Pyramid Plastics Yamaha Mt10 mods update

Pyramid Plastics Yamaha Mt10 mods update

Right! So, I’m here with Robbo and Steve!
Say hello Robbo and Steve!
Hello! Hello again!
And yeah, these are the bits that will be
actually putting on the bike!
So, We’ve got a fender extender and rear hugger
which will help with all the splashing
up off the road and keeping the engine
clean and stuff!
Tail Tidy!
Needed a tail tidy for a while, so yeah! Really loooking forward to having that on it!
Some hand guards, which I kind of like the look of!
People are torn.
I’ll see how they look on the bike.
See how that goes.
and, we’ve got some side panels as well.
We’re going to get all that fitted on, and yeah let’s see how it goes .
So, the first thing we’re going to do, is the tail tidy.
So, Boys? How are we getting ready for that?
Ok, first thing we have to do, obviously, is off with the seat, remove this rear panel,
Two bolts at this side, and two bolts at that side, one at the top, and we remove the rear panel.
After that, we have top cover. Which is
basically for the seat lock that has to
be removed and then that gives us access
to the wiring loom for the number plate
light and the indicators. The tail light’s staying in.
That’s the loom for wiring that’s going to be replaced and
we’ll probably have to cut into this at
some point because I think the indicators just come on Bayonet connections.
I’ll have a look at that when we get
round to it so what I’m going to do now
drop the four bolts here we’re gonna
remove this complete tail and and then
we’re going to marry up
the new unit make sure everything goes in
pull the wires through and then we can
start thinking about we’re going to connect
to get the new indicators because we’re going to put little mini ones on
and then after, we will then move forward and start making our way through the bike
We’ve now got the new tail into position. Steve’s just mouting that.
We’re going to get the new mini indicators in position. Get the
wires pull through and we can start
thinking later on after, When Steve’s doing the front, I will start
making up a little wiring loom to
connect these up. So the original loom
because these will not plug into the
original connectors
Okay, next stage. This is where we’re up to at the moment. Tail tidy has been fitted,
the new led number plate light has been fitted,
the wiring is coming through the original hole and the bottom
of the fender, sorry, the under tray
and now, we’ve just loomed everything into the
original connectors. Everything comes on bayonets.
with the new gear so what we’ve
done is cut and shut
and just put it into the loom using
the original connectors at this point
this is virtually ready we’re just going
to button this side up get ready to fit
the number plate. and then we can start moving forward with the rest of the bike
So, we’ve got the new tail tired on. Very compact, a lot more in and tidy. I suppose
it’s in the name really. Tail tidy. Indicators are on and very bright.
They work perfectly, all is going
great… apart from….
The original plate , covers the indicators
so I’m gonna have to get
a smaller plate ordered and put on there
so for now, we’re just gonna put it
around here, to keep me legal and get me home
until this new plate comes
So, the tail tidy’s on. It’s all up and running.
All sorted, good to go! So now, we’re moving to the front of the back and we’re doing
the hand guards. So, do you want to talk us through what we need to do Robbo?
Robbo: So these things here, these are the extenders for the fenders and they’re going to be going on later
because they do have to be glued. They do provide the glue with that.
but they have to be clamped and left for a good 24 hours. So, we’ve got a front and a rear that’s got
to go on there they’re gonna come off
the bike, we’re gonna leave them to siet
and we’re gonna leave them overnight.
The handguards, slightly easier, what we’re
going to do here we’re gonna remove the
mirrors, they come with a little brackets
that’s underneath the mirror mount and
then the one will go under there behind
the bar end and we’ll see what they look
like they also come with some nice
little decals these little silver things
that I’m sure Ant can decide whether he’s
going to use them or not
I’ll even plain black, so we will crack on with
that we’ll come back when it’s on
quite a simple straightforward process. the kit is supplied with these little extender
bushes which is fantastic this is the
original panel that was mounted there
okay just got the standard bolt in that
obviously we’ve took that out, let’s put the
a standard on. That’s how it looks on the
original. Whereas the new kit obviously you can
see the difference it’s a lot bigger and covers the front of the radiator better.
better. You put the two bushes in on the
extenders where you need them this one
stays the same. That is going to go over
there and then supplied with fasteners
if you want to change to do that that’s
basically how it’s going to fit so two
bolts on them from there
extend the bull she’s in a nice going to
pump on there just nice so we’re just
putting everything back together now the
tail tidies on just need a smaller
number plate for that too
to fit perfectly and the real hugger and
the fender extender so what we’re doing
with them is we’re taking the parts off
getting it glued on and clamped
overnight and then I’ll come back
tomorrow to fit the pack again the
hangers are on the side panels to be
honest I wasn’t sure about them in the
beginning and now they’re on I like them
I think my opinion from the beginning
was don’t see them actually on the bike
how they follow the lines I do like them
yeah absolutely through the touch
right rolled on all the bits are on
apart from the extender and the hugger
which will have to come back tomorrow
got power from that banks looking
it does it gives it its own character it
looks good I like it
so we backup rebels now and the fender
extender and Ryuga have been glued on
about 24 hours to set so should be good
putting it back on the bank
and I’ve done it Oh Bravo and see these
are the guys you hear around Manchester
sports custom motorcycle it’s a place to
go really good guys

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  1. A lot of tail tidys seem to not fit the the standard plate. It's weird man. I also put black heat shrink on my indicator wires. So you couldn't see any colour but black. Saves having yellow wires being obvious

  2. My only complaint is that you never really slowed the camera down and let us see the side panels. How about some good footage of those? I can't believe that you wouldn't pan out and let us get a good look At them.

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