Robot Tattoo Machine

Robot Tattoo Machine

This fine specimen of a man is nick a tattoo shop owner from London He loves tattoos and he loves tech. The geeks want his help to see if their latest Gadget idea could transform the world of Body art You’re a tattoo artist. I am indeed. Colin’s got an idea and we’d like your opinion Go for it. Now what I think we can do is make a machine We’re basically a customer can come in place themselves in a booth pick a picture pick a design and then brrrrrrrr tattoo. Good luck Would you be willing to be surprised by something? Oh, I would look forward to being surprised, but obviously one of you would obviously have to be testing it yeah, maybe I’m thinking you’re gonna be interested with what we come up with. I’ll be honest, I’m sceptical, but you know I think that sort of with all the knowledge or the experience you have in tattooing It’s only a forward movement. Isn’t it? Back in the barn the geeks begin their mission to create an automated tattoo printer by getting hold of a 3D plastic molding machine and Tom’s hoping to demonstrate its relevance by replacing the liquid plastic gun with a marker pen I took a photo of Charles earlier convert It’s black and white and then just made it really simple. Then to show how a tattoo machine could print out re-designed tattoos he tells the machine to draw the picture. So she’d have a beard It’s kind of looking like Santa Claus That is pretty much direct screen to paper. So we’ve got to do is just bodge someone’s arm in there whack the gun on and then we’ve got a tattoo printer. You know yeah, there’s more to it than that It’s printing on paper at the minute and paper is flat. An arm is’nt. I need to write something that works out the curve of an arm. Yeah, and adjusts as it goes. If we’re out by fraction of a millimetre. We could mutilate someone. With the threat of prosecution for grievous bodily harm hanging over them. Colin begins adapting the printer to take a human limb. Charles hacks a Tattoo needle and Tom programs his arm curvature software And in no time at all. They’re ready to test out their tattoo printer on some skin…pig skin probably trying to make it into like a Forearm yeah, I’ve got a bit of pigskin of course. It’s not a bit of Pigskin it is somebody’s arm That’s how we’re thinking and we’ve got a new tattoo this time It’s gonna be an I love mum You know your typical sort of cheesy tattoo. Fingers crossed it does come out with saying ‘I love mom’ on it and not a load of rubbish Coming out a bit rubbish could be the least of your worries Colin I’ll treat this like a real human arm, this is a real arm. Look at that. Come on tattoo here we go Oohohoho yes, that’s in. Nothing. What’s up Billy? – sure that’s That’s the end of the arrow. Oh actually… Too deep, way too deep. oh It’s done, it’s done. Turn the gun off, I don’t think that was good. I don’t think that was good. Yeah, let’s get it cleaned up. Not sure a wipe down would stand the bleeding on a real arm. But let’s have a look at the results. That is a working tattoo. There was a moment where it was spraying ink everywhere But I think if that was a real person, that would have been blood. But other than that… It’s not bad effort. The position, I started it too deep so it didn’t pull out enough when it was going across and just repositioning If we did it again a couple mils higher I recon that would have come out really well. So after some frantic reprogramming the geeks give it another try. I think we’ve got the opposite problem now. Scarily looking ok. Oh missed on the right yeah, oh It’s gone! It’s close, it’s really close but its not quite there yet. It’s not getting the height right. If it’s too high it doesn’t tattoo if it’s too low it’ll mutilate someone. I’m fairly confident I can get it to work. I’ve got to otherwise it’s going to really hurt someone. While Tom attempts to fine-tune his software. Collin builds the framework that the tattoo printer will be mounted on. The next day our Gadget Geeks arrive at Nick’s tattoo emporium to put the whole contraption together Do you wanna come and have a look. We have got you the lovehate machine, okay? I’ve gone a bit wild with this one, and I say I’m pretty pleased with it that thing looks absolutely brilliant I hope it works Just for the lads because they’re a nice group of lads, and you know they deserve a victory every now and again. So your wonderful customer sits here, very comfy chairs may I add, also heated then you put your arm in here press enter then off it goes. You’re delusional What we’ve done is we’ve put a henna extruder on here instead as a easier and safer way of doing it so rather than actually engraving into the hand it’s gonna hover above and deposit Henna. Despite his best efforts Tom still couldn’t guarantee a harm-free tattoo. So the geeks have swapped the tattoo needle for a henna extruder which should still draw a tattoo design but without the risk of permanent scarring. I give him kudos because when we had the first consultation and they were talking about Actually using needles and doing a tattoo and I was saying no. There’s too many parameters to actually take into consideration They listen to that and they built something that in a very strange way it could be used. This is what we call it the love-hate machine because they can’t have it done in Henna they either love or hate it’s or things so they can come back and say yeah, we loved it so we will have it done properly. I hate it. Well, I love it. It’s brilliant, it’s lived up to its name! The Jury’s out on whether it looks good or not, but will it actually work? Nick somehow managed to convince Jessica here to bring in a design and risk bodily harm in the name of gadgetry I’m afraid I’m going to lose my arm. You are not going to lose your arm. I can promise you you’re not going to lose you arm Ready? Yeah. Charles you ready? Yep three two one? go Well and stop because that for some reason went the other… Charles. Well, you put it the wrong way round. After some quick tweaks Tom tries again, two one go. Oh dear. Okay, that hasn’t quite worked Curly wurly tase. The kit we’re using is meant to ice cakes automatically. You just put the icing in pressurize a syringe and that forces the icing out while it moves around and ices the cake but Henna doesn’t behave like icing. After further tweaks they give it one last go three two one go oh Right, that’s no Well three-dimensional Terry Technically the only thing that went wrong there is that it extruded way too much henna, too quickly. You really are delusional Is this a win or is it a fail? It’s a fail. They came to revolutionize the tattoo industry with a fully automated 3D tattoo printing machine But all they really did is mutilate a dead pig Humiliate a young woman and keep real tattoo artists in work. Their tattoo inker is a stinker.

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  1. I don’t get why every thinks that Collin actually thinks it’s a good idea 😂 it’s obviously just to see if it works

  2. Huge fail.. nothing professionnal.
    You do make 5 or 6 axis machine for tattooing. Not a poor 3 axis.
    Why make half thing when you know that not work perfectly?

  3. He literally just could've put like a $10 IR sensor and kept a consistent height in relation to the needle. That's how easy it would've been.

  4. This will never work, we're not even worried.
    Its going to be overworking the skin, causing some serious blowouts, some lines that will fade away, it'll cause some scarring tissue let alone that different areas of the body need to be worked in different and specific ways.
    Plus the skin needs to be stretched, let alone be stretched correctly.
    So I will still have a long fruitful career before these things manage to line correctly, if they ever do, and then they have to start solving a whoooole different problem which is how to teach a machine to shade or pack ink correctly in the skin.

  5. Hate to admit it but technology will get there were they will be perfect i hope ppl that get tattoos will be against this time will tell damn im actually glad im old ive got another 20 or so years considering all the partying ive done 47 ill be happy to live to 67 there are are going to be so fucking much shit in the next 20 years it will be mind blowing id never get a tattoo with a machine like this but would for some removal if it was cheaper than what they charge now

  6. actually there is a machine can do that decades ago. It is not a high tech machine. I have done this before. google this machine.
    Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

  7. use a laser and real time measurment of distance . or at least a physical something that touches the skin just a mm before the needle does , or even at the same time , with a spring you motion it would have enough flexibility to indicate the needle how deep it should penetrate ….you should go and work at a genius bar or some lame shit at best

  8. now even the world of tattoos want to ruin, replacing an ARTIST with a machine … ridiculous world … and these are part of it

  9. Why not use a IV access robotic arm with a ping sensor to measure the distance. Then you might be able to control the curvature. And your distance control issue. Love to see that you’re on here Collin love all your other videos.

  10. This is exactly why people are starting to talk about Universal Basic Income… Machines taking over every part of our lives.

  11. Так держать, может быть вы положите начало в работе над автотату .

  12. Why wouldn't they take advantage of 3D scanning technology that can map every single individuals arm as they place it in (you wait however long that takes) then use optical sensors that will ensure you have the right depth… There are CNC machines/lathes (like Legacy Woodworking CNC's) that can do incredible carving work on round pieces on a fourth axis, I believe having a set height and multiple sensors around the gun head would make a much better product. Also look up depth required for certain parts of the body for tattoo locations as well as the size or type of needle used…

  13. It does disturb me that there are a lot of people in the comment section that seem like they would advocate for ai to replace an artist. To a professional tattoo artist, it's not just about the money they make although that's a sweet deal in and of it's self, it's their passion for art that they love.

  14. If this actually worked, like in that movie, I'd rather have a very precise machine do it than a human. It'll be much faster and accurate.

  15. I serious;y can't understand why they didn't take a cue from the "Eggbot"… They are using a linear driven, flat 'X' axis and trying to do a curved surface…. I think this was supposed to be a "deliberate fail"… because I cannot imagine that NONE of them figured that part out… kudos for switching to henna, jeers for trying to use a straight driven syringe with almost no "fine tuneability"… Heck, much as I respect Furze and Scott… even I could do better than that…

  16. Should use a 5w laser instead, no contact needed and when the laser do its job, some paint should drop and fix with the heat 🙂

  17. May be first algoritma you must scanning the area using much high camera and then logic move the actuator xyz

    May be the head print must be using spesific tools

  18. They needed laser that would measure distance from skin needle arm that moves up and down and you would need more than one needle attached to it

  19. They needed laser that would measure distance from skin needle arm that moves up and down and you would need more than one needle attached to it

  20. once the robots know everything about tattooing and when they are perfected to the last detail it's gonna be game over for realistic tattoo artists. the speed of the robots, the precision, combination of colors they might use, scanners, processors and calculations done in miliseconds… can you imagine having on your skin a picture taken with a DSLR? well that's gonna be the result. and no artist can replicate that no matter how good they are

  21. This has been tried by professional tattooists and technicians long before 2014, even with laser measurements and pressure sensors on both machine and grip it was difficult to tattoo a small heart on an forearm. Kudos to the tattoo artist who is with them as an advisor.

  22. Yeah that’s what I’m looking for when I go get a tattoo, pretty much of what I wanted 🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. Wird thing: mecanics have their cars like trash , body shops boss and workers same , barbers hairy , ect… But tattoo artist they are coverd with tattoos . Why?

  24. To be fair most people get a transfer placed on their arm from a book or picture and the tattooist just pens the lines then colours it in.

  25. So, you bring a tattoo artist on and try to make a machine to replace him? Yeah I'm sure he's gonna love that. I can't even watch the rest of the video.

  26. I hope this doesn't become the new way of tattooing. Fucking stupid is what it is. If anything g it better be a choice. I would be damned and pissed if I got put out of business because of this shit. There are a lot of great artists out there.

  27. I tattooed a QR code on my forehead with my CNC tattoo gun. Now, hot babes can instantly scan me with their phones to get with me!

  28. Honestly even in 1000 years I think this still wont work. Everyone has different curves it'll be hard to make something that reads their arm curves to get it right everytime. Best thing I've thought of is like surgeons have the robotic arm for small or hard tedious things like eye surgeries even itll still be hard to tell the depth and would still have someone controlling it.

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