Reviewing Youtubers Cars

Reviewing Youtubers Cars

– Boy oh boy, we got a good one.
– Wooo!
– We got a good one today.
– It’s a good one but I’m nervous,
I’m not gonna lie I’m a little nervous.
these are some big dogs.
– What is going on everyone?
I’m Gels from Fitment Industries
and today I’m here with…
– Dakota from Fitment industries.
– Shocker! I know right, it’s crazy.
It’s almost like it’s
never ever happened before.
Today we are doing something
a little out of the ordinary.
We’re going to be going
through Youtubers’ cars
and kind of pitching
them against each other
and rating them on a scale of 1-10.
Kinda like from the gallery
– Sorta.
– But a little different
– More like from the internet
– From the internet.
So, it’s no surprise that YouTube is full
of personalities and people out
there doing some cool (beep)
with some pretty cool cars,
and this is the outcome
of that so there are some
absolutely wild cars out
there so we asked you guys,
some of the top people,
some of the top Youtubers,
that you think that we should
take a look at their cars
and give them our rating
and our thoughts on them.
So before we go ahead and get into it,
wheels, tires, suspension,,
and if you’re one of these
guys that are somehow
watching this video,
we would love to have your
car added to our gallery.
It’s a really cool tool and
we’d love to have your car
on there cause there’s some awesome cars.
– Also, before we get into,
don’t forget BBS wheel giveaway
going on.
We’ve been pounding it
into your guys’ head.
I won’t give a long spiel.
That’s it.
Let’s hop into it.
– Let’s go.
So, first up we got our
boy, Dustin Williams.
– Dustin Williams.
– So he has got this immaculate
white Lancer Evolution
that is built almost completely custom.
The engine, he’s had some,
a lot of work done to it.
I’ve watched all the
videos going into this car,
so I’m super glad that people
threw this one out there
for us to take a look at
because this car is absolutely gorgeous.
So, he just had all this work done to it.
He’s had it painted
this really nice white,
before that he actually
had it wrapped in the,
remember the Evo from
Tokyo Drift, the red one.
– [Dakota] Oh, Yep.
– He actually had it wrapped
like that he called it the
Gaijin 8. It was, like, the
license plate. It was super dope
but I’m super happy to see
that he had it painted.
So the car has come a really long way.
I remember when he got it.
He’s put a ton of work into
this car and it’s turned
out absolutely amazing.
– It really did.
– [Gels] Put on some T-37s,
whole bunch of good stuff going on.
– [Dakota] Let me take a look.
This thing is gorgeous.
I cannot find a flaw.
I love how you can see the
turbo through the grill.
I love the inner cooler kinda offset.
It’s something different,
kinda looks kinda quirky,
but it looks amazing.
This is an Evo that is done perfectly.
If you have an Evo and you
wanna build it into something,
take a look at Dustin Williams.
– This is like your baseline.
– This is amazing.
I love this.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen
an Evo that I love more.
Maybe I’m fan-boying a little bit,
but this is perfect in my eyes.
I wouldn’t change a single thing.
It looks absolutely
phenomenal. It’s perfect.
– As far as the Fitment
standpoints go too,
great choice of wheels.
I mean the Fitment is–
– It’s spot on
– It’s very aggressive but
with the amount of arrow
and everything like that on it,
it ties in super super well.
– I love that, like, track inspired look.
That is like my favorite.
– [Gels] This thing frickin’
hauls, she wraps.
She skrrts.
– Alright, so on a scale of one to ten.
On three.
– Yeah
– Give your rating?
I feel like a lot of this is gonna be–
– They’re probably gonna be higher up.
It’s mostly these bigger
automotive YouTube channels
so obviously they have crazy hauls.
– So, lets put it into standards
not on just a regular 1-10,
let’s put it into
standards of what else we
think we’re gonna be rating against.
– I get what you’re saying.
– So, like, obviously the car is a ten.
I’m just gonna put that out there.
– Oh wow.
– Let’s rate it against like
other cars up to that standard.
– Sure, sure.
– That make sense?
– Yep.
– Cool.
– On three.
One, two, three.
– 10
– 8
– I’m still gonna rate it a ten.
– Just gonna rate it a ten.
– I’m still gonna rate it a ten,
it’s perfect, I don’t
know what could beat it.
If there was another
Evo out there like that,
I can’t think of one I
like more than that one.
I honestly can’t.
It’s a ten for me.
– [Gels] It’s an absolute killer.
I guess the rating’s
gonna be a little weird,
because how do you not give it a ten.
I said eight cause it’s an Evo 8.
– Okay, that’s not fair,
good thing it wasn’t
an Evo 7 or 6 I guess.
– Well, there we go.
No, Dustin’s car is absolutely fantastic.
I love it. I love watching
the build series on it.
Whole bunch of good stuff going on.
So next up, none other–
– They’re gonna like this one.
– None other than Mr.
James from Donut Media,
– (Howls enthusiastically)
– and his lovely little volks–
– Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!
– Take it away man.
– I love this thing too.
I love the color of it.
It’s so unique.
The Fitment on it looks pretty spot on
and I feel like it fits James so well
I don’t know.
I just like him and this Vdub.
It’s perfect.
So, alright let’s try to nitpick it.
We gotta try and nitpick these.
It’s so tough.
If it were mine,
I’d maybe throw some tint but it looks,
it’s like that classic Vdub
look, it’s fishbowling it up.
No tint. I would maybe
throw a tint on there.
I can’t have a vehicle without tint.
I lose my mind.
And then, maybe, I would
take the orange sidemarkers
and on the bumper and turn those clear,
and that’s about it.
I really like the wheel choice,
I like how the color matched to the car,
I think that looks awesome on there.
He’s got the euro plate on there.
It’s just a fantastic car.
– Yeah, it’s an awesome little car,
I love this generation of the Volkswagen.
I think they’re super neat.
They just look really, really cool,
and the fact that he’s got
it lowered a little bit
on some really nice wheels.
The color match wheels
are a little different,
in my eyes.
I think I would’ve liked to see
just a regular polish wheel or
just a machine finish wheel.
To each their own I guess.
I just love that it’s clean and simple,
and it’s, you know, he’s a very wild man
and I would’ve expected a little bit more.
– I guess that’s true, he is pretty crazy,
but that’s his style, you know.
It’s just clean, simple, to
the point so it looks good.
– I love it, you ready to rate it?
– Yes
– On three, one, two, three
– 8
– 8.5
– I rated an 8 again
– Number of the day, eight.
– It’s so tough.
Go ahead and drop down in
the comments what you guys
would rate each one of
these vehicles as well,
because I’d really love to see that.
I mean it’s so hard, to
really put it in perspective,
because they’re all gonna
be super, super nice.
– They’re clean, they’re done well.
– Moving on to our other boy, Mr. Robbie.
– Robbie, alright.
– Robbie Ferreira
– So, Robbie and his blue
BRZ on some gold wheels.
– Ohh not the civic.
– Not the civic, the BRZ.
I know he, I think as
we’re filming this today,
he just revealed his civic
build and everything like that.
But that looks awesome.
– Maybe a part two.
– Maybe a part two
– If we do a part two comment some people
down below that you’d like to see.
– There you go.
– Anywho.
– So Robbies BRZ on some Aodhans wheels,
gold Aodhan wheels.
Got a little bit of carbon going on,
he’s got the really cool
diffuser and everything,
– [Dakota] Actually I
really love the diffuser
I love the fact that he
removed like the stock one too.
I think in a previous video that he did
he actually painted this
bashbar actually black
so it kind of matches in
with the diffuser a lot more
and actually looks really really nice.
So yeah.
Are those canards the one off of wish?
I think he did an episode on there
where he bought some off wish
and I think that’s those.
– [Gels] I mean if they are
they actually look really really nice.
So, I’m not exactly sure.
But yeah overall I love the arrow stuff
that he’s got going on there.
He’s got like the rocket bunny style
side skirts I believe, the
front lip is that style too.
Like off the version one kit,
that’s got the little like curly ques
going on the tips there
and stuff like that.
No it’s a super clean car.
I mean I actually love
the tire writing on there,
I think it ties in with the theme
that he’s going with it quite a bit.
Just kinda that like daily
drive, track kinda look.
So I actually really really dig it.
– All right so yeah
I think this thing looks really good.
I love the carbon fiber
kinda duckbill on there,
and the diffuser,
I think the diffuser
looks phenomenal on there.
As for the wheel choice,
they’re all right.
Kind of similar to Mario set up.
Mario has a Scion TC that’s blue.
– [Gels] He used to have those wheels.
– [Dakota] Yeah he used
to have those yeah.
The gold ones on there
so it reminds me of that.
I would like to see it
maybe on some works,
or some volks.
– Yeah and he’d just be like
“all right guys”
like you know he makes things happen.
– Probably for real.
But yeah I really like it,
I’m not a huge fan on canards,
they’re a little tiny, a little small
a little bit small for me.
A little bit bigger canards,
and then I’d like to see personally
cause with the FRSs’ and BRZs;
normally I’m a subtle guy, less is more
but I like seeing those done up.
Like a lot of aggressive
arrow and stuff like that.
The rear’s got it going on for me,
I’d like to see more of
that come to the front.
– Sure.
– If that makes sense.
– Yeah.
– But overall it looks really clean,
I love the setup, the
stance on it looks perfect,
the wheels fit extremely
well so that’s good.
Let’s give our rate.
– [Gels] Alrighty.
On three.
– Yep.
– One, two, three.
– (both) 7.5!
– Yep.
That was oddly specific.
– We got you, we got
you Robbie we got you.
All right moving on to another
very popular youtuber; thatdudeinblue.
And his lovely Ford Mustang.
– RIP, cause I think it recently
actually got rear-ended.
And is in the process of being fixed.
But uh we’ll honor it before that.
– [Gels] So ill let you go
ahead and take her away.
– All right so we got the iconic smurf,
the Mustang GT, thatdudeinblue.
I love the hood vents in it,
the stance on it’s pretty good.
It looks like your typical mustang setup.
Looks like a staggered
setup, wider in the rear.
Pretty flush in the front.
It looks good it’s a very subtle car.
Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
– [Gels] Right.
– It looks like the rear
valance is carbon fiber
from what I can tell in this
picture which is pretty cool.
It’s a pretty clean setup like I said,
the wheels look good on it.
I’d maybe like to see
a brighter color wheel,
just to give it a little more pop.
I mean the color pops enough;
but like maybe polish wheels on there
would look really good
or something like that.
Or maybe some tire
lettering would look good.
– So I mean this is like,
this is like his car.
This is his baby.
– Oh yeah he puts miles on it too
doing over a 100,000 miles on there.
– It’s crazy yeah.
So like for what he’s using it for
and everything like that
I think It absolutely suits what he does,
and who he is like perfectly.
You know it is a very moderate build.
Like he’s got just a few
things to make it his own,
he’s got the wheels he’s got the arrow,
he’s got the carbon pieces going on here.
So I mean it is a very moderate build,
but it’s suited to the way that he likes
and everything like that.
And it is tastefully done you know?
There’s nothing that’s like
overpowering anything else here
as far as the modifications go.
And that’s like really all you can ask
or all you can work for.
When modifying a vehicle,
you’re not having one part of something
take away from anything else.
But I do agree with you on the wheels,
however I would’ve liked to see
you know more of like a silver
or a polish look with the
wheels or something like that.
Just because black wheels
do tend to get pretty lost.
And especially you know–
– [Dakota] I mean they
look like they’re almost,
I don’t know if they’re black
or if they’re kind of a gray,
either way they’re a darker color
and I like seeing a lot of
concave too on the rear wheels,
when yo do a staggered setup so.
– Yeah, all right.
Ready to rate it?
– Yeah.
– On three.
One, two, three.
– 7!
– 7.5
– Ooh I didn’t get it.
– That was close.
So moving on to the final
youtuber car of the day,
we got a doozy.
– This is a big one.
– So we got Mr. TJHunt.
– Dang
– He’s got plenty of vehicles right?
– Yup.
– We’re gonna be taking
a look at his FD RX7
– Whooo!
– Because I love this car.
The amount of time that he
waited for this stuff to come in,
between like the diffuser on the back,
it’s like a multi-piece diffuser,
that a lot of parts go into making it.
The wing is absolutely killer,
cause he’s got like the
carbon fiber centerpiece;
it’s got like the duckbill that goes up.
– It’s gorgeous.
– Like all the carbon in this car,
is like the same weave pattern too.
– Oh yeah.
– Like he took the time–
– [Dakota] The details.
– [Gels] The details!
He had the front bumper on here,
the lip that goes around
and everything like that,
he had custom made.
Because like this bumper,
the way it was designed
and everything like that,
it was actually molded into the fiberglass
or whatever that it is.
But it kind of stood off
from the rest of the car.
So he took it somewhere,
and they actually made
him a carbon fiber piece
to go over the top of it.
It looks absolutely killer.
– It looks amazing.
Car looks phenomenal.
– So, I followed this
build from the start,
– Yup.
– To where it is now.
And the amount of work,
he had the engine built
by PPR over in New Zealand
like, from where it
started to where it is now.
It is absolutely perfect.
– [Dakota] I mean look at it.
It leaves me speechless,
It’s going to be hard to review
cause this is another one of those cars
that’s literally like;
that is what an FD-RX7 should look like.
– Right, right.
And people do get a little heated however,
because he didn’t keep
the popup headlights.
– Pop up and no headlights!
He didn’t keep the pop-up headlights,
he went with OG.
– [Dakota] Which I can see.
– [Gels] The bucket
style lights but I think,
with everything that’s going on
especially with the type
of lighting that he did.
It puts more of a modern twist on it,
and it looks super clean.
– [Dakota] Lemme check it out,
lemme see it a little closer now.
Okay so looks like he
has black T37s on it.
Are they like a blue?
– [Gels] They’re the blue.
So they actually, I–
– Oh, I was about to
oh they are a very dark blue.
I was about to be like nah nah nah,
no black wheels.
But nope now I can’t.
Nope it’s still perfect.
– They’re that eternal blue color
– [Dakota] It looks phenomenal,
it looks so perfect on there.
Oh my gosh, getting all worked up.
So I think I woulda kept the
pop up and down headlights.
There it is.
I think I woulda did it.
But, that is such a minute thing
cause it doesn’t look
bad with the headlights.
Something about it, like you gotta keep it
it’s iconic, it’s with the
car you don’t touch it.
Just leave it alone.
(making low-rider noises)
Maybe sleepy eyes.
– Is that what they sound like?
– I don’t know.
I absolutely love the wing on it.
I like the tail lights how
they’re all blacked out.
– [Gels] The tail lights
are actually LED too.
– [Dakota] Yeah I can see that.
That looks super cool.
The huge diffuser on there,
the exhaust coming out of the diffuser.
The hood looks amazing,
the front bumper, speechless.
Everything flows so well.
– [Gels] It does.
I think that’s what I love about it,
– [Dakpta] The mirrors too, it looks like
wow, absolutely insane.
The fitment is absolutely
spot on, couldn’t be better.
I think everyone knows
what we’re gonna rate.
– On three.
– Yup.
– Ready?
One, two, three.
– Eleven.
– Ten.
– I broke the system.
– Dang it!
I was gonna do that too and you did it.
So there you have it,
there are some of the youtubers cars
that you guys requested
on us to take a look at.
Absolutely solid choices,
it’s really hard to rate
these because it’s like,
– They’re already done up it’s amazing.
– They’re all like top tier
and you can’t give them all a ten.
Even though I really wanted to,
but that’s gonna wrap it
up for today’s episode.
If you guys like to see us do this again,
please let us know down
in the comments below,
with you who would you
like us to take a look at.
– It was fun.
– Yeah it was an absolute blast.
And again like I said,
if anybody’s out their watching,
you haven’t added your
car to the gallery yet,
and we’ll review maybe another from
so make sure to do it.
Don’t forget to subscribe.
I think that’s everything,
the BBS Wheel giveaway
coming to an end pretty soon.
– Plug, plug, plug, plug, plug plug.
– I’m Gel,
– I’m Dakota.
– we’ll see you later.
– Peace!
(upbeat outro music)

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  1. You should have done Christian Koenigseggs car. He's practically a YouTuber now showing off how he builds his cars. His new Jesko looks pretty dope, not sure if he gets his fitment and wheels from you guys but it does look sweet.

  2. Unfortunately i'm not a "big youtuber" soo no one will tell you to review my car BUT i'll nominate myself and put my car up against ANY of the biggest youtuber cars out there and I mean ANY lol. Check out my s13 on my channel @fitmentindustries or if anyone else cares lol.

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