will crave O2. they wont do as well because their bodies weren't trained for this. Sean's body is an aerobic machine. just enuff muscle mass to do the job…his body works efficiently and effectively for the long haul. dongeun's body can handle this as well because she does aerobic training (pilates).

    another thing about the boss yang gang is this…when they work out they are isolating muscle groups…they don't use their whole body. both sean and dongeun work everything when doing aerobic training. this is why body builders are totally spent after a competition. they gotta work their entire body with little energy stores (fat etc). long term competitions require a different subset of items.

    I would put marathon/triathletes, pilates/true fitness aerobic personnel against bodybuilders/strongman competitors any day of the week.

  3. I wouldn’t even be able to walk up and down that path more than 5 times let alone carrying weight while doing it lmao

  4. It was really tiring speaking from experience as I did it during my exchange program to korea in school but it was really a fun experience

  5. Okay but Sean is amazing! I never followed his private life besides music but I didn't know he volunteered a lot!

    And insane that he carried 19 at once! 70kg is heavier than most men 😅😅

  6. Please someone explain to me, why Dongeun-sshi talk like that? I mean she have a unique character that easy to remember

  7. Who is Donggeun? An actress? I randomly clicked on this and I don't know all of them
    That lady, Donggeun, is so interesting, she actually kinda talks like a robot 😂 + her expression when she's carrying heavy stuff climbing up the road, how is she so calm 😂

    Oh wait, it said Director Donggeun 😅 so she's not even an entertainer

  8. For all those uneducated about weights. For starters, an equivalent exercise that is closest in nature to carry these blocks is the squat. The starting weight for men’s squat is 60kg, also colloquially said as 1 plate. Yang gang trains 3-4 plates on his working sets. So this just means that whatever they are carrying in this episode is basically just “warmup” weight. Sure 30kg sounds like a lot but when you translate it to what they lift in the gym, this is nothing, especially for dongeun who fitnesse in cardio, this is nth to her.

  9. I find her hilarious! That’s her charm and super down to earth. This was a good volunteer work. Working out too! 😂

  10. Is her robot personality just a on screen personality no offense i just find it so goddam weird how she looks like she has no emotions and a dead look lmfao

  11. A person with bulky muscles that goes to the gym everyday can't compare to a person that doed this every day it's because their body is used to the motion. The bulky person may carry a lot but their stamina will run out quickly.

  12. You have no idea how much I adore and love Sean. He is such an angel. I know he always volunteer distributing briquettes. But seeing he delivered those briquettes in that amazing speed, my mind is blown away. He carried 70kg as if it been made with cotton candy.

  13. I love Sean…and his family they are always volunteering and it never stops. Makes me so happy this Boss is getting more recognition

  14. Bruuu, when I went back to the islands to visit home, they where rebuilding the church and it was on top of the mountain. We had to carry bricks and cement mixtures up and I was sweating before we reached the halfway mark. Dongeon over there walking like it’s nothing. 😭

  15. Imagine teh sexy time with her. Therer you are heavily sweating, pouring your heart and soul into each thrust and she be like…"it's that it?"

  16. The thing that makes this so amazingly impressive is that the weight of what she’s carrying is literally 2/3 her body weight. Like god damn I strive to be that awesome. I body-build myself but I don’t have beat that amount of stamina yet.

  17. Woah, that champion guy who's carrying it like so easy and running back to get more. His level of fitness is special forces.

  18. I really like her. She never get tired..You can't even see in her facial expression the weigh of loads in her back. Woahh!! Such an amazing woman. 👍

  19. This explains why I had breathing isues when living there. Just joking, unlike russia they actually make stuff not just burn stuff to stay warm.

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