Real work with the hydraulic press: changing car wheel bearing

Real work with the hydraulic press: changing car wheel bearing

that doesn’t look good
it will go trough that
should we try?
I think we should get larger tool
Yep it is going trough the whole thing
Lets check that the part that is under the bearing is ok
Is it there? Or should we press bit more?
bit more
couple millimeters still

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  1. I've done so many of these without a press. Hammered them out by hand. I'm almost crying at how easy that was for you. Pressed bearings are THE WORST.

  2. Vähä siltä näytti että tohon kulmaan ei ainakaan koskaan saada alkuperäsiä kulmia kohilleen 😀 Sen verran väännettiin varsia..

  3. Personally, not having any fancy press and doing car maintenance jobs way often; these kind of jobs I'd have the new bearing sit in the fridge for a while and whack the hub part in a small oven for just a while before putting the two together, most often you can just drop the new bearing in easy after that. Whole different story getting the old bearings out especially if they have bitten into the hub quite as hard as the one on the video was.

  4. fyi the bearing press from the front to back and that clip ring in the back need to be remove then u press the bearing out and that spindle is now junk if u would have look close it tapper in the front to help hold the bearing in and u just remove that tapper by doing it wrong but nice video

  5. Very interesting to see delicate work done with such a huge machine. Do you ever break the things you're working on, ruin bearings etc.? Do you have to pay for it? Also your English is very good!

  6. wanna se a stuck (rusted-welded) car (prefered bmw) drive shaft pushed out of the hub. 20t+ press failed to do the job. great vid's. thank's.

  7. that's a hell of a press for pushing in wheel bearings 😂 I usually used a threaded rod an old outer race and some washers.

  8. This is probably an odd comment, but what brand are your overalls? I like the cut of them but am failing to find anything similar that isn't white.

  9. My press is a wimpy 20 ton unit, but it gets the job done on any automotive job I've had. It's an indispensable tool for sure. Thanks for another interesting video.

  10. We did this the wrong way with seized bearings and when they let go it was like a 12 gauge with 00 buck shot going off, lucky we all lived and only damaged an antique auto in the garage😂

  11. When you push the wheels hub back into the new bearing, you should always brace the center of the bearing beneath, this stops you pressing the center race out of the new bearing, just my 2 cents worth.. Good videos keep it up.. Good channel..

  12. Do you apply any kind of substance before you press it? Like a degreaser to get rid of all the oils that may cause the bearing to slip inside the socket. Or any kind of glue? Is the force of the tightness enough?

  13. I dont think it went that well, there where few mistakes when pressing the new bearing and the axel. I usually make these kinda stuff whith hand press, or home made press tools…

  14. when pressing the axle part into the new bearing, I always support the inner race from below so the axle pressing force is not on the bearing balls. Just to be sure they are not damaged.

  15. lol sometimes this guy seems like an idiot, but takes a lot of common sense in physics to do a lot of this stuff. Smart guy with some crazy and hilarious ideas. I love these videos

  16. 3:01 – sometimes your language sounds kinda hungarian 😀 (no offence) thanx for posting these! nice to see something from your real work 🙂 cheers from Slovakia !

  17. The bearing quite surely had some damage and therefore a reduced life expectancy. Might have been minor, but still, the shaft should've been cooled before mounting.

  18. i do this with hand press normally there is a clip that hold the bearing in place you have to take it out most time the clip is stuck and has a lot of rust but the bearing should not be so hard to get out

  19. not here criticising, but here in Brazil we would clean the older parts with diesel and lubricate the case before putting the parts together.

  20. You may have done already. I would always apply small amounts of oil, grease to the casing & the bearing will always come out or in a bit easier

  21. There's no circlip to stop that bearing from pulling out with the stress and forces that should easily pull it out!!!

  22. I've seen people just run a bead of mig around the inner race and when the weld cools it contracts and then almost falls out.

  23. don't they make remote controls for the presses? you have to bend quite awkwardly to look at what you doing and to keep you hand on the magic button…

  24. Entirely random question: I bought a 3 inch ball bearing (about 77mm) off of Amazon recently (just for fun, I like how it looks, tossing it around is a great workout.) But I've really been wondering, what is a ball bearing of that size even used in? Do you know of any machines that use bearings that have 3 inch balls in them?

  25. Did you put the bearing worng way ? 😀 The ASB (in Laguna II , Trafic II) need to be facing in not out 😀 And its easier to press out old one using inner bearing from that one 😉

  26. My friend is mechanic, he weld around inside of outer bearing race, then when it cools the tension is reduced and race comes out of hub more easily with not much force. I am surprised press is not covered in burger and watermelon.

  27. did the same job on a frontweel on a vw golf,same kind of double bearing,it popped loose at 36 tons of preasure..the sound when it popped was about the same as shooting a 12gauge inside.

  28. I worked in a machine shop for a long time, I always loved watching these kinds of videos. My personal favorite thing to do was pressing new cylinder liners into an engine block.

  29. i have a hand power 10 ton press at home for stuff like this mostly. it does not take a whole lot but, alot more than a hammer lol

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